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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Moment in Time

"We seek what is in our hearts, we find our biggest desires."
By JJohnson

It was a thought and then it was a light bulb. It was a dream and then it was the first car. It was a lifelong desire and then in a moment in time it was the first flight. This could go on endlessly however I will spare everyone. I want to share some other moments in time that are just as important.

It was a simple date but I knew she was the one I should be with for the rest of my life. However, her moment in time came much later--because I had a flaw--I was too tall. But the moment in time for me were the words, "I do." To get to that moment in time for me was a dream to find the one I would be with forever, it was a lifelong desire to have the person who would be my soul mate.

One day I sat alone in the dark in my bedroom with total silence surrounding me. My thoughts were racing around in my head about what I should do with my life. A crossroads had appeared and now it was time to make life choices. After many months of searching my heart I selected to go back to school as a non-traditional student to become a therapist--a way for me to give back. It was a specific moment in time when I knew it was the right decision and I was following the correct calling.

This year we will make a New Year's resolution--not the "I will lose weight, exercise more, eat healthy, etc, but a decision deep within your heart that says, "I need a moment in time when 'this_____' inside me becomes a reality." Many of us have a burning inside to start something, or seek out a new direction or an old one abandoned years ago but it begins with a moment in time when we all become real within ourselves, carve away the insecurities and obstacles and head out into our adventure.

In every moment in time there are millions of moments filled with hard work, soul searching, and measuring our desires again. Make this New Year's resolution to find your moment in time when the "real journey" begins. It is just a moment in time that starts it all. Happy New Year!!!!


  1. Gorgeous photos, and very inspiring words. Yes, it just takes that moment in time to start it all!

  2. I've had these moments in time and a lot of those were answers to my prayers and heart's desires. This is why I love spending quiet moments on the beach or just some alone time in a quiet place in my room.

    "We seek what is in our hearts, we find the biggest desires" -- I love you quote !!!


  3. aaahhhh now I will be inspired more to reach my goal of getting back in shape...I have gained a lot of weight the past months so this year is the year I am going to really practice what I preach...thank you so much for sharing this thoughts..now I know I really am not alone....I have to add I had a huge smile here reading that part where you found your soul mate and there was the height predicament :-)

  4. what a great motivation. good that i finally found the guts to take that moment in time to make that drastic decision and I am so happy with the result so far. nice one.

  5. really beautiful thoughts, deeply inspiring, indeed, if we learn how to listen to the silence of our hearts and find the moment in time, it brings us a wonderful, beautiful, meaningful,joyful and purpose driven journey. thanks so much, Jeff, for sharing your deep reflective thoughts for this New Year.




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