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Monday, February 27, 2012

Online Gaming

Once a year my husband and I would drive to Las Vegas to watch shows, play some games and enjoy the delicious buffet food selections.  It is something we look forward to every year.  My husband likes to play blackjack, he normally brings two hundred dollars and would spend several hours playing until he spends all of his money. Win or lose, he would come back to our room and declare he had a great time. Of course I don’t understand it, but that is something he does that relaxes him and to me that is more than the price he spent playing.  Slot machines are what I play most of the time when in Vegas.  The first time I played the slot machines, I had $10 and in a few minutes I walked away with a $50 winning pull.  It was a fun to win my first for my time, but it has never happened again.

Tom is a friend we have known for years.  He likes to play poker and he talks about online casino games.  He found online casino games more convenient and something he can play in the comfort of his room during his relaxation times.  Tom is a smart guy and responsible with his money,  he showed my husband how to play it, but Jeff still prefers blackjack.   

The website provides up-to-date information.  They have taken the time to research and evaluate the best online casinos to insure the highest standard of online gaming.  It is important to only use a company that is reliable and has a good track record. Do your homework and spend time reading customer reviews, forums, newsgroups and get feedback from other players.  

Submitted by Chay for TSS

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Next Day Flyers

short bread cookie (or polvoron ) made by my wife
My wife and I own a small business and depend on flyers, brochures, and marketing products to increase and sustain our business base. 
short bread cookie made by my wife ready to be packaged
It is very important for our business to be able to market our sale items quickly and in a unique manner.  In order to market our items effectively, we use handout tri-fold brochures, flyers, custom promotional materials, and direct mail materials.  

Menu Printing from Next Day Flyer
As with all businesses we use a lot of business cards. Because we market a variety of products and services having a quick turnaround time on our advertising needs is paramount to having a successful promotion.  
Sewing Services
We have searched a variety of places to find what we need and it is with extreme confidence we use NextDayFlyers for all of our business promotional needs. The best feature for our needs is we can upload our files to Next Day Flyers and if we approve the order by 6:00 PM PST they can ship it to us the next day. Next Day Flyers offers free design online, customer care via phone, e-mail, or live chat. Next Day Flyers easy website will allow you to upload your files and print them in a snap. It has worked for us and it can work for you.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

La Jolla Shores

Birds In Flight, La Jolla Shores- Torrey Pines Beach, San Diego
La Jolla is an affluent community in San Diego more known for its luxury homes, fine dining and upscale shopping. Though an affluent community, but the beaches in La Jolla is free for everyone to enjoy. Whenever I do not feel so well to do more physically challenging hikes, we would just spend our day taking a long walk from La Jolla Shores to Torrey Pines Beach. 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


" Life is like a hike.....it has lots of exhilarating ups and challenging downs, confusing crossing trails, rugged and windy steep terrains; but most of all, it is filled with beautiful, inspiring and wonderful scenic turns!" - Betchai
Harding Icefield, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska
Whenever I am out, I feel that the grandeur of nature invites a prayer of thankfulness for God's majestic gift to all of us. I find that nature is not only healing, not only relaxing, not only rejuvenating, but is also one great teacher. Some of the most beautiful places on Earth, some of the oldest living creatures are those which have surpassed the harshest tests in time. We may be going difficult challenges in our lives, we may forget temporarily that there is a beautiful reason for everything, but each time we come out from the test, we are so filled with JOY for God to have directed us the way, and not us leading the way! 

Here are some of the places, which brought tears, inspiration, prayer of thankfulness, prayer of surrender, indescribable happiness, that God wonderfully is in control.
Matanuska Glacier, Alaska
 Channel Islands National Park, CA
McWay Falls, Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, Big Sur, CA
South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon National Park, AZ
Navajo-Queens Garden Loop Trail, Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
Death Valley National Park, Inyo County, CA
Half dome, Liberty Cap and Nevada Fall, John Muir Trail, Yosemite National Park, CA
Mono Lake South Tufa State Reserve, Lee Vining, CA
Antelope Canyon, Page, AZ
Arches National Park, UT
Canyonlands National Park, UT
Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA
Harding Icefield, Kenai Fjords National Park, AK
The indescribable feeling whenever I hike can best be summarized by these words of John Muir below, 

"I only went out for a walk and finally concluded to stay out till sundown, for going out, I found, was really going in." ~ naturalist John Muir, 1913.

