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Friday, September 2, 2011

Three Going Four And Getting Stronger

The Salitype Society Mini- Reunion Last December 30
( L-R: Chay, Ruthi, Tes and Betchai )
More than three years....since The Salitype Society has been formed sometime in July 2008 by a bunch of people who haven't met in person but gave friendship a chance. Last July 18, 2009, we spent our first year anniversary here in our TSS site which we call "bahay kubo", Philippines national house. You can find some of our first year anniversary posts below which will give you a little bit history.
     1. Blogosphere and Beyond By Tes
     2. The Salitype Society One Year On by Eng
     3. Flashback by Chay
     4. First Year Anniversary greetings from the Farm by Zen
     5. The Salitype Society's First Year anniversary by Maricar
As I read each one of them, I can't help but take pride in how this friendship have evolved, and how, we have moved our casual chatting in Friendster to this site. Here, each memory is frozen in every pages of our site. As we grow older and look back to every pages in our circle of friendship that were frozen in time here, we'll surely feel how lucky and blessed we are to have found each other and gave online friendship a chance. Now, we no longer call ourselves as online friends, but TSS sisters! Sisters who may be different in many ways but share the same vision of helping a child, of making a positive difference to a child's life through education, giving the child a chance for better life. November 2009, through the income generated by this site, TSS was able to sponsor a scholar.
The Salitype Society Scholar for 3 school years now
Our site was blessed enough to earn to pay for our scholar's tuition (Micah), supplies and food at school through Tapulanga Foundation.
Tapulanga "Running" from Fiona Borres on Vimeo.
( We Hope you will have time to watch this video )
Tapulanga Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit charitable organization that helps provide educational, healthcare and micro-credit assistance to communities in the Hda. Tinihaban and neighboring areas. The scholarship program provides tuition scholarships including books and lunch to students attending St. Francis of Assisi School, a small private school in the remote farm area of Negros Occidental, Philippines. The school's mission is to provide quiality Christian education to the children of farm workers. Why private school you may ask, if you watch the video above, some remote and farm areas in the Philippines, the schools are not nearby, making education not a right but an opportunity for a child. Some kids, because they have to walk very far to a school, or have no mode of transportation to go to the nearest school, end up working in farms instead to help their parents, continuing the chain of poverty. Thus, it is the mission of Tapulanga Foundation and St. Francis of Assisi School to bring quality education closer to farm kids, to give them a better chance in life.
Watching Tapulanga Foundation Video of Kids Celebrating Education during the Fundraising Dinner
This year, two of The Salitype Society's sisters were blessed enough to have the time to join and witness a Tapulanga Foundation fundraising dinner held in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California.
Betchai and Bethchay- the two Elizabeths of TSS at Tapulanga Foundation Fund-raising Dinner
Chay during Tapulanga Foundation Fund-raising Dinner

The fund-raising dinner was hosted by Friends of Tapulanga, as you can see from the background in the above picture. Friends of Tapulanga, Inc. is a US-based 501(c)(3) non-profit that supports the Tapulanga Foundation's educational, healthcare and micro-credit projects in the Philippines. Though there were only the two of us, Chay and me, but surely, in our conversation and thoughts, the whole TSS sisters were there. We enjoyed the dinner, the music,
Photo by Chay
we had fun in the silent auction,
Silent Auction, photo by Chay
and guess what? I won in the silent auction!! I won this blue Nine West Bag!
The blue bag is very meaningful for me, because blue is color of happiness for one of us, Zen, and I know she will take further delight in knowing that the proceeds of the sale in auction will all go to Tapulanga Foundation's mission and goal to help better the lives of farm kids/families. It is my hope and dream that one day this bag will land in Zen's blue-tiful world. Meanwhile that this blue bag is still here, I can use it :) hahahah, for each time I will wear this bag, it will remind me of the friendship that started more than 3 years ago and continues to grow stronger each day!! To the other TSS sisters, we may have not bid for you because we did not see anymore items that represent you, but surely, you were all with the two of us in thoughts.
Two years ago, we shared with you the joy of sponsoring Micah through this video:

Micah Thanking all her titas at TSS
Now, in The Salitype Society's belated 3rd year anniversary, we are sharing with you a letter from our scholar.
It does not take much to help a child through Tapulanga Foundation, for just $200 a year ($16.67/month), you can send a child to school by paying one school year of tuition. For just $300 a year, you do not only pay the child's tuition, but also buy him/her school supplies, textbooks and foods for one school year. And when you help a child, you help the whole family liberate themselves from continued poverty. For us, we didn't have to do much, we just continue doing what we love to do, that is continue to enjoy and grow in each other's friendship through this site and BEYOND!
Three going four years.....and getting STRONGER!!!! Cheers, The Salitype Society sisters!! 


