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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

So Happy and So In Love

 Above Torrey Pines Cliffs
Can you hear my heart sing? "so....oh....so in love....." I am! So happy and so in love! In love in so many ways....so in love with God, with hubby, with life, and our beautiful world. 
 Torrey Pines Cliffs and Mist
There are just so many reasons to be happy, to be thankful for God's wonderful blessings. There is that priceless gift of friendship to be celebrated. There is that priceless gift of family, of love, of nature's wonders, and so much more....
I see happiness in these wildflowers. They are very symbolic to me of how life can still be happy and beautiful despite we may not be the richest man on Earth. Though living in sandy soil with poor nutrients and often whipped by the strong ocean breeze and exposed to the heat of the sun, still they can thrive and bring in beautiful blossoms. 
 Slowly they Come, CA Sea Lavender
Sea Dahlia is slowly blooming too
Even in the harshness of this landscape, I see a wonderful gift. That there is no challenge, there is no trial, there is no difficulty that does not bring in beauty. "All things work together for good for those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."- Romans 8:28. Everything happens for a good reason. 

 Eroded Badland Cliffs, Torrey Pines State Reserve
This badland right next to the sea is one of the symbolic carvings on Earth that I see how overcoming the harshest tests in time brings in a deeper beauty and admirable strength.
This is my world, I may see this every week, but each week, each day is different. Each walks gives me a lesson. On top of these cliffs, most of the times I see dolphins put on a show, sometimes I don't.
Like these parading dolphins showed me there is so much joy in togetherness. They created one dark blue line as they paraded in the sea. When the leader decides to turn around, everybody turns around. Dolphins live the example of "strength in numbers."
Dolphin Superbowl Parade ( yesterday during Superbowl day)
The sea is harsh for dolphins to live. It is so unpredictable and full of dangers. Together, these dolphins unite! If a predator such as shark swims by looking for a nice meal, dolphins would swim around in circles to warn the shark to stay away! Dolphins are quick to respond when one of them is ill. And dolphins are very friendly creatures.
Sometimes, the dolphins don't come parading, they play with the surf!
 Surfing Dolphins
 I am as Happy as these Dolphins ( can you see the dolphin smile?)
Perhaps on seeing the smile of these dolphins, you would see why I am crazy riding the waves, crazy being one with the waves. If not for the cold water, I would probably be in the water from sunrise to sundown. 
 Paddle Boarder and Dolphin Surfing
 A Long Encounter with the Dolphin 
( I watched this paddle boarder and dolphins, the dolphins kept on circling him around for 15 minutes, until the paddle boarder was carried away by the waves to the shore)
 Dolphins Peeking to Give This Happy Lady A Smile
Aside from dolphins, the ocean just bring in numerous shows. With the pounding of the waves, the pelicans and other sea birds would also put on their show, diving into the sea.
 Pelican Superbowl Parade ( yesterday during Superbowl day)
While Madonna was performing at half-time ( she gave a wonderful performance, at her age, she still can dance and sing so well, very inspiring), my heart continues to be pumping for joy! Joy that never leaves me, despite I am no longer facing the sea! Because the joy from our natural world brings in a lasting goodness that continues to lift my spirits high.
Looking Out At the Sea
Yes, there are so many things to be thankful for, life has been very good. I am not saying it is without challenge, for there will always be, this challenges is what shape and carve our character, would our world be as beautiful if it is devoid of harsh conditions? God's power and love can not be measured, but we all do see it! We all do feel it! Let us continue to seek God's simple surprises and beautiful gifts around, something that has no price tag, we just need to open our eyes, our heart and our ears to His wonders!Whenever I stand on top of this bluff, looking out at the sea, my hearts sings for joy, "so happy.....so in love...." So in love with God's gifts to us. May the gift of love and the happiness it brings grow in your heart each day. Together, let us all sing...."so happy....so oh oh oh in love...."


  1. "so happy....so oh oh oh in love...."

  2. singing with you "so happy... so oh oh oh in love"
    ahhhhhh, life is great!

  3. Oh, San Diego, you are calling me. I share the joys with you. The mist, the ocean and the flowers! I am singing with you too!

  4. Beautiful series of photos and a wonderful post. I am so happy that you are happy! have a great day!

  5. Looking at these photos already made me happy, how much more to see these in real life ! No wonder you are happy all the time !

    Thanks for sharing Beth !!!


  6. aahhhh breathless here...it is always such a joy to view life through your lens Betchai....I must say the first and last photos are my favorite here....so pretty and inlove- you!

  7. I can feel the happiness with you among these gorgeous nature pictures!




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