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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Engagement Ring

I was so happy for my girlfriend Jean. She sent me a text message last Saturday with a photo of an engagement ring attached to it! What could be a better news to get from a close friend? We have been waiting for this big announcement for months and it surprised us when it finally happened. Jean and Tom have been dating for four years. I’ve met Tom on several occasions and he seems to be a very responsible man. He successfully runs his own business and is always very busy. Last Saturday, Tom put aside his business and took care of what is more important and finally popped the question every woman would love to hear from their man. Jean has been waiting for the stage of their relationship to get more serious and move forward to being together as a married couple.

Jean and I had been looking online for the Top 10 Diamond Engagement Rings for her. She wanted something simple but elegant. After finding the perfect ring our next problem was how to show him the type of ring she likes. We were very careful so it wouldn’t look like she was pushing the engagement. We ordered a catalogue and had it delivered to my house. Then the next time Jean, Tom and I were all together I opened the catalogue and pretended that I was looking for a new ring to replace my ring that doesn’t fit me anymore. I showed the catalogue to her in front of Tom and we browsed it together pretending that we were just looking. She pointed out the one she has been eyeing and told me in front of Tom, so bold that only a blind man could not miss the hint, that this particular ring was very cute. Guess what? That was exactly the ring she got as he was paying attention the whole time we were talking.

While shopping online I found something that I fell in love with, a platinum diamond stud earrings. It is very elegant and perfect for any occasion. I now wear it everyday to work and it goes well with my accessories.

Have you seen Vintage diamond rings? I love the subtle and delicate look of vintage-inspired rings. My favorite is made of 18k white gold with an elegant halo that holds thirty six (.31ctw) diamonds that surround the center stone and cascades down the sides of the vintage engagement rings. A matching wedding band is also available.

You know what?  Whatever ring we choose or end up with, it will always be the best piece we will ever own.

Aligaga for TSS


  1. oh, they are all so beautiful and made enchanting with the thought of LOVE being the reason for the creation of these wondrous crafts... the best of wishes for your friends Jean and Tom...

  2. these are beautiful Chay, like Zen, my best wishes to your friends Jean and Tom. PS....love that picture with the purple nail polish :)

  3. How exciting for your friend, and how nice that her fiance was listening, and got the hint!

  4. diamonds are forever,so precious... congrats to your BFF!

  5. Congratulations to your friend! That is such an exciting time.

  6. An engagement ring is always special, good article.


  7. Congrats to your friend, will you be in the wedding?

  8. chay, please tell your friend i send my congratulations to her and her fiance. that is one gorgeous rock indeed! and i like her purple nail polish as well! i wish them both a lifetime of happiness.

    and, boy, that vintage engagement ring you featured at the end of your post is just WOW!! lucky is the woman who will receive that ring:) but of course, like you said, our ring will always be the best - coz it's not really the number of diamonds it features, or the carats it boasts. the main thing is, it was given to us by the person we chose to spend our life with, and whom we love with all our hearts and vow to be with, for better or for worse ...

    thank you, chay, for sharing another great post!

  9. Congrats sa friend mo! Ganda ng ring!




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