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Sunday, August 21, 2011

a piece of home

i was at an asian store yesterday to buy few stuff. i bought a couple of selecta ice cream, macapuno and buko salad flavours, amongst other things.. i always thought it is a store owner's job to see to it that he sells his produce but i was taken aback when he said " i don't know why you want to buy those, they are quite expensive". i looked at him as if he's gone mad..he should be selling it to me instead of discouraging me buying those items. i simply answered, " it brings me right back home".

i'd been away from home half of my life. its not of choice but of necessity. though my passport says otherwise, i am still a filipino down to my bone marrow. we may have sirloin and beef fillet but i still crave for tuyo and itlog na maaalat. i can afford to buy the best chocolate - lindt, in my opinion is the best out there - but i always long for the taste of chocnut and goya. i go out once and in a while with my little one for a snack of cappuccino and tiramisu ( for me ) and gelato ( for the lil one) and yet i will pay more to have kapeng barako, bananaque and sorbetes de kariton. i've tasted different cuisines but nothing beats my mothers cooking - simple, tasty home cooking. i missed the sound of the rain pounding heavily on our roof and kids playing in a heavy down pour - can't do it here, its way to cold and people may think we're nut case! the little one has all the modern gadgets and there's a part of me that wishes she knows how to play patintero, tumbang preso, chinese garter, shatong and luksong tinik.ahhh! home, there really is no place like home!

i don't know if you have seen the animated movie " ratatouille". there was a part when anton ego had a bite of ratatouille and memories of his childhood floods back in. that is exactly what the selecta ice cream does to me....its a taste of memory in a half gallon piece of home.


  1. "that is exactly what the selecta ice cream does to me....its tasting a memory and buying a piece of home."- oh Eng, you said it exactly. Same thing here, I would buy a lot more expensive asian fruits compared to cheaper local fruits, the reason is that they taste home and memory. love your thoughts, Engtot, as always.

  2. oh Besty Amy [wink] you hit me right on the gut. I was choking while reading your post. We feel and think alike. I found home here in Maine and yet I am so homesick being at "home". Sweet and happy memories came flooding just the mention of "chocnut, patintero, mom's home cooking, and yes, playing in the rain". I so miss home. Thanks for this post though you made me cry.

  3. aaahhh whoa, I am so glad to be home sweet home on Philippine grounds :-) my one sweet dream is for all of you to one sweet day come home at the same time and we will eat together to our hearts' desire all our favorite native treats! love this post Eng! :-)

  4. Asian stores always assail us with nostalgia! The girls love visiting Asian groceries for the love of taho, puto, sapin-sapin and lots more... Such delight to the senses ...the smell alone beckons one to be home! *sigh* In time sisters...

  5. I'm glad it was good! What a funny shopkeeper.

  6. It speaks from the heart ! No one can understand the longing and heart's desires unless they walk in our shoes. We miss the things we grew up with and just a bite of those stuff satisfies the craving.

    OMG, you reminded me of my favorite ice cream, double dutch excellence !

  7. There's always craving for delicious and unforgettable ice cream.




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