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Friday, February 10, 2012

Organize your Online Stuff by Clipix

I have a very busy life-  a husband, two kids, two jobs, a dog and a lot of friends.  My friends ask me how I manage to keep my life together, keep my family and friends happy, perform well at work and still have time to run with my dog everyday.  I gave them two simple answers :  number 1-  Love what you do and number 2 -  Be organize.


I get up early every single day with a heart filled with appreciation to God for another day and a choice to stay positive with whatever the day will bring my way.  Being organized with my schedule at home and at work reduces the burden and distraction in my daily life. It takes years of practice and patience to get to where am at right now, but it works out perfectly.


What could be a more brilliant idea than a tool that helps organize your online activities ?  clipix  is a tool you can download into your computer that can help you organize things you see online and wanted to save for later use, like recipes, photos, stories, things to buy, etc.   Few simple steps to get you started:  You go to clipix.com and open a personal clipix account.  Clipix is simple, they only require email address and password, then they send you a link to get started. In just a few minutes you can already start using your clipix account.  If you follow these few easy steps, you will see “clipix organize your life” link in your browser up on top of your favorites.  When you start surfing online and see something that interests you, all you need to do is click “clipix organize your life” link  and the photos or articles will save and you can come back to it later. Everything you clip will be stored in a customized clipboards on clipix that you organize and control.  Clipix alllows you to maintain customized privacy settings and gives you the option to choose people you want to have access on your clipboards. Clipix is a great tool tool that helps change the way you organize your life online. 


Screen Shot of My Clipix Paintball Board

I love my clipix account, my clipboard includes : Things I need for paintball, Great photos, Shoes and Bags I want to buy, Gift ideas, Movies to watch, Places to visit.


I keep adding on to my list everyday when something comes up.  With so many things we see online, it is so easy to lose site of important things or articles you would want to see again later. By having all these important information saved in one place like your clipboard, one click and you have it in front of your eyes. This has saved me a lot of time and helped me stay more organized.   


Please check clipix.com , sign up today and start organizing your online activities just like what I did. Please share your experience with clipix and let me know how you like it.  You can also download clipix into your Iphone  and enjoy it every where you go.  You can reclip clips, comments and you can share them on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. If you want to learn more how to enjoy it, here is a clipix video, hope you like it!

Enjoy an organize life just like I do!


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  1. This is a wonderful idea organizing stuff online - I love it and my clipix clipboard is starting to pile up !

  2. thanks for the tutorial Chay, I am lost at clipix, now, after reading your post, I get to understand better :)

    I so admire you for this: "My friends ask me how I manage to keep my life together, keep my family and friends happy, perform well at work and still have time to run with my dog everyday. I gave them two simple answers : number 1- Love what you do and number 2 - Be organize." ------keep it up Chay, stay as caring and kind as you are.

    1. Thanks Beth ! I appreciate all your help on this post. Whew ! I am glad you have the patience to go through all the requirements. Patience is what I need to practice more !


    2. haha! my post was rejected twice. i hope it's ok now after making the amendments. patience is what we need indeed! lol!

    3. oh CC hahaha I gave up after trying many times to fix the problem. I am so glad to have Beth who I can always turn to with posting issues !

    4. Chay, remember my first try for this one was also directed, despite I put in the image of your clipboard? they still asked to put more pictures, gee, I wondered what picture of clipboard to post, so I used Jeff :) hahaha, it worked! thanks always ladies for being there.

  3. whoa.. Chay.. I will absolutely and surely see what it is! hehe.. i always needed something like that.
    Love Naqvee

    1. Thanks Nagvee ! I had fun using this clipix too.




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