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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Closet of Scrubs

I am shifting careers late in life. Presently I am working in accounting in a management capacity with the expectations of formal business suit attire on a daily basis. My new career will be in nursing. It may sound strange but I like to dress up everyday and this will be one of the changes I will miss the most about practicing as a nurse. 

Recently someone told me about Scrubs manufacturers located on the web site http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/. Blue Sky Scrubs has recognized nursing as a profession that demands a suit with pockets for papers, pens and stethoscopes, offering flexibility, and durability while looking slim, chic, and trendy at the same time.They designed their scrubs with plenty of well placed pockets and for a slimming look with flexibility they added front darts and center back elastic.
 Scrubs are designed to be simple with minimal places for dirt to hide, easy to wash, and inexpensive to replace if damaged or stained irreparably. Blue Sky Scrubs has met this challenge too.

Blue Sky Scrubs are offered in a variety of styles, colors and designs to suit every medical professional's preferences from cartoon character designs appropriate in a pediatrician's clinic or children's hospital to holiday prints and everything in between.

I am a big fan of Grey's Anatomy and I love the scrub hats that Doctor McDreamy wears. Blue Sky Scrubs offers hats that come in different styles: executive, urban and sports collections. Visit this web site to see the mens medical uniforms.

Doctors have the benefit to wear their own clothes and just cover them with a white lab coat or jacket. They can be in professional "doctor" attire blending both professional and dignified appearances simultaneously using Blue Sky Scrubs products.

So, my guess is I won't be missing blazers, short skirts and stiletto shoes as much as I thought since my closet is now full of a nursing scrub wardrobe designed to be comfortable and allow me to look and feel very professional too. However I am missing a good excuse to tell my husband on why I am still buying dress shoes to match my purse LOL.
~by Chay~


  1. Thanks for posting Beth !

    Scrubs are so comfortable and I really fell in love with all the new designs and styles.

  2. Chay, I so agree with you about the comfort, though of different materials, but I believe hiking wears are patterned from scrubs because of their comfort and functionality :) I have a student here in san diego who hikes with his scrubs, he said, as long as it won't rain, no people would notice his pants and shirts are not for hiking :))

    i love the style of the pants here :)

  3. You look so pretty in this picture, girl! It's true that scrubs should not only be comfy but stylish as well! :) Thanks for this post, Chay! *hugs*

  4. You made me laugh Beth on your student who hikes in his scrubs. I will get more scrubs when I go home to PI. They will fit me better than the scrubs I get here.

  5. Tesya, glad to see you ! thanks, heheeh I am not supposed to wear earrings that big, I was just playing with it hehehehe

  6. thanks for this post Chay! aaahhh i live in scrubs... need i say more? :-) aahh this i have to add- you always look gorgeous in scrubs or not :-)

  7. Doki Kulasa, you look pretty in your scrubs too and my favorite is when you wear white lab coat on top of your scrubs. Oh well, whatever doctors wear, they all look awesome anyway !!!

  8. Thank you Cottages in Dorset !

  9. Thank you Chay for this post, you look so pretty in that scrubs :)

  10. your last line made my chuckle, buddy chay!:) why indeed would you still need to buy more dress shoes when you are on the verge of working as a full-fledged nurse very soon?:) that's awesome that blue sky scrubs offers so many different styles of scrubs for today's medical professionals. i'm impressed they have even come up with a way to make scrubs give one the slimming look by adding front darts (whatever those are). used to be, all scrubs just looked plain and baggy. they totally covered up any attractive shape that existed beneath, and i'd see all these nurses and other medical staff walking around the hospital looking like blobs. but now, there are actually scrubs that show one's hour-glass shape!:) that's good news indeed:) well, specially for those of us who are making efforts to trim down and who will hopefully join the medical work force very soon:) hey, good luck to you, bud, as you continue to reach for the stars and achieve a lifelong dream! i have no doubt you will make an awesome nurse (and very soon!), and i won't be surprised if you get offered a sideline job in modeling scrubs because, as the main photo shows, you look drop-dead gorgeous in scrubs!!:)




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