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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Straight Talk

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

I called an emergency family meeting.  I am an accountant by profession and in charge of our family's finances.  The struggling economy finally hit our household and we had to make some adjustments.  My employer gave our department a choice; we either cut back on salaries or there would be layoffs.  The department voted to cut salaries to save jobs and my share was 25 % of my monthly income and no more bonuses.  Over the next 6 months 75% of the other departments staff was laid off.  Although tough to swallow at first, I was very thankful to still have a job.  With two kids in college we had to make huge adjustments so they could finish their education.  The agenda for the meeting was solemn. 

I knew I couldn't do this alone so the entire family had to participate. I made the list of our monthly fixed expenses ( mortgage, insurance, car payment, etc.) and another list for miscellaneous expenses ( groceries, gasoline, entertainment, etc). The list was long and every member of the family was given a task to research on line to see if they could find innovative ways the family could save money.  Then, they had to develop a plan on how we could use these new tools to reduce our expenses. My daughter was given the task to research about coupons, find a carpool buddy for school travel to save on gas, and locate grants and scholarship opportunities.  My son was given the task to research on how to cut electric bills, gas bills, and cell phone bills.  After all the research was done,  we came together and talked about their findings and plans. I am more than amazed with the outcome. 

The largest single savings came from my son's research.  My son found a cell phone company,  Straight Talk.

Straight Talk would cut our monthly cost 50%. Straight talk offers an unlimited plan for $45 a month, roughly $499 a year. This plan offers unlimited calls, text,  picture messaging and internet features. No contract, no reactivation, no termination fees.  The “All You Need Plan” meets even the needs of heavy phone users with 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data. I Call a friend abroad at a very low cost because they have international long distance services at very affordable prices. I was very convinced and very happy with what Straight Talk offers.  I absolutely  love the idea that I feel richer with Straight Talk because we cut our celphone bill in half.  Our family meeting lasted for hours and at the end of the day when we finalized our revised monthly budget was 40% less.  It was a productive day and we were so happy with the result.  We planned on meeting again the following month to see if the plans were working. Straight Talk has amazing smart phones such as Android on Straight Talk.

It was fun to watch the kids participating and in my heart I knew this was something they could apply with their own families in the future. Our family believes in the saying,  "The family that prays together, stays together".  Now we have added, "The family that budgets together, succeeds in their goals together." My husband and I learned so much through this experience.

For more information on what these phones offer, please check out these YouTube videos: Everything you need and

For some real Straight Talk customer testimonials please check out Hook, line and sinker and the video below:

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  1. Chay, how your family handled the budget challenges is really very much a good model, I really so love your budgeting family quote. thanks for this post you shared to us Chay.

  2. Hi Chay! Sounds like a good deal -esp for kids. Thanks for this one, besty!

  3. Aligaga! Hahaha! Glad you're able to post this, i felt a bit guilty when you rushed it but i wasn't able to post. Awesome! ;)

  4. Thanks Beth for helping me post this one again ! I am learning how to post blog now and attach video. yeyyyy I am getting better !

  5. Tes, besty !!! so good to see you here and in FB ! I miss you ! Hope everything is going well, take care !

  6. CC hahahaha no worries, I know there will always be an offer where we can use this post. It helped a lot actually when I saw we got another offer for straight talk !

    Please give Gian a big hug for me ! Take care !!!

  7. That looks worth looking into. Thanks for this.

  8. Chay, that is great information. My son, Jeremy, and I share a family plan for our Android phones with Verizon. We are paying $200/month and that is just killing me. When I go to India, I can only suspend my service for 3 months...I'll be getting a cell phone in India. For three months, though, I will have to pay for my Verizon service that I won't even be using!

  9. Sandy, I think this is really a good celphone deal. They are selling it in Walmart too, easy to find where to get them.

  10. RNSANE, I think this would really help cut your celphone cost. We pay the same amount as you are.

    thanks for visiting !




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