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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Walden University

My parents always emphasized how important it was to have a college degree. My dad would say, "a college degree can never be taken away from you. Things that last your entire lifetime are very valuable and rare." I finished my Bachelor's degree in Business Administration twenty six years ago. I landed a very good job right after college. Life has been good to me and the benefits of my hard work in college have been very advantageous.
 Fifteen years ago, an opportunity opened up for my family to move to the United States. I found a good job quickly after moving to the United States. However, I soon discovered that life was busier than what I anticipated. I was working full time and raising a family simultaneously. One day a close friend asked if I would be interested in working in the health care industry. It has always been my childhood dream to work in the hospital. I searched online and called many schools that offer degree programs for a busy professional like me. I was very happy to find a school that offers an online degree programs that delivers practical knowledge and strategies I can use immediately. Check Walden University's online degree programs.
What I love about online classes is it allowed me to complete coursework when I had the time to study and I could set my own schedule. I was able to learn and network from faculty and classmates from diverse backgrounds and locations. The online support team made the online learning experience easier. Check out learn about Walden and you will see exactly what I am talking about. Two years ago I started my coursework. I successfully completed my nursing program and now I am in a better position to try a new career. The program was designed to balance my coursework with my personal and professional commitments. In Walden University, they offer certificate programs that can be completed in as little as six or eight months and offer credits from previous education pursuits that can be applied to a Walden bachelor's, masters, or doctoral degree program. Earn your certificate from an accredited school like Walden University. It will not be a waste of time to check out this site WaldenU.edu. I did it... you can too !
~by Chay ~


  1. your dad's words are very wise Chay, indeed, things that last our entire lifetime such as education are very valuable and rare, am glad we were brought up to value education. And so proud of you for pursuing yet another degree, wish you very well on your NCLEX preparations, with you in prayers, I believe you will make it Chay!

    PS....you look so good and beautiful, I believe your nursing studies inspires you more, that beauty radiates inside to outside.

  2. Thanks Beth for helping me post this entry!

    We are so blessed to have parents who value education more than anything else and who sacrificed for us to make it happen.

    Thanks a lot for the sweet compliment !!!

  3. I am only a dip graduate. you definitely just gave me an encouragement to go further and where to go for it too :).

    Thanks, Chay~

  4. goodluck Ladyviral, you can do it.


  5. wishing you well too on your exam Chay! I must say you look so gorgeous in your scrub suit! cheering you onwards to your dream...thank you so much for this post...love yah sisters c",)

  6. Very nice photos. My parents say the same things to us, and now, it is really true.

  7. Thanks doki and to all my dear TSS sisters for being there from day 1 of my nursing program! You have made this tough journey a fun one with all your cheerings and words of encouragement! One more bump to get on!!!

    Love yall'

  8. Thank you Saga City!! It is a blessing to have a supportive family who values education just like your parents. Congrats to you too!

  9. bud, i join everyone in wishing you the best as exam day approaches! i've told you many times that i have all faith you will pass with flying colors. just make an effort to remain calm on the day of the test, and i know you will remember what you are reviewing right now. i admire so much people like you who do not rest until they attain their utmost dreams in life! i know it has always been a dream of yours to become a nurse. and i have been witness to your struggles and hard work to pass countless tests and do clinicals the past 2 years, so my hat is off to you, dear friend. you are an inspiration to us all, to reach for our dreams, whatever they may be. congrats again and please know you are always in my prayers.

  10. Good luck with your exams, girlash! *hugs*




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