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Thursday, June 2, 2011

same pole repels

i often wondered why some people brings out the best and few the worst in me. the hubby has his theory on that; he says some unfortunate souls and me shares a very dominant characteristics hence we repel. that got me thinking. so, i don't get pretty well with ---- because me thinking that she thinks highly of herself and a pretencious b*%$ ( pardon my french, got carried away in describing what might have been me!!) which translate, i think highly of me self and a ....- well, you get the point!

i like a good and healthy argument and if someone is as passionate as i on a certain subject and don't see eye to eye, it could potentially turn to a heated argument......lol! the reason i might have ( emphasis on might have..here) dislike someone - at this point in my writing it is still inconclusive - is that i myself possessed the same appalling attibutes. OUCH!!! reality sucks and more than that, it really bites! by now, i had to concede that there is a slice of truth to my hubby's hypothesis, if i'm to be truthful. sometimes, i am so preoccupied of trying to pull the wool out of someone else's eyes blinded by the fact that mine -figuratively - are abundantly covered with it. often times, i learned life the hard ways and the truth harder still. it isn't a pleasant encounter coming face to face with your frailty. it makes me fell vulnerable to elements i tried hard to protect myself from. it exist to served as a shell to keep the soft core within safe. those rough edges though an intrinsic part of me can also be a stumbling block that pulls me down - relationships wise. to sand my rough edges to smoothness - if not to perfection - requires a painful process of admitting to myself there are part of me that needs to change NOW. i look at my daughter and feels a tinge of guilt. kids always looks up to their parents and copy the kind of behavior we display around them. the apple will not fall far from its tree. i want her to fall gracefully on a favorable ground with less of weeds and more of good healthy soil. isn't that what we all want for our kids? for her sake this old grumpy dog can still be taught new tricks, not an easy task but its worth a try.

you may have different say on the matter, that's absolutely fine. i want to be proven wrong if thats what it takes to see the light.


  1. Just pondered on the same thoughts recently and decided to change for the better too for Kyla and the lil' ones' sake. :)

  2. "i look at my daughter and feels a tinge of guilt. kids always looks up to their parents and copy the kind of behavior we display around them. the apple will not fall far from its tree. i want her to fall gracefully on a favorable ground with less of weeds and more of good healthy soil. isn't that what we all want for our kids?"
    - very well said Eng, couldn't say it better. also, i see where you are coming from, what a very reflective thought process you are having right now, which I humbly admit I may be in the same predicament too. we are definitely not perfect, but we can aim or work towards it and it's never too late to change all for the better. And I do admire you for thinking very well for Ysa and be a good role model for her.

  3. I like your post and the effort made by you because i am feeling very peaceful after reading it which tends me to leave a comment and be a loyal reader i will read your all upcoming posts so keep composing like this one.

  4. Thought provoking at the same time touching Esmeralda Odette... "i want to be proven wrong if that's what it takes to see the light"
    ...i admire you for your humility and genuine eagerness to make this world a better place for the sake of our children...i love your words as always...-kulasa

  5. thanks ladies!

    i can't help feeling bad knowing that you all are always there for me and i, most times, cannot reciprocate the gestures. there's a part of me that loses that common courtesy of commenting back or the novelty might have worn out for new adventures starting to emerge and takes my undevided attention. i am grateful to each and everyone of you for the unwavering support and know that its all highly and greatly appreciated in my own little ways.

    i may not be as visible here, joining the chats, but rest assured i'm still around trying to catch that magic dust. it might be waning but still lingers.

    i love you all and please do forgive me for my shortcomings!

  6. I'm fine with having a healthy and constructive argue, when the other party opens up his/her mind on another person point of view. However, I'm always mad when someone think that his/her opinion is the absolute only way to go and constantly correct my thinking or view on the matter.

    It's a wonderful post to think on, Eng.

  7. Dearest Engtot, often times, people who are passionate about life have emotions that run deep. Their anger is as potent as their love. They are easily riled up by injustice.. just as easily touched by kindness! Most often than not, they are acutely aware of the going-ons in their life! They have heightened senses. Short of saying, somebody who is fully alive! The thing I like the most is that, they are acutely aware not just of their neighbors’ flaws, but that of their own. They are their own strictest master. The mere fact that you saw all these things and have taken time to reflect on it makes you stand out. If we all take time to do this, we are not far from conquering ourselves!

    The unexamined life, is not worth living. –Socrates

    Look within! The secret is inside you. –Hui-neng

    Know that you are loved for who you are, girlfriend! hugs and a mwa!

  8. same pole repels ... opposite attracts, in the end we wish that it brings out the best in our personality. It teaches us lessons to get better or makes us realize it is better to bend so not to break.

    you are doing fine Eng and that is one character of you that I admires the most, you say what you want to say and meant what you said.

  9. Same Pole Repels it can be clear via a rule that the same things always repels and opposite things always attract each other.




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