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Thursday, June 23, 2011

where indeed?

i was asked by a couple of friends where does the words come from - referring to my poems and blogs or notes i had been posting here and there. i couldn't quote them verbatim but it was along that line.

where indeed? what i write are by products of life experiences ( both mine and few friends whose stories inspired me to jot down few lines to immortalized those moments of inspiration), memories of my childhood and some are just result of my over active imagination plus the fact that i love to read somehow makes it easy for me to express myself in a rhetorical way. i am not an eloquent speaker. i dreaded the thought of me giving lectures at workplace and engaging in small talks hence the love for written words emerged and rightfully so - otherwise, i have no means left to express myself clearly. sometimes, a word leaps out from nowhere and starts to nudge - in a manner of speaking. it won't leave me alone until i give in to that command to put it into writing - actually happened on few occasions though far and wide in between. i remembered when i was young ( i think i was around 8 or 9 then), my father used to send me to the nearest news stand to buy him newspaper on weekends. there, somewhere at the bottom corner in one of the pages of manila bulletin was a small segment with proverbs and quote which i religiously cut-off and kept to be read again and again. i was in highschool when i started reading paperbacks and haven't stop since then. it sure does helps to get a grip on one's commands of words and most certainly aids the flow of creative juice. another peculiar habit of mine when i started working and had ample of time to kill was go to national bookstore and just browsed card after card reading those heart-warming passages. i don't know why yet i was transfixed by it like a moth to a flame. i may have outgrown reading hardy boys, nancy drew plus a shelf full of mills and boon and collecting cut-off quotes and proverbs, but i never outgrown my love of reading and quotes. i can only wish the same for my daughter, that she falls in- love with it as i did....well, i still am!.

there are habits that dies hard and reading sure fits to that category! its fun, informative, mind boggling, thought provoking and you can enjoy it for free ( borrow it from the library ). i say acquire that habit and keep it going - it's not too late, never! who knows, it could be the catalyst that makes you write your own book and be the toast of the town.


  1. Eng, your words are powerful and meaningful and when put together in a poem or short story, it always come out mesmerizing!

    My love for reading books and magazines started in high school. I didn't quite develop as good as you guys are, I am guessing my brain is more wired with numbers.

    I can't wait to see if Ysabelle will also get your talent in poetry. I hope she does...

    Thanks Engtot !

  2. same here Eng, I have outgrown Hardy Boys, Mills and Boon, Nancy Drew too early. I am missing Michael Crichton and John Grisham in the picture above :) I love Robert Ludlum and Jeffrey Archer too. Actually, Jeffrey Archer's Kane and Abel opened my mind to a thicker paperback reading, and from there, the thirst to diversify began. Michael Crichton's sci-fi novels made me more interested with science and pursued engineering. Somehow, whenever I read Michael Crichton I dreamed of one of those scientists. But later, as I got deeper with my studies and doing scientific researches, I found out I have no time to read anymore paperbacks. My major brainwashed me to develop a fondness for reading not most people enjoy, that is reading scientific and technological researches. Anyway, I don't read as much paperbacks now, since I love to read more on scientific, mathematical and technological advances, and natural history. I guess, Michael Crichton's influence lingered. Yes, it is not too late to develop a love for reading and writing, I think majority do, but just different materials. Like Khai can not understand why I do not read financial updates and financial planning since he thinks we all have the responsibility to take care of our finances and grow old wiser and more financially secure. I simply snapped, "my brain is not wired for that!" Anyway, I am like Chay, I more "Math wired"- thus I can give up a paperback when someone asks me to solve a problem, I get excited in finding out how to make things work.

  3. I would bury my nose in books when growing up, and writing is a calling for me.

    Thanks Eng, for this wonderful post.

  4. aaah your thoughts always leave me feeling blessed to have you for a friend Esmeralda Odette...it is such a gift to have people who love the same things as one does...

