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Monday, March 26, 2012

Reminiscing the Past in Indiana and Kentucky !

Dear Mom and Dad,

I pray that this letter and pictures reached you in your perfect health. How I wished you were with us on this trip so I can show you all these amazing places. I missed you both a lot you know. One day I wish that you can come and visit us here in the US.  One day, I promise you it will happen.  I always keep that wish close to my heart.

I wanted to share with you these photos we took on our trip to Indiana to spend Christmas with Jeff's family. It was my first White Christmas. We were a little frustrated cause they didn't really get a lot of snow that year, so the White Christmas didn't come as I was expecting, but I still call it my first White Christmas. 

This is the Ohio River Bridge to cross from Indiana to Kentucky.  We had to drive 75 miles from Indiana to Kentucky to pick up Logan so he could spend some time with us.

This is a good old fashion home cooked country meal restaurant Jeff had visited countless times growing up.

This is the manufacturing plant that Jeff built for his "storage building" business.  He sold this business to his dear friend so he can come to California to pursue his dream to become a lawyer. I will share you more about what happened why he didn't end up to be a lawyer, but instead he became a mental health therapist. I still think that God directed him to that path because it is such a wonderful profession. I will talk to you more about it on my next letters.  

A sample of the storage building they used to build. This place is now owned by his dear friend.

This is a site of a house that was burned down some 40 years ago. What was left was the steps leading to the front door.  I found this place interesting and so I took picture of what was left of this home.

Mom and Dad...  you would probably find it interesting if I tell you about the Amish people who live in the remote area of Kentucky.  They use horse and buggy to travel around town.

Amish guy driving around on his horse and buggy. He kind of shy away when he saw me taking pictures of him. Jeff told me that they don't like it when people look at them or take pictures.  I waved at him to apologize, but he just drove off.

This is one of the Amish homes. They don't use electricity or modern technology. They do everything manually by hand. Mom, this is almost like what it was in our province in the 60's or early 70's. I remember you told me you grew up using oil lamp as there was no electricity in the province. Mom, this is how they live. They wash their clothes by hand and hang dry them on clothes line at the back of the house.

A farm out in the Amish town.  

After checking out the Amish town, we drove back to where Jeff used to live. This is an 8-bedroom home Jeff used to live with his family. It was built in the middle of nowhere, their closest neighbor is 10 miles away.

These are Jeff's two good looking boys. 

They are Jeff's mom and dad. We went to this restaurant to have our Christmas lunch. 

This is Jeff's brother and his two beautiful daughters. 

I find this really cool. To cross from one town to the next town they had to drive their car on this boat

We drove and take a look at the house Jeff lived when he was in grade school.

This is Harrison school where Jeff attended grade school.

This was the home Jeff lived when he was in high school.

This was Jeff's school when he was in Junior High.

In the place where we live they have this commercial cluster mailboxes. This is pretty common in new housing developments, apartment complex and businesses.  ApprovedClusterMailboxes.com is the ultimate source for Cluster Mailboxes of every size, finish, style, and material. They come in different styles and colors just like these pictures below.  

Mom and Dad... this is how a clustered mailbox look like. This one is an eight-door cluster mailbox. 

This CBU mailboxes is bigger and has more unit and pretty common in businesses. 

This is all for now mom and dad. I will call you one of these days and we can do skype so I can see you and I also want to see Tristan, the new dog that you guys got. 

Love you dearly,

Submitted by Aligaga for TSS


  1. This is such a fun road trip, and great pictures to show your journey!

  2. your post makes me teary eyed Chay. We have the same dreams, only that I can't share where I live now with my mom for she now is gone, but oftentimes I wish she is around and I would have that chance to show her around the place I chose to be. Beautiful pictures Chay, I love the way you showed or narrated your story.

    1. awww, Beth nakakahawa ka. i suddenly miss papa. i always wish he's still alive so we could travel with him too and show him around here.

  3. i love how you took all the photos that bring back wonderful memories of Jeff's childhood/teenage/grown up days, Chay. i pray that your wish for your mom and dad will become a reality one sweet day. :)




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