Yard Arbors

This is the time of the year we start working on our garden to get it ready for spring and summer. It is starting to get warmer and the last time we checked our local nursery, their new shipments of perennials and annuals have already arrived.

This year, we are thinking of adding decorative arbors to give our yard an added appeal and personality. My husband is thinking of adding wooden arbors with flowering vines all over it. He was looking for some tips on how to build a wooden arbor, but I told him he is better of buying a ready made garden arbors from a company who are experts on these products. YardArbors.com is an organization who have been in business since 2004. They have vinyl arbors, wooden arbors, metal arbors and yard accessories. Their arbors come in different sizes, finish and styles to match your landscaping. Arbors can add a distinct design and element to the yard and it compliments pathway in the garden area.

Arbor brings added height to walkways or garden areas while adding appeal and personality to your outdoor living area.


Vinyl arbors are constructed of maintenance free, durable material and will look great year after year. They are backed by a 20 year warranty.

YardArbors.com is an organization who stands behind their products & services. They developed a rewards point program for future purchases and a 110% low price guarantee on all products. They also offer free or low-cost shipping on nearly every item they stock.

Submitted by Chay for TSS

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

MP4 converter

If you have young children like me, you probably have a collection of videos of your kids on every games and school performances they attended. I have collected hundreds of them   through the years. From time to time we would watch them together as a family. A girlfriend who is computer savvy introduced me to video editing. She taught me how to video clip by extracting favorite parts from a video or remove some parts I didn’t want and merge these segments together. This is especially fun to do if I have a video clip I wanted to put together for my family for a special occasion like birthdays or anniversaries. Video converter for Mac gives me all the features I wanted to use while working on these video clip projects. It has the unique transitional effects between files that gives smooth scene transitions. Preview your video with the built-in media player before conversion, compare original and edited videos and take snapshots of your favorite parts while previewing. The 4Media Video Converter for Mac allows me to play movies in any format on any popular multimedia device including my iPhone and iPad and mobile phones.

If you want to merge several DVD titles together and create a new movie, dvd ripper for mac is what you needed. With the dvd ripper, you can get rid of unwanted section or pick the part from one dvd. You can divide a chapter into several sections too. You can crop the image and remove borders or parts you didn’t want. You can adjust the video brightness, contrast, settings and you can even add effects like “old film”, “shadow” and “sand.” . One of the great features you would really love is the rip DVD with desired subtitle/soundtrack/angle, multilingual interface like English, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese. This is the perfect DVD Ripper for Mac users.

Do you want to play movies, videos and music on your iPad ? 4Media iPad Video Converter is what you are looking for. iPad converter can convert multiple files to iPad videos and music at the same time. Conversion profiles are optimized to make your conversion simple. This iPad converter can split a file into several parts during conversion by specifying a split mode using 4Media iPad Video Converter. You can set the start time and duration of a video segment you want to extract, and then convert it to iPad video/music. What is really cool with iPad converter is you can capture pictures from a video automatically at regular intervals or take snapshot of movie images manually when previewing a video.

Check mp4converter.net for a more detailed description of their products, its features and some new releases too.

Submitted by Chay for TSS

Lockers for kids

If you have small children it is important to have an organized home and rooms to keep them safe at all times and could save you a lot of time trying to find where things are. If you are also working with children in a classroom setting or home setting, organizational tools like kid's lockers, coat lockers, toy lockers, cubbies, etc can help you keep their toys and school supplies neatly stored in one place.

If you are looking for lockers for kids, KidsLockerShop.com have a huge selection of kids lockers in different sizes, styles, finish and designs.

I particularly like the children’s coats and shoes locker. Plenty of rooms with five tiers, top and bottom cubbies and has 10 coat hooks. Designed with the safety of the little ones in mind, the edges of the lockers are rounded and smooth finished. Multi purpose too, you can use the top and bottom of the cubbies to store shoes, hats and mittens or you can also put bins to store the kid’s personal items.

