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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Real Life Wonderwoman

Once upon a time in friendster days, I met this wonderful woman who taught me to love life even more each passing day. In our Salitype family, we call her Chay a.k.a Aligaga.

She is a fountain of youth and a real beauty! I keep telling her to share me her secrets for staying young and pretty.

Who can tell she has two beautiful grown up kids (and er, one adorable baby named Cottonball) ?
Apart from being a domesticated and caring mom, 

she is a supportive and loving wife to her Big Guy.

Nope! She's not a typical housewife! She is an accountant by profession.
And guess what?!

She is also an aspiring nurse! Isn't she an epitome of a real life wonderwoman?

On my way to work this morning, I checked my FB inbox and I was so happy to hear read the good news! Chay just passed her NCLEX-LVN board yesterday! This calls for a celebration so here I am, celebrating a blessed life with my wonderful friend with the rest of our TSS sisters. :)

Cheers to your recent success and more blessings to come!


  1. i'll be the first to agree with you on here, cher:) our buddy Chay is indeed The Wonderwoman of the year! she is also a big inspiration to me! CONGRATULATIONS again, buddy! and cher, this is soooo nice and sweet of you to write up this congratulatory piece for our dear friend:) now if only we could all get together and have a victory party for her, that would be so awesome, wouldn't it?:) hugs to you, mond, ate kyla and baby bunso, cher!!!

  2. aws, what a great tribute to Chay, Cher. many congratulations again to our wonderwoman friend Chay, who proves that not even the hectic schedule of a mom to two college kids, wife to big guy and accountant can stop her from pursuing her childhood dreams of becoming a nurse. so proud of you Chay, congratulations again.

  3. hi there pretty Chay!gosh what can I say..you are what you are...pretty and witty! congratulations sister!! so proud of you...and I love your friendship more and more each day...you really are an inspiration...twinzy, thanks for starting the celebration...love you all my TSS family!

  4. Congratulations. Well done. You must be very proud and happy.


  5. First of all thank you Cher for writing this beautiful article for me. I read this last night but at a lost for words and my tears just kept flowing.

    Driving this morning, I thought I should be really thankful for the gift of friendship. I can't imagine a life without friends around. You, my Salitype family proved how much friendship can change someone's life. Am grateful and thankful !

    Thanks CC and thanks Salitype Family ... moving forward and wishing many many years of happy days ahead..

  6. MJ ... this is like a party already, isn't it ? thank you buddy for everything, can't account for the many things you did for me. You inspire me too in many ways, there were times I wish I am as good as you as a writer, there were moments I wish that I have a little daughter to play with, times that I wish I can just stay home and do mommy things. You are living the life most of us would like to live, so buddy you are also awesome in all that you do. I can't wait to meet you someday ... am praying for that day !

    Thanks buddy for everything ....

  7. Oh Betchai thank you so much for all your patience during the time I was so busy, I had to cancel our date several times and I felt so bad about that. But hey we are free now !!! hahahaha am looking forward to our date at 85 degrees and enjoy a piece of that purple cake and that sushi rolling place I kept telling you.

    This is our celebration, we both finished what we started two years ago. You did awesome too on your studies and your test. Now we can go ahead and celebrate ... can't wait to see you again.

    Thanks Betchai !!!

  8. Hey doki kulasa ! how can I forget to thank you, you kept pushing me to keep going and do more. I will always look up to you and wish in my dreams to come a little closer to what you have accomplished in life. You are always in my thoughts every time I am in the hospital thinking how awesome doctors are.

    I still dream of going to medical missions with you someday, but you have to be patient with me cause I just started and I am old and I don't have a lot of experience yet hehehe and I might disappoint you hahahah

    Thanks doki ... for everything !

  9. Hi Filip, thank you for stopping by and thank you for your message.

    All these things hasn't dawned on me yet, I am too overwhelmed as things happened so quickly. It seems as it was just yesterday I am thinking of going to school and today I woke up and saw I passed the board. Pretty amazing feeling though, but kind of confused what to do next hahhaha oh well, I will just go with the flow and see what happens.

    Thanks again Filip ...

  10. This is some accomplishment - wow!

  11. i can't say no more. they all said everything you need to know and what i want to say. just want to reiterate that I am so proud of you and happy to be your friend. may God grant you all your dreams and wishes. Congratulations again and take care.

  12. Whitemist thank you so much ! I never really realized what I did until someone said something about it. I didn't think it was all that incredible, but I guess if someone thinks it is, then all I need to do is believe it hhahahaha

    Thanks for stopping by !

  13. Hi Ruthi sis, I am really out of words yesterday - as soon as I start reading this and all the messages, I kept thinking, really ??? I did all that ??? hhahaha

    Thanks sis for being there ... am glad to be your friend !

  14. Congrats, Chay, (my 100th friendster friend) for your achievement!

  15. Hey Manoy Doro, thanks for stopping by. I been wondering how you been doing, haven't heard from you for a long time. So glad to see you and yeah how can I forget the friendster days!

    Take care Manoy Doro !!!

  16. Sorry for this late hurrah "Congratulations, besty!" I agree with everything that Cher wrote and more. You're such an awesome person, girl! Kudos and more power dear friend!

    Awesome tribute, Chepot! Very well put-together!

  17. Thanks Tesya, glad you made it here. So happy to hear from you..

    Hey take it easy, I know you are very busy, take a deep breath once in a while and you know where to find us !




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