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Monday, July 25, 2011

See's Chocolates

It was a love at first sight. He handed me one white rose, a box of See's Chocolate and a pizza on our first meeting. We spent hours talking while eating pizza and See's assorted chocolates. It was a sweet and simple first date, followed by a couple of years of dating and enjoying See's chocolates on anniversaries and many special occasions.

The sight of white rose reminds me of our first meeting

Chocolate has been part of our family celebration for many years

My husband and I have one thing in common when it comes to chocolates, we love dark chocolate with nuts. He continues to make it a point to buy me a box of my favorite See's chocolates with nuts, for special occasions, to make up after deciding he was "wrong" on a subject of discussion, and "just because" moments we have in our relationship. We usually share the box but lately he eats more than me as I usually find the empty box sitting on the counter with a note inside explaining, "I know you will not mind if I eat the last piece of See's chocolate as I cannot help myself." I tease him that the reason he buys See's chocolates is because he knows my diet only allows a few bites and the rest is for him. He is in a "man" denial since he knows it is true, his smile tells the biggest story.

My co-worker sells See's Chocolates for fund raising events for his daughter's medical expenses. She suffered a severe adverse reaction to a hep-b vaccination when she was two years old. Other organizations take advantage of the See's chocolate quality in selling their assorted products for fund raising events. I like their gourmet lollipops and buy their nuts and Almond Royal for my desk at my office as a client ice breaker, business gifts and in entertaining at home.

See's Chocolates have been a part of my life and my husbands life for many years. You could say we started with See's Chocolates and each year we try their new products adding a few new products to our favorites list.

~by chay~


  1. I love See's, too. For one thing, they have marizapan coated in dark chocolate. I love the butterscotch chews, as well. Heck, I love most everything they have - and those bars they make are wonderful. I try to steer clear of See's as much as possible
    ( there's one in South San Francisco, very close to my house and I, often, have to pass it ) but, somehow, my van has a mind of its own and pulls into the parking lot, of its own volition. It won't leave unless I go into the store and buy myself, at the very least, one piece of marzipan!

  2. wow.. what you have shared seems so simple yet so deliciouly unique. Some things remind you always of those innocnt moments which once spent unknowingly
    but can never be revisited. I love sharing the pizza hut's "simply veg" pizza with my only love.. he's away since 4 years and I vowed to eat pizza only with him.. never entered pizza hut since he is away and that window shgowcasiong pizzas make my eyes moist !

  3. I think it is better for your husband to print a card, recycle it whenever he finished off the chocolate.

    It is more convenience than to write.

    I learn from this.

  4. ah i am so wanting to eat chocolates now :-)

  5. Chay's influece:

    I went running this morning, but I did not take the golf course route, I took the busy commercial route, on my way home, I stopped at See's Chocolates and now on heaven :)

    love the pictures you have here Chay




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