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Monday, August 22, 2011

Online Back Up System

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carbonite for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

My husband and I share one computer. It is an older model but we like the programs on it and it is serving our needs. My husband purchased it when he was in law school. He used it for research and storing his case studies and files.  On the other hand, I use our computer in saving my photos. I am into photography.  I spend a lot of time taking and storing pictures.  I love outdoor objects: birds, butterflies, flowers, insects, trees, mountains, roads, cars and important family gatherings.  I have a huge file of photos saved on our computer.
Not long ago, my photography partner and friend Maggie called me crying.  Somehow her computer became infected with a virus and crashed her hard drive.   She immediately loaded "her life," which is what she called the contents stored on her computer, to a computer repair shop. Her jaw dropped when the technician asked if she has an external computer backup of her files. Many times I would caution her to back up her files just in case something unexpected happen.  With Maggie it was always something I will do when I get a little extra time and a little extra money.  The technician asked to keep her computer for a couple of days to "try" to retrieve her data.  In the end the files were corrupted and she lost her files.  It was a sad day for her and I felt her pain.
The technician who looked at her computer suggested a new technology of backing up files.  It is an online backup system that works continually in the background backing up files whenever your computer is connected to the internet. One of the best things with an online back up system is you can access your backed up files from any computer any where you are. How cool is that to access a file of photos to show a relative when you are out of state or out of the country.  Since we travel a lot and take pictures along the way, we can go online with our laptop, save our files and have the online backup system do the job. We have unlimited online backup storage for our files.  We can also share our files from our Android cell phones.  It also works with iPhone, iPad, iPad touch, and or Blackberry smartphones.
My girlfriend learned a lesson the hard way how valuable a file back up system is to a family.  Now, with her new laptop, she takes this secure, easy, fast, hassle-free back up through Carbonite.

Carbonite offers a 15-day free trial and if you decide to subscribe with unlimited backup with anytime-anywhere-access. If you decide to continue the service, it is for $59 a year, however, if you mention the code BLOGAD  you get two free months of unlimited backup and access. Search for yourself at  Carbonite and take the worry of losing photos and important files away forever.  If you value peace of mind like my girlfriend and I, try this easy, fast, hassle-free backup and recovery system.

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  1. oh, beautiful picture of rainbow falls Chay, i am with you on online back-up, sounds very convenient to access our files anywhere and we have peace of mind.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information.

  3. This is such an affordable way to protect our files.

  4. echoing Betchai, such a lovely photo of the rainbow falls...what a great way to save our files...thank you so much for sharing :-)

  5. wow, bud, scary and sad story about your girl friend losing the photos of "her life":( God forbid that happen to any of us. Carbonite looks like something i need to get to back up the 6,000 plus photos i have stored on our main pc here at home. i have been trying to burn all these photos, but 6,000 is a big number and this pc is old and slow, so i am not making much progress burning all my photos and i do need some kind of back-up, and soon! thank you for sharing this.

  6. It is always wise to have a "back up" plan! Teehe

  7. I just started using an online back up. Better that bringing with you an external hard drive. :) I use Iozeta unlimited back up.




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