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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MP4 converter

If you have young children like me, you probably have a collection of videos of your kids on every games and school performances they attended. I have collected hundreds of them   through the years. From time to time we would watch them together as a family. A girlfriend who is computer savvy introduced me to video editing. She taught me how to video clip by extracting favorite parts from a video or remove some parts I didn’t want and merge these segments together. This is especially fun to do if I have a video clip I wanted to put together for my family for a special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries. Video converter for Mac gives me all the features I wanted to use while working on these video clip projects. It has the unique transitional effects between files that gives smooth scene transitions. Preview your video with the built-in media player before conversion, compare original and edited videos and take snapshots of your favorite parts while previewing. The 4Media Video Converter for Mac allows me to play movies in any format on any popular multimedia device including my iPhone and iPad and mobile phones.

If you want to merge several DVD titles together and create a new movie, dvd ripper for mac is what you needed. With the dvd ripper, you can get rid of unwanted section or pick the part from one dvd. You can divide a chapter into several sections too. You can crop the image and remove borders or parts you didn’t want. You can adjust the video brightness, contrast, settings and you can even add effects like “old film”, “shadow” and “sand.” . One of the great features you would really love is the rip DVD with desired subtitle/soundtrack/angle, multilingual interface like English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese. This is the perfect DVD Ripper for Mac users.

Do you want to play movies, videos and music on your iPad ? 4Media iPad Video Converter is what you are looking for. iPad converter can convert multiple files to iPad videos and music at the same time. Conversion profiles are optimized to make your conversion simple. This iPad converter can split a file into several parts during conversion by specifying a split mode using 4Media iPad Video Converter. You can set the start time and duration of a video segment you want to extract, and then convert it to iPad video/music. What is really cool with iPad converter is you can capture pictures from a video automatically at regular intervals or take snapshot of movie images manually when previewing a video.

Check mp4converter.net for a more detailed description of their products, its features and some new releases too.

Submitted by Chay for TSS


  1. "What is really cool with iPad converter is you can capture pictures from a video automatically at regular intervals or take snapshot of movie images manually when previewing a video. " ----- oh this is what I am looking for, thanks so much for sharing this wonderful information, Chay. love love it so much. I will try to find time how to do this, but this was what Khai also asked me yesterday if there is such a feature such as this one, and i dismiss him, "no! otherwise, there is no need for camera, everyone just take video!" Khai will be happy to know about this one too.

  2. really cool! will check out the ipad video converter too. ;)




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