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Saturday, April 16, 2011


Pancit with Crispy Dried Calamari and Silver Anchovy in Black Beans
Pancit in Filipino refers to any type of noodles. In fact, we have different varieties of pancit recipes. Pancit is a dish that is so easy to prepare. In fact, I prepare it in so many ways. For the pancit pictured above, here is the way I prepared it: 

Egg Noodles - blanch egg noodles, drain, and then, stir fry in lots of garlic. 

Vegetable Toppings- Sautee vegetables, any vegetables is compatible with pancit, though oftentimes you will see bokchoy, carrots, celery, green beans, and mushrooms with it. Season the vegetables with soy sauce, a little bit of vegetarian stir fry sauce, salt, pepper, and lime juice to taste. 

Anchovy with Chilli and Black Beans - Pan fry anchovies, add a little bit of chilli sauce and salted black beans after frying.

Fried Squid- well, just fry it and dip in spicy vinegar.

Lime - well, I freshly picked that one from our yard :) I love this time of the year when citrus fruits are abundant and I put a lot of lime in my green tea :) and in almost any dish. 

How to serve: Put pancit on the plate, then, top it with vegetables. Serve on the side your choice of meat or sea food, which in this case, I used squid and anchovies. Squid and anchovies are not the norms for pancit, however, it just so happened that on this day I made pancit I had it with squid and anchovies. Here at home, we mostly eat vegetables and fruits. Not only are vegetables the tastiest foods on Earth, they are also healthy and the easiest to prepare for me. There are times though that I crave for sea foods, and I had to give in to my cravings once a while. Two days ago, the moment I got home, I knew I had to have my "pusit" or dried squid or dried calamari, otherwise, I will be so depress if I will not cave in to my cravings. The anchovies in the above picture was actually a left-over from my previous meal. Usually, I love to have my dried squid and anchovy with rice, but in the above picture, I had it with pancit. Whenever I have seafoods which my hubby can not eat, I feel guilty of serving him rice and vegetables only. so I prepareD something fancier so he will not feel tempted to get my squid :) So, I made pancit for him and vegetable "okoy" or fritter. And since I did not want to cook a separate rice for myself, I decided to eat my squid and anchovies with pancit, which as I found out, actually is also very good and yummy!

Now, I am craving for avocado smoothie :) Another yum!!


  1. your version of pancit looks sooooooooo yummy, Beth! thanks for this wonderful post, in time for my dad's birthday. :)

    yes, we love veggies (and fruits) too! now, you also made me crave for avocado smoothie! ;)

  2. I'm now hungry like I've not eating any breakfast or lunch, which I did..

    Yummy..delicious looking!

  3. This looks delicious. I have a question. Is lime used often in Phillipino cooking? Is it a native fruit? I can see how it would make this dish so wonderful!

  4. I love the traditional pancit you can get in San Diego at some of the local Filipino restaurants wish i could make it, seems like its meatless with carrot and onion and rice noodles.

  5. whew, Betchai..that is one special pancit! gosh i am craving for more than a plate now!

  6. Betchai you made me really hungry with your pancit! :) looks so "lecker"! yummy!

  7. ang anchovy ba ay dilis?...kala ko bagoong na isda...sori naman...galing ng talipapa lang kase mga "secret ingredients" ko..hehehe

    betchai...sahog palang ng pancit mu ulam na...saraaaapppp!...pinapalaman ko nga sa pandisal ang pancit at inuulam sa kanin...ganun!....my favorite....yummmmy!

  8. oh Carmen, saya saya nandito ka, sana ma-share ko din sa yo ang pusit at dilis :)

    Che, Zen and Car, maraming salamat parati sa suporta nyo, you never fail to lend your time here. miss you all.

    @ Icy, thanks, I am hungry too :)

    @ Wild Bill, Yes, lime is often used in Filipino cooking, we put it in soupts.

  9. Beth, geez... this really sounds good! You threw in a good combination here, girl! Love the anchovies on almost anything...dilang pinoy nagsasalita! Hahaha... Doods is thinking of replacing our bbq grill all because we can't get enough of daing and tuyo!!! He said, we need to replace our tiny outdoor stove cause even the girls are addicted to tuyo and kamatis lately! Hahaha! Beth, this is a very creative take on pancit -love it!

    On the side, am so thrilled to see you here, Carmen! Anishu, girlash!

  10. Yummy !!! I love your elaborate way of preparing pancit, looks so delicious !!!

    Thanks Beth for sharing ...

  11. Its a nice recipe shared by you so