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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Criminal Defense Attorney

When my step son was seventeen years old, he decided he wanted to move in with his dad living in California . Being a new kid on the block, he wanted to make friends with the kids his age, so he started to hang out with them after school. Our former neighborhood was not a very safe place for a family with younger children and teenagers. We learned there were gang members living in the area after we purchased the property. Being new in the community, we tried our best to make friends with the neighbors and to live a normal life. The problems started as soon as the kids started hanging out with my step son. We had several serious conversations about avoiding alcohol, drugs and gang-related activities, but the outside influences prevailed introducing a number of problems into our family.

Because of his affiliations my step son faced multiple issues with the law. Tragically we had a serious legal problem when he was involved in an accident driving under the influence of alcohol. We were shaken with the phone call one early morning with the police officer on the other line informing us of the accident. We are thankful daily that he came out alive from that accident and no one was injured in the single car accident. Even the police officer was surprised how our son managed to come out of the accident with just minor bruises and cuts even though the car was totaled.

We decided California influences were not meant for him, so when he suggested a return to the Midwest to attend a vocational school we purchased a plane ticket quickly to save his life—literally. He faced several misdemeanors and fines from the accident but no jail time. Ten years later, he still talks about the accident and all the problems he faced with the law, but this time with more appreciation of life. He used that accident to change his heart and decided to live each day with more value for his life. He is still single, very successful in his chosen career and has never had any additional problems with the law.

Are you living in Cincinnati or in the surrounding counties and facing some legal issues like DUI/OVI or any criminal issues? Don’t put these matters aside and think that one day you would wake up and all the legal problems will disappear. You need an attorney who focuses on all criminal and OVI/DUI matters who is knowledgeable, reliable, distinguished and has years of experience.

Don’t settle for less, choose someone who has a strong reputation and professional working relationships with the local police agencies, prosecuting attorneys and judges. Don't wait, call Criminal defense attorney Scott A. Rubenstein, he is a reputable attorney with twelve years of experience in both the trial and appellate courts of Southern Ohio.


  1. That is very inspiring he was able to turn his life around, we all do make mistakes sometimes but what is more important is for us to use the mistakes as learning moment to move on and forward with stronger convictions to live better

  2. So glad that he turned his life around. So hard for kids to keep away from trouble when it is surrounding them

  3. Sounds like a car accident was a blessing from God! When we lived in NYC the gangs were very prevalent, so I was glad when I had the chance to move my children to Michigan.

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