I know moms would also love the portable toy lockers. This is perfect to keep your children’s room neat, tidy and organized. I like sorting my kid’s toys and personal stuff and group them together in separate containers. It saves us a lot of time trying to find where things are. After the kid’s play time, I teach the kids to group their toys and teach them to sort them in these containers. It is fun for the kids and at the same time they are learning organizational skills which will be very helpful later in life.

With children's lockers, moms, teachers and kids can make the kid’s rooms neat and tidy at all times. These lockers look great in any child’s room and can help them organize their toys and school supplies.

Submitted by Chay for TSS

Saturday, February 18, 2012


- poem by MJ-
Pix of a musical animated carousel Teyla and I bought last Christmas. It features six Christmas melodies. Wish you could hear it playing!

Love is
a carousel ride. 
Sweet music playing.
 A blur of passing colors, 
of psychedelic rainbows, 
As you and I go spinning 
Round and round,
Round and round.
 Spring and summer
Winter, fall. 
Sometimes I think
of jumping off 
But, your love, 
It holds me captive
And I stay. 
I'm glad I stayed. 
Love is
a carousel ride. 
Sweet music playing; 
Through the years, 
So enchanting. 
And I'm staying;
 Ain't goin' nowhere. 
Let me be dizzy ... 
Dizzy with you.

 - By Joy Browning

Promotional Products by Promopeddler

I own a small business designing and installing residential lawn and garden sprinkler systems and commercial fire protection sprinkler systems.  This is a very competitive business and I need to put my name in front of potential customers to recommend my services to their friends and business associates.  I have used promotional give away products for many years with verifiable success.  I have found customers enjoy a thank you gift of appreciation when they spend their money my products.  As a businessman I depend on installing a quality product and my give-away-promotional items with my company name on them must be of a high quality too.  I have found Promopeddler to exceed my quality standards without breaking the bank on cost per item.  I call these promotional thank you gifts "human advertising banners."  Promopeddler offers a large variety of products and I encourage you now to visit and check it out for yourself at  promopeddler.com.  This web site can provide you with affordable marketing ideas.

I like using apparel products as my " Human Advertising Banners."  My favorite is putting my business logo and business name on flip flops.  It compliments my business services very well.  When we install residential lawn and garden sprinkler system or a small business fire protection sprinkler system I get each family members and/or employee's flip flop shoe sizes, birthdates without the year of birth of course.  I am also interested in each person's favorite colors too.  If apparel products are not your choice consider one of the other choices at promopeddler.com.  They offer so many products on their web site it is hard to decide the best selection.

My last " Human Advertising Banner " is given on their follow up check up.  I bring promotional candy product and  I can filter my purchase by price, color, theme, and several other key filters to compliment my marketing budget.   I have used it for my children's soccer teams too.  One look at this site and quickly you can see how these products can expand your advertising and put referrals on the phone to you requesting your products and services.

Please keep liking our site in facebook and also visit Promopeddler.com.

Submitted by JRJ

Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Valentine Date

Being married to someone who works to serve and protect my countrymen, holidays always are celebrated on a special time which means either late or early. I was quite lucky the other day as I got to be treated by the hubby to an early Valentine celebration. Nothing fancy as always but nevertheless meaningful. 

We found this restaurant that had the usual cute decorations that made me reminisce the first time I fell in love with someone. 

My date chose to feast on chicken and rice and on sauteed squid, his all time favorite.

While I ordered "fresh lumpia"...fresh vegetables wrapped with egg crepe with sweet tasting sauce garnished with peanuts. 

We shared a dessert that I enjoyed so much! Cooled fruits in season mixed with milk, topped with ice cream served in a coconut. I loved scraping off the coconut meat at the bottom and savoring its creamy taste. 

Afterwards he bought me what I love the most these days...pink roses! aaahhh with roots so I got to plant them at home to continuously shower me with blooms.

And then there were these heart-shaped donuts that completely melted my heart...that I didn't whine too much when he had to be called back to work before midnight...not without a promise of perhaps being able to take me out on Valentine's eve itself...who knows, I just might be lucky again...

Love isn't about the amount of time we spend together but about that wonderful, hard to fathom feeling of wanting to be with a person all the days of our lives....
Though this may be a few days late......Happy Heart's Day dear friends...do spread the sweetness....

