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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

walking the walk and talking the talk

i read a blog few years back which i regretted not commenting then and still regret to this day. i couln't quote it verbatim but it goes about the writer's concern (?) and her views why seeking greener pasture elsewhere is not enough reason for parents to go/ work abroad and leave their kids behind to be looked after by close kins. i found myself in a "speak now or forever hold your peace" predicament and needless to say i chose the later regrettably - not for lack of conviction but rather not to make common friends uncomfortable with a long argument that will surely follow. just a note of warning, i am highly excitable and argumentative person...lol!

forever is a long time and so, here i am breaking my peace and tossing my two cents worth on the matter. its easy to pass judgement on someone when you are not in a circumstances they are in. if one hasn't experienced the neccesity of begging food from someone else's scraps of left over then you wouldn't know how lucky you are to be leaving a big portion of your meal untouched to be thrown away later. if you have never been exposed to life's series of unfortunate events - its trials and tribulation- then you are not in a position to even write anything about it because you have no inkling how it is. what you have is not even an opinion but an assumption. opting to do so shows how insensitive and ignorant you can be. it takes a strong will and a stronger sense of commitment and love to undetake such herculean and formidable task of leaving your love ones to give them a better chance in life. i am assuming they're not in the land of milk and honey to see the view but to work their socks off. i take my hats off to every parent who know and understand the true meaning of sacrifice. some people got it all and unluckily to some, something's gotta give.

talking the talk is something we all do everyday. it is as effortless as breathing in and out ( unless, of course, you had some breathing issues, lol). walking the walk is an endeavor only those with courage to do so will take the risk. ask yourself this ..... when the time comes, will you be able to walk the talk?


  1. No doubt, your post is superb and something of it realtes to me.. I let my fiance go to a foreign country just because he thought about giving a better life to me. If I have to live without him and suffer the pain in my relationship i reckon he is having a more harder time balancing em alongwith his daily life over there. Lif's not easy for us though it appears for others and when they comment I always tell them "step in my shoes and you know how soggy my life is since i have been crying all day all night! enjoy

  2. Dear Eng, I can relate to this post. When Doods and I moved here in the US some 8 years past, one of the most difficult things to deal with was leaving friends and family behind. I remember crying myself to sleep whenever my nieces (then ages 2, 3 and 4) would ask us why we are far away and can't see them as often. It was so hard bec they were too young to understand. Migrating was a difficult decision but something we have not regretted doing.

  3. you always write so powerfully Esmeralda Odette...and i agree and i admire every word you said...love yah!

  4. We as humans make the most harmful drugs out there and legalize them....and profit from it.It is a billion dollar industry....from vaccines to anti depressant's...were learning and growing everyday.Hopefully we will continue to grow and learn and become better from it...

  5. I was a single parent for most of my children's childhood and worked long hours. It was heart wrenching to be away from them for so many hours but we had to eat. Love is not always expressed the same way. Some of us have to express it with heartbreaking hours away from those we want more than anything to be near. Naqvee, and Tes my heart goes out to you and I hope soon your shoes will not be "soggy" any longer.

  6. Bestie, been there, done that ! Left the kids for a couple of years to check if the pasture is greener on this side of the globe. We are together now, thank God, and I am so glad I did what I did.

    Hats off to all parents who left their family behind - huge sacrifice indeed !

    I am enjoying your blogs so much ... keep 'em coming !!!

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