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Saturday, October 29, 2011

room for improvement

it must have been love...this desire that keeps burning, the itch that can only be relieved by pressing the shutter. i am willing to go the distance ( i'm a homey person, when i'm in nothing short of emergency can make me go out especially if its cold, gray and damp outside!!!), i do not mind crawling on fours, lying on my belly, get my white pants dirty ( tsk!! washing machine will not do the job well, need to handwashed it at the end!!), get myself wet from a fast approaching high tide because the camera is set for long exposure and i need to have that shot taken and be thick enough to suffer the odd stares from people who must have thought i was mad for taking a photo of a dried leaf on the pavement!!! i bear all those and more..oh! much, much more.

if i have gone through all those, then you can just imagine what the hubby has gone through for his unfaltering love for this craft we both come to love so much...Photography. he wakes up at the wee hours in the morning and drive miles away to get a glimpse of sunrise. he comes home late at night from taking a photo of a sunset ( sunset comes very late at summer time, the sun is still up @ 9:00 pm, you see). his breaks at work is spend going out to picture people on their everyday dealings with life - he is at the moment into street photography, amongst other things!. winter is the worst time and yet he still goes out there to capture each moment and freeze it eternally. and yes, he has gone through all those and more...much, much more.

we both take photography seriously and with ardent passion, he more than i. we will never be where we are now if we didn't push ourselves to be better. there were even a time that all you can see at home are books ( we must have borrowed all books available in our local library,lol!) and magazines ( they don't come cheap, you know!) about photography...him to learn all he can and me to look for inspirations. we make our own diffusers, snoot, reflectors and anything we can get away by DIY, we do. we both wish to travel more so we can show you more and learn more so you can enjoy the fruit of out hard labor.

above all that, we both believed there's always a big room for improvement. learning is a life-long process and we agressively in pursue of it, always. we appreciate all the thumbs up and the likes but above all we acknowledge an honest opinion of our works. we can only get better in what we do if we know where we have gone wrong.


  1. wow! didn't realize that you guys are really serious with your photography. this is really passion in the real sense of the word. and your works... oh, they are indeed the sweet fruit of your labor. keep them coming.

  2. keep up the good works, Eng Q and Dave Q! i am an avid fan. :)

  3. Well said, girl. As the saying goes "Let us be better than who we were yesterday" Be it with our craft or with our personality and character... it is always good to strive to be better.

    More wonderful photowalks for you, besty, Dave and our princess, Yza! *hugs*

  4. I can understand that. Since I discovered photography, thanks to the digital cameras I never would go out without !

  5. there should always be room for improvement in all aspects, not only in things we do, but also in our traits and character. there should always be that desire to be better persons each day than the day we were before. some aspects we work harder to get better, all depending on our inner traits, and priorities in life. as they say, an obsession to what we do is a negative passion, and a passion to what we do is a positive obsession. Being reflective in all things we do would also help, especially in photography. though photography is objective but it is in the hands and eyes of subjective beings. Even the most distinguished photographers acknowledge that what they like most is usually what is not liked most by majority. in most instances, it is the awareness of the message and the story behind the pictures that would give deeper meaning and attachment to the picture, but does the picture conveys that awareness? especially that we all are different beings and have different points of view. the most important thing, is enjoy what you do, and yes, have always a big room ( or giant room) open for improvement.

  6. I know that passion well. I almost never leave home without my camera on my shoulder and I often leave home for that sole reason. I've scrolled down. Your photos are lovely and are indicative of your passion for its art. Thanks for your visit to my blog.

  7. There isn't anything more fun than a couple having similar interests/hobbies. Honestly, I am amazed at how far you have both become with your photography. It just keeps getting better every time I see new photos.

    Keep going my friend, I wish that someday when you run out of things to shoot in your part of the world that you would explore our side.

    Great job besty !!!

  8. I am such a fan Esmeralda Oddette...you have a way of capturing photos and turning them into works of art that speak a thousand words...love yah!




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