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Friday, May 27, 2011

Kapadokya, Turkey

Merhaba! greetings from Turkey! :)

Our 15 days holiday and travelling in Turkey is finished, yes only 15 days. Because when we went to the Consulate of Turkey in Hannover, they told us Filipinos like me only get 15 days of tourist visa to visit the country, it doesn't matter where you live it's the passport you are holding, and they say Philippines also give Turkey only 15 days to those from there to visit our country, whew! ok, that's politics. We wanted to stay longer like one to two weeks more.

We flew to Turkey on April 28, 2011 at Hannover, arrived at the Ataturk International Airport, Istanbul at 4:00 in the afternoon ( Turkish time ). We didn't waste time, after arriving at the airport, we took the Metro train to the big "Otogar" bus station in Istanbul. In Turkey it's so easy to travel by bus, there are many bus companies, and the fares are cheap and the busses are good. We bought our tickets to Göreme, Kapadokya. Took us 12 hours through the heavy traffic of Istanbul to the mountainous regions of central Turkey. Next morning, we arrived at Göreme center at 8:00 in the morning.

Göreme, Kapadokya ( Cappadocia ) - a small town but very beautiful because of it's "lunar" landscape. We found a cave/hotel not far from the center, it's cheap, clean, the people are friendly and the food is excellent! The weather was not too bad that day, bit cloudy also sunny and bit cool because Cappadocia is located at 1,300 meters high from above sea level. Although we are bit tired from a long journey, our excitement to explore the place made us forget about tiredness.

We first look around the town and then, went straight through the landscape and mountains. First we visit is the National Park, with huge and giant landscapes, I call " Asparagus" because it looks like it. Wandering in this park, it was an unforgettable experience for us. The beautiful wild flowers make the landscape even more beautiful. It's recommendable to visit the country in spring, when the temperature is not high. We walked and walked up and down, on paths in this unique place, fascinated by the rock formations. Took so many pictures, and when we felt that our bones, legs, back and feet are really aching we said, ok, enough! :) Went back to Göreme town and found a nice restaurant and had a lentil soup with lemon juice and chilli powder, and "Ekmek" ( traditional bread in Turkey) then later relax in our cave room and had anice dinner later in the evening. That was our first day in Cappadocia, exciting and tiring.


  1. Car, after seeing this, I added this place to my list of places to see. it is so beautiful, you have two of my favorite nature scapes here, the wildflowers and the hoodoos. those are marvelous rock formations Car, when I first saw this in FB, I was so excited I just had to call Khai to sit with me and we viewed the pictures together. We laughed at the hoodos, we can relate so well the priceless and immeasurable joy we had whenever we explore hoodoos, it made us always giggle like kids. wonders of nature indeed brings us so much peace, so much inspiration, and so much memory to last us a lifetime. beautiful set of pictures Car, I thank you for sharing this nature's wonderfuland here which is like bringing us there.

  2. Hi Ica! Once again I see your beautiful photos of Turkey! I can't get enough of it. So many natural wonders and gorgeous models -ahihihi. Would love to visit the place someday.
    However, the 15-day thing throws me off big time! Whatever is that about?! Of course we might not even stay that long (we might not even get a chance to visit -hahaha) but that's beside the point! Talk about world peace -hahaha.

    Everything looks good, Ica. but am sure it is nothing compared to the experience. Am also curious about Turkey food. But after mentioning the 15-day limit, methink I'll pass up. :(

    Glad to know you guys had an awesome time. Good luck on your next trip! :) Tc!

  3. yesterday, Kyla asked me to bring her to Turkey because she wants the try the Turkish icecream that apparently never melts. LOL!

    what an awesome place, Ica dear! wish it's only a train ride away from here. ;)

  4. Very impressive, I have never such a thing before.

  5. wow!!!! what a fun place to visit! thank you for taking us there KC!! :-)

  6. Gorgeous photos of so many interesting things to see.

    The 15 days visit is pure politic between two country, and sort of surprising to know!

  7. Those rock formations and landscapes are just amazingly beautiful KC. It made me laugh when you said you didn't want to waste time and hit the road right away as soon as you got there. I felt your excitement. I remember the cave hotel, that is different and I can't imagine how it feels to be inside.

    It really sounds like a great escape and a nice place to see someday. Thanks KC for sharing your Turkey experience with us. I love the place.

    Hmmm... can't wait to see the next place your backpack and flip flops will take you !

  8. Please take me with you on your next adventure...WOw! Can't wait for your next adventure!

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