  5. Oh Eng, this is so cute. You could’ve easily described me –hahaha. The more we know each other, the more I realize how similar we all are. First, is the poignant memory of fathers and the newspaper! We patiently wait for our turn with the daily paper to scan the comics part –Nancy and Sluggo, Dennis the Menace, and more –hahaha. The National Bookstore thingy made laugh –I use to do it a lot! I’d be lost in time going over those soulful cards –hahaha! And oh those blessed reading days! What else was left to young people of that generation –the pre social networking era (hahaha) but glorious books to bury our nose in. The mention of Mills and Boons made me smile –so many poignant memories, girl. On the serious side, like you and Beth, I got hooked with Archer’s Kane and Abel too.. and the Prodigal Daughter. In 2003, Doods and I got hooked on Brown too –we were so hooked, we even explored the facts about the Knights Templar (I know it’s crazy, but blame it on Brown! Hahaha) How I wish we’re all neighbors and can have a mini book club as we sip a cuppa over a good healthy book discussion. I so agree with what you said, Eng, you have a wonderful weapon in words –you make sense out of your world through your good choices of words. You are a benevolent writer. One who can yield a weapon powerfully! I celebrate you, girl! To you and your love for words! *hugs*

  6. thank you, thank you, thank you all ladies for sharing with me your wondrous memories of your love for books.

    it's a shame i don't have anybody to share my love for reading around here. it would be nice to talk something else other than work and juicy tid bits of someone else's life for a change, lol - i'm afraid none of my friends share my love of books.

    there was an incident have i not witnessed i wouldn't believe to be true hence this post. a friend was reading one of my notes in facebook and stops now and again to checked the meaning of few words on her smartphone. i laughed out loud but deep inside it was sad. i just wish more people will find time to read thus exposing one to the power that is word.

    yeah, i like that idea of book club - if only we are neighbors, sigh! let us celebrate our love for reading and the joy that is each other!!!

  7. guys, love your idea of book club, since however we are far from each other, how about?

    1. we will open another tab (or categories) above for book review? I learned it from my friendster friend Len who in her blogs do more book reviews and I like it- http://carpediem202.blogspot.com/

    I too sometimes really wanted to write about Pearl S Buck "The Good Earth" how her Nobel Peace Prize Novel really moved me, among other books I read.

    2. Then, whoever writes a review, we can talk about it through comments? Then, we are back to one of our humble dreams before where our chats support this site for a noble purpose of helping empower a child through education?

    I really love our group because of our varied interests, I remember before, we chose the Cooking Made Easy because Chay loves to cook, Craf Bug, because Tes love crafts, Chic a La Mode because Tes was our fashionista and Chay our muse, they definitely have a lot tips to share to look presentable. the travelogue was for me and Car who have the itch to explore, Poetic Murmurings for you Eng and Zen, Inspirational Stories for all of us who have inspirations to share, The fun with Photos was started at out TSS Mansion, and the Flower Hunt was started by Cher who loves flowers.

    do you think it will be too much if we start a thread or a category for book reviews? Excited here.

    We explore, our interests also revolve, thus I understand perfectly if the "chic a la mode" is no longer updated after a very long time, but I believe that category will wake from its deep slumber soon :)

    PS...Little Beth passed me a book that she wanted all of us to read, I got the book Thursday and I am done reading it and would be shipping it to Tes tomorrow. Even though I can probably drop the book to Chay in person over dimsum and sushi, but wanted Chay to focus on her exams first. I am so excited to talk about the book little Beth passed, but I will follow Little Beth of not revealing anything to the story except it is very similar to us! It is my wish that when we all are done reading the book (when kaya/), we can talk about it- and we are so lucky to have this site to talk about it, talk about our interests other than what Eng had said, work and other juicy tidbits of life. What do you think?

  8. OH my, this got me so excited! Truth is, I joined a book club here in Houston ages ago and I really liked it. Sadly I had not been for some time now. What we can do is make it super flexible for everybody. Say a chapter a week or a month then we open a thread where we can share our insights and in the process encourage and inspire each other. Let it be our retreat from all the hustle and bustle of life… not obligatory, no commitment.. just let our hearts guide us home.

  9. Oh how interesting and I love the idea about book review and book club !

    Yeah Beth, save the book from lil' Beth and pass it on to me when we see each other. I am so sorry on the delay of the book "Water for Elephants" that MJ wanted to pass on to you guys, heheheh I know you all understand, but I am still embarrass. I will bring it when we see each other Tes and Beth and exchange books there.

  10. I'm looking for every possible reason why people read comics. What do they get out of it? Does comic book reading meet certain kinds of needs? Psychological needs even? What are your reasons for reading comics? What about comic book readers that you know? Thanks




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