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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pride of ownership

My husband and I found this beautiful home listed for sale on the internet.  The owner listed it for sale the previous day and it just appeared on the internet.  We called our realtor and made an appointment the next day to see the house and meet the owners. As we pulled in the driveway of the house we were impressed with a well manicured yard and flowers in different colors.  The front porch was arched with bounganvilla in full bloom creating an entry with amazing appeal. The home owners did a great job creating  significant curb appeal with this beautiful landscape. It was a very important selling point showing pride in ownership to us.

The double wide front door opened to a solid Hickory hand crafted wide plank hard wood floor which had been lazer cut tongue in grove throughout the entire house. It was almost enough to take your breath away.  The living room immediately provided us with an "at home" feeling with an open and welcoming design.

The kitchen surrounded an island with an extremely rare Brazilian blue granite top, beveled glass-front cabinets with backlighting, a large sink big enough to wash twins as my husband pointed out with a laugh, window treatment, recessed lights in the ceiling accenting the "you belong here" atmosphere..  The wood floor and and large beautiful kitchen were powerful selling points to us.

The backyard pool and spa with built-in barbecue grill island had relaxation and entertainment written in capital letters.  The entire yard was enveloped by 30 foot trees and accented with a variety of flowers with all of the colors in the rainbow represented.  It was prettier than a magazine picture.

We fell in love with the house and put in our offer. We were lucky that our offer was accepted and the financing was nearly seamless.  We spent our first night in this house as owners within 60 days.

Every house has minor repairs and this home was no exception. We thought a fresh carpet would be a good idea since the existing carpet was five years old and had endured three children growing up.  For our peace of mind, we hired a company to install an alarm system, an additional protection for kids when they are home alone after school.  The old house number hanging outside the house was old and rusty so we decided to get a new address plaque.  We found  justaddressplaques.com on the internet. They offer the best selection of quality products, different designs to choose from and great prices. They have a wide variety of designs of wall address plaques, lawn address plaques and hanging address plaques. Their products are hand crafted with rust-free recycled aluminum with original designs.  We ordered a large roundtangle address plaque with raised solid brass house numbers to put right next to our front door.  It added style, beauty and  a contemporary touch to our home.  We also ordered  a solar address plaque that we placed on the side of the house so people can see the house number easily at night. They deliver their products on time and we were very happy with this purchase. 

Submitted by Chay for TSS


  1. The address plaque can add beauty to the design of your home. I like the hanging plaque the most !

  2. oh, thank you so much for sharing :-)

  3. you are living in my dreamhouse!

  4. Kulasa, this blogging thing has come back to me and becoming more fun and fun each day !

    Glad to see you here and glad that you are having fun in your "Letters.." blog.

    I will come by and visit you there in a minute and see what's cooking in there !


  5. Hi CC so glad to see you come by ! Thank you for liking our place, we love it and have been really blessed to be able to keep it !

    I know that one day you and hubby will find a place just like this or he can even design your dreamhouse !

    See you in your site later ... mwahhh heading there now !

  6. wonderful read, it's a really beautiful home. best of luck to you!!

  7. Thank you for visiting Debbie !

  8. you have such a beautiful home Chay, so cozy and neat.

  9. Thanks Beth ! We love it even if maintaining that place takes too much time.

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