  1. Happy Anniversary TSS Family !!! The fundraising event that Beth and I attended on behalf of the TSS family was a blast. It was fun and how we wished you were all there to celebrate with us.

    Thank you everyone for your stories, pictures, blogs and most especially for the precious time you spend to make our site alive. Special thanks to Beth for always pulling everyone together to our home... our site.

    Love you all and praying that we will stay together for many many years !

    Group hug....

  2. Geez, it's been three years and we're still rolling! Happy Anniversary, sisters! Each one of you is a blessing! A raise a toast. Cheers to us all!

    Let me take this timely opportunity to thank EACH one of you, guys, for the generous time, talent and treasure you shared and continuously share to our site, for our noble cause.

    Please know that Each one of you counts a lot!

    *Joining the group hug*

    Thank you PeChay and Betchai for representing our TSS in the TF event. You girls shine!

    Beth, I echo Chay, this post is very well put together. The link to the old posts, the photos, the history (past and present) the video- everything came together beautifully!

    Thank you for remembering to create a post for our anniversary!

    You deserve that pretty bag, girl! Such a dainty color. You've always been there to care for our site (technical and otherwise). Your generosity is continuously being rewarded. God's generosity can never be outdone. Well done, faithful servant! :)

  3. thanks a lot Tesya and Chay, really appreciate your comments and sharing the joys of our friendship and sisterhood, indeed Chay, hopefully, we all stay together for many years, though some may have been not visible here, but it always is a joy whenever they come back for in spirit, they always are here.

  4. hi there sisters!!! I am lost for words...our friendship is simply amazing!!! and I am so proud to be a part of our unique family...special thanks too Betchai for keeping our site alive :-) my heart skipped a beat when i saw the blue bag hahahaha, I love you all...beyond words....you make this life meaningful....

  5. Happy Anniversary,TSS sisters! 'Love and miss you all! Special thanks to Beth for being the great foundation that keeps our unique friendship intact. You deserve a special mention,wander/wonderwoman! The rest of us deserves a pat on the back too,for we all have contributions here in one way or another. Sorry,can't type longer as i'm commenting using my phone. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers... Joining the group hug! Mmmmmwah! - Cher

  6. whoa! 4 years and counting and getting stronger in every passing of time.

    happy anniversary to each and everyone of us for such a remarkable feat, not only of purpose but more so of friendship...group hug!

    beth, like everyone said, you deserved a special mention for making all these possible, for being that bond that binds and making the TSS what it is today - buzzing with life and blogging Happine$$. i cannot thank you enough,girlash!

    cheer's...to life, to health, to friendship and to TSS...live long and prosper...bazinga!


  7. Happy Anniversary to Us... happy anniversary to blogging happine$$$... and happy anniversary to a special kind of friendship.

    I am so proud to be a part of TSS and blessed to be friends with all of you my special and one-of-a-kind Sistahs.

    Love you all.

  8. wow, has it really been three years since we all started chatting on FB?:) somehow, beth, it seems longer than that:) i feel honored and blessed to be a part of a group that continues to touch the life of our scholar, micah, and help ensure a bright future for her. i wish TSS many, many more happy and productive years! beth, awesome job ff

  9. sorry i accidentally hit "enter":) as i was saying, beth - awesome job telling us all about Tapulanga Foundation and how it helps sends underprivileged kids to school. hey, congratulations for winning that gorgeous blue bag! cheers to TSS, to Tapulanga, to our scholar, to our friendship:)

  10. Happy Anniversary TSS Sisters! :) sorry guys i am late here again, Betchai and Chay thank you guys for representing our group in that event in Tapulanga Foundation, God Bless you both and your kind hearts...

    I would like to thank you all for the wonderful friendship... i am blessed to have known you all, and thank you so much for always praying for Michael and Mutti and me....

    may our friendship continues to grow stronger and forever! :) Love you all my TSS Sisters! :) God Bless us all..

    hugs and muchlove,


  11. Happy Anniversary to all! I enjoy all your blog post and photos. Thanks for sharing!




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