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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Picnic....where do you love to spend it?

My Favorite Spot for Picnic Here in San Diego
Each one of us has their favorite place to go to for picnic. Some prefers a crowded park where they can people watch, some prefer a kid-friendly place, while some prefers spending it with a beautiful natural setting. Let me share with you my favorite place for picnic and why! 
My favorite place for a picnic here in San Diego is along the bluffs of Torrey Pines. This place allows me to combine two of my favorite activities, hiking and the ocean. The water in the Pacific West Coast does not get warm at all even in the summer, we get lucky enough if the water will reach a temperature of 70F (21C). It mostly is in the low 60s (in the 10s C). This is not the healthy temperature for swimming since we lost about 20 times of energy in the water than in air. The ideal water temperature for swimming is in 80s, that is the reason why pools at the gym are heated to this temperature. But there is no way we can heat up the temperature of water as vast as the ocean. But we can warm ourselves! Thus, before plunging in the frigid waters of the Pacific Ocean in the US West Coast, I take a hike first. I believe in the deeper purpose of everything, even in mere topography. For me, God is so loving that He gifted us with cliffs and mountains right next to the sea so that we have our natural slopes to warm up our body. After a hike, we love to sit on top of these cliffs and start enjoying not only the scenery around us but also the foods we brought. 
Ingredients for Strawberry and Banana Crepe
We usually bring foods that would still taste good despite no longer warm, such as strawberry and banana crepe. I love making foods, especially on a Saturday morning knowing that whatever I make will be our food to go for our picnic. For others who may not have the time to prepare can order their picnic baskets from picnic hamperf. The pure happiness of enjoying our picnic foods on top of the coastal bluffs at Torrey Pines as we watch dolphins and pelicans pass by for me is priceless.
After enjoying the passing of time on top of the bluffs, and when we feel warm enough, we go down from the cliffs to enjoy the water.
This to me is how a beautiful day goes. Also, when I needed that much time to refocus and think, when I needed so much to come up with well thought thesis, I know where I needed to go. To the ocean to listen to the power of the waves. To the ocean to be one with the waves. It may look like I am simply having fun and riding the waves, but on the contrary, it is when I empty my mind to the simple joys of our beautiful world that deeper thoughts come in. Life's beautiful and meaningful experiences most of the time happen when we are one with nature. It is when we see clearly the boundless opportunities and not focus on temporary material or egoistic happiness. 
How about you? Where is your favorite place to have picnic? Are you planning to have picnic this July 4th weekend?


  1. wrote this quick in a matter of 10 minutes, no time even to choose pictures, I simply used whatever I have since the blogging happiness is expiring in a matter of hours. where I was? don't ask me, FBng, where else? :) LOL

  2. Where are you?

    Don't tell me that I need to ask the same question that I have asked Scooby.

  3. Looks like a great day out! Oh the crepe looks good.. I should try that home :D. Any extra stuffs to put inside? :P

  4. You found a great place for your picnics. I love the view and the food looks yummy. The dolphins and pelicans are just a wonderful treat too. Great photos.

  5. So far we have no plan, but a bbq at home is certain! I like to avoid crowded place at this time of the year.

    However, I like to have my picnic by the water some where!

  6. aaaah how i'd love to join you there Betchai!!!! and the strawberry and banana crepe is making me so wanting for some now! "Life's beautiful and meaningful experiences most of the time happen when we are one with nature. It is when we see clearly the boundless opportunities and not focus on temporary material or egoistic happiness."....very well said wonderwoman:-)

  7. I'm planning on going to the beach. Any idea of what things to bring, i'm staying for a picnic.Please Help




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