Garden Trellis

Gardening on the weekend is my way to relax and unwind. With my fast-paced life, I still make sure to give myself a time to go outside and enjoy the beauty of nature, even if it’s just as close as my backyard. I find the smell of flowers and trees and the sound of the water flowing thru our backyard pool very relaxing to both my mind and body.

We have a rose garden on the side of the house and my husband placed a metal trellis on the entrance to the rose garden that serves as a climber for the roses. When these roses are in their full bloom, the different color roses can cover the trellis and it looks so full and beautiful. Garden trellis adds beauty to a dull walkway or garden gate. You can place your garden trellisses on the entrance of your garden, by the window, on an empty wall on the side of your house. It serves as a climber to train your plants to grow where you want them.

I was shopping online the other day and saw this Bell Windchime Trellis. I can imagine the soft sound of these tiny bells as they gently ring in the breeze and this Bell windchime trellis can also serve as a nice decorative piece for our garden.

Check out vinyl trellis too. They are strong and made of hi-grade polymers (vinyl) which is an ideal material for outdoor, they are fade-proof and they do not rust or burn plants when the sun shines on the metal.

Submitted by Chay for TSS

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


" friendship is never an obligation. walk an extra mile for a friend out of love and not because of the expectation of reciprocal gesture. give without remembering and receive never forgetting. it grows not in years but in essence. sometimes, it ends for no reason but simply run its course." - Eng


Are you looking for giveaways or promotional products for your business or for an event you are planning to have? I highly recommend Branders.com and here is how I came across this website. I went with my husband for his annual physical check up last week and his doctor recommended that he walk daily for 20 minutes. His doctor handed him a pedometer so he can keep track of his daily progress. It was a heart shaped pedometer with clear acrylic cover.I thought it was a perfect reminder of the positive effects of walking on his health. It has the company logo on it that promotes their business. I looked closely at the pedometer and it was from Branders.com. I went online to see what other items they have that I can recommend to the marketing people at my work and I was really amazed at the hundreds of products to choose from.

Branders.com website has great selections of promotional products for business to choose from. They have apparel, bags and totes, business supplies, caps and hats, mugs and drinkware, pens, sports and outdoors, etc. In just few easy steps you can customize your own giveaways. You pick your product, add your logo, get your quote, check out and you are done in just a few minutes.

 A simple and inexpensive way to advertise your product is to have your name printed on promotional shirts, caps or tote bags. Wear them, carry them around or give them to your valued customers and you will notice how this simple way can strike out conversation or spread the name of your business or product around. Advertising doesn’t have to be expensive, plenty of ways to get your message to the public and promotional products and giveaways are just a few of the ways.

Branders.com has the lowest price guarantee, 100% satisfaction guarantee, on-time shipment guarantee.

The TSS ladies love to cook and I am seriously thinking of designing an apron with our logo on it. I will post it later when I get done.

Submitted by Chay for TSS

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

School project

I appreciate the guest post, Jewel Rodgers

My son is in the eighth grade in middle school. He has a school project this semester that has to do with electricity and saving money. He asked me where to start to get ideas for his project. Now I am not one of those parents that just does all the work for my children when they have a project at school. So, I just threw questions back at him to make him start thinking about where he could look. First he thought about calling different companies to ask about different rates for electricity and ways to save. He gets home from school pretty late so that was not really a good option because most business offices would be closed by the time he got home from school. Then he started thinking about looking in the newspaper to see if he could get any ideas. There really wasn’t much to offer in the newspaper, but he did find an advertisement that sent him to http://www.texaselectricityproviders.com/energy-saving-tips/. I told him I thought that would be a great idea to look there. At least it would be somewhere he could get some great ideas and not have to worry about an office closing before he got home from school.

Rain Chain

I have never heard of rain chains until a family friend who was visiting from Colorado talked about what he just purchased online. Rain chains are an ancient Japanese tradition that is an alternative to traditional, clunky drainpipes. It routes roof water during a downpour into the rain chain that does it with a Zen-like attitude.

