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Friday, December 16, 2011

MENTAL HYGIENE: Getting away

~post by Chay~

          In my youth work and making ends meet was the most important thing in my life.  Vacation time and periods to just relax was not something I had a lot of knowledge or experience doing.  If a vacation cost a lot of money then it quickly became a fantasy for a future time in my life.  One thing that remained constant was my annual physical exam with my primary care doctor.  I never missed showing up, in clean underwear LOL with my lab results and exam.  As the years passed by bills of health seemed to indicate I was not harming myself by not working out, not eating right, and skipping down time.  Until a few years ago when it all caught up with me and consequences were due and payable.
            For the first time in my life my lab results started showing abnormal results.  My doctor asked a simple question, "What do you do to relax?"  My answer, "I work long hours and that relaxes me knowing I am providing for my family."  He wrote on a prescription pad, "Lose weight, exercise three times a week x 30 minutes each session, learn to eat healthy foods, return in 6 months loving live after a 1 week vacation." I made my appointment with his nurse for 6 months later and took the rest of the day off calling in sick.  When my wife came home from work we had a serious discussion about some lifestyle changes.
            During the afternoon I just picked a web site out of the blue about losing weight and it happened to be Dieta Atkins.  I read it word for word and could not get enough of the material.  I wanted to get started as quickly as possible.  When my wife and I discussed diet, fitness, and a vacation, well it was almost a marathon session looking at web sites to see what our new life needed to look like.  We reviewed two other links that were really very good choices dieta Fricker, and another link dieta mediterranea.  We selected the Mediterranean healthy living lifestyle (we do not use the word diet in our family) fit our needs the best.  The next day we purchased the book with over 400 recipes and selected our first week of healthy living foods.  After two weeks of living our new life with healthy living and walking three times a week for 30 minutes each session I came home with a travel brochure.  Together we picked a site for our first vacation since we were married.
            It has been one year now and we are still living our healthy lifestyle in the kitchen, we now walk daily for an hour, and yes we are taking our second vacation for one week but we have experienced three weekend get-a ways too.  On my one year physical exam my labs were back within the normal range, my down time has increased, my work hours are in balance, and my doctor has a nice thank you card from each vacation spot.  Think about your health and consider one of the healthy lifestyle changes on the web sites here.  It has made a difference in our life, I feel better, I now have more balance in my life, and it is really a better way to live at the meal table too.  Today, I am really living, several years ago before our change I was really not living but getting by.  This year we will try to take a two week vacation and we have a long weekend trip planned to a lake near our home.  Relaxation, healthy eating, and taking care of our body is very routine now.  Find your own way to health.


  1. Sounds like you have a plan and will stick to it. Enjoy your vacation. You should probably take more vacations. Have a great weekend!

  2. Looks like a nice trip. I have the same issue as you. I am always very active. Relaxing is difficult.


  3. This is a must-read for the hubby. :)




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