Rain chain creates the appearance of a column of water and when water cascades down it sound just as lovely as the way they look. The water passes through the chain’s funnels and creates a soft sound. Rain gutter chain has other benefits than just a decorative piece, they can be used to conserve water by placing a nice container below the chain and collect the water and use it to care for your garden and yard plants. It can also direct water away from your house keeping the walls of your house from discoloration and water line marks.

The Arts & Crafts Square Cup Rain Chain is very pretty. It guides rain water visibly down the cups from the roof to the ground. They are made of thick copper so they last a long time. The rain chain includes a gutter attachment piece of easy installation. . It is easily attached with the included gutter clip and hangs a generous 8 ½ feet long.

I fell in love with the look of the Umbrella Rain Chain. It is a classic design that provides a beautiful and functional alternative to traditional, closed gutter downspouts.

Rainchainlink has been in the market since 2004 and they offer prices equal or much less than others. They have exclusive products you can’t find elsewhere. They offer Rewards Point program for future purchases and 110% low price guarantee to all their customers.

Please check their website, for a limited time, they offer Free Shipping !

Submitted by Chay for TSS

Sunday, February 12, 2012

eDirect Host

Do you have a small or medium size business or a hobby that you use to make money and would like to expand the business.  I own a business and in today's market it is impossible to ignore the electronic web based marketing mediums.  The problem for me is I am not very tech savvy, so when I enter into the electronic web based arenas I am lost and need to hire someone at great expense to perform simple web development and postings. In a few instances my equipment was not large enough to download the software to perform the required tasks to meet my needs.  But last week I found a solution and I want to share it with you now.

In my search for a simple web design I discovered ecommerce web design.The unique thing about this is the simplicity of designing a web site.  It is as simple as sending e-mail.  There is nothing to download and nothing to learn.  Everything is click and save and the web page begins to take shape and meaning before your very eyes.  The functions necessary one would expect in a web page exist i.e. site statistics tracking, a site marketing center, flash & graphic headers, automated data backup and a no risk trial period. These features are expected in a professional website for marketing any business. Other important features are a store manager, shopping cart product catalog order processing & payment (PayPal supported), and security features.

You can learn how to build your own website with ecommerce software.  The web site is very user friendly and provides a 7-step process which is simple and easy to follow.  Domain names, customized colors, and unlimited pages are all in the package.  The most important part of improving your business marketing and sales is to reduce struggle.  The company edirecthost.com has made a complex issue simple for everyone.  Check it out for yourself today.

Submitted by JRJ

Game House

Raising three children is the best decision my wife and I made besides getting married. If your children are like ours they love to play video games.  In the beginning my wife and I thought this part of their life would pass, but it has increased as the games are so fun for them.  Their friends play them, talk about them, and look at the new games coming out with great anticipation .  They even let me play some of the games with them and I enjoy the time together in an activity.  Our budget cannot afford to buy all of the games, plus my wife and I wanted them to spend time on educational games too.  We searched for a solution researching buying used games, trading games with friends, to online solutions.  One day we found our solution.

I let the children find the answer.  One night I said, "Girls, if you can find a way to download games for a reasonable price I will strongly consider it for our family."  Each of them went to work and shortly they found a way to download games at http://www.gamehouse.com/.  I researched the site and it met all of my requirements.  If offered  online games we could download and play, educational games, hidden object games, announcements for upcoming new games, and a variety of monthly plans to meet our family budget needs.  My wife and I discussed the best options for our family and signed up.  IT has been a great decision for everyone.

The web site is very user friendly, the variety of games is huge, and our children love the unlimited play features.  My wife and I love the fact we no longer need to purchase games that they play for 2-3 months then sit on a shelf forever taking up valuable space in our home.  Look at the web site and see for yourself how this online download games program could help your family too.

Submitted by JRJ

Friday, February 10, 2012

Organize your Online Stuff by Clipix

I have a very busy life-  a husband, two kids, two jobs, a dog and a lot of friends.  My friends ask me how I manage to keep my life together, keep my family and friends happy, perform well at work and still have time to run with my dog everyday.  I gave them two simple answers :  number 1-  Love what you do and number 2 -  Be organize.


I get up early every single day with a heart filled with appreciation to God for another day and a choice to stay positive with whatever the day will bring my way.  Being organized with my schedule at home and at work reduces the burden and distraction in my daily life. It takes years of practice and patience to get to where am at right now, but it works out perfectly.


What could be a more brilliant idea than a tool that helps organize your online activities ?  clipix  is a tool you can download into your computer that can help you organize things you see online and wanted to save for later use, like recipes, photos, stories, things to buy, etc.   Few simple steps to get you started:  You go to clipix.com and open a personal clipix account.  Clipix is simple, they only require email address and password, then they send you a link to get started. In just a few minutes you can already start using your clipix account.  If you follow these few easy steps, you will see “clipix organize your life” link in your browser up on top of your favorites.  When you start surfing online and see something that interests you, all you need to do is click “clipix organize your life” link  and the photos or articles will save and you can come back to it later. Everything you clip will be stored in a customized clipboards on clipix that you organize and control.  Clipix alllows you to maintain customized privacy settings and gives you the option to choose people you want to have access on your clipboards. Clipix is a great tool tool that helps change the way you organize your life online. 


Screen Shot of My Clipix Paintball Board

I love my clipix account, my clipboard includes : Things I need for paintball, Great photos, Shoes and Bags I want to buy, Gift ideas, Movies to watch, Places to visit.


I keep adding on to my list everyday when something comes up.  With so many things we see online, it is so easy to lose site of important things or articles you would want to see again later. By having all these important information saved in one place like your clipboard, one click and you have it in front of your eyes. This has saved me a lot of time and helped me stay more organized.   


Please check clipix.com , sign up today and start organizing your online activities just like what I did. Please share your experience with clipix and let me know how you like it.  You can also download clipix into your Iphone  and enjoy it every where you go.  You can reclip clips, comments and you can share them on Facebook, Twitter and other sites. If you want to learn more how to enjoy it, here is a clipix video, hope you like it!

Enjoy an organize life just like I do!


The Salitype Society Disclosure Policy.

Promoted Post
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Best Time to Visit: Fall- Spring, summer can be too hot and also too crowded. However, for those who may not like the cold, the winter can also be too cold and icy. Some trails last spring were still covered with snow and the temperature was still sub-freezing especially at night. However, comparing our spring 2009 hike with our summer 2007 hike, I prefer the cool, uncrowded and silent parks during off peak season, that is fall-spring, lodging is cheaper this time of the year too. :-) 
Grand Circle Wonders, AZ and UT
( you can click on the image to enlarge )

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bremerhaven July 2009

Bremen - in front of the "Rathaus" (town hall ) stands the big statue of Roland, the symbol of the Hanse ( trade organisation ) of 600 or 700 years ago. This statue and the "Rathaus" are under world cultural heritage. The main square of Bremen and the cathedral and "Böttcherstraße" are really worth visiting.

Zoo Am Meer - Bremerhaven - First time in my life i saw ice bear or polar bear, penguin, sea lions, and other exotic animals. I don't know so much about these animals but seeing them in my own eyes is really a nice experience, and i think in this zoo they are well taking care of.

Klimahaus and Congress center in Bremerhaven

Klimahaus - ( climatehouse) is an expedition on the 8th degree east where Bremerhaven is situated around the world. The climate and environment on the 8th degree longitude in examples is shown in Switzerland, Sardinia (Italy), Niger ( Africa), Cameroon ( Africa ), Ocean to Antartic, then South Pacific in Samoa, Alaska and then back to Bremerhaven. We felt the climate of each country on that expedition. Very interesting! - in the "Klimahaus" they also show about expeditions to Antartic and how the climate worldwide was before, is now and might be in the future. It's worth visiting this place.

Nordsee in Dunen - is called "Wattenmeer" it's a world natural heritage because it's unique here and some parts of Holland coast. It's unique because the mud and small "rivers" in Wattenmeer are home of a lot of sea creatures which feed birds. Walking in the mud is also good for rheumatism and other sickness.

Hannover, July 7,2009 last day of our short trip. We watched Simply Red's concert. It's amazing hearing his voice live. The songs are excellent and he gave four "Zugabe"! (more) of his famous songs.

That's our short trip in some part of Bremen and Bremerhaven and the concert ;) thanks and see you again! ;)

by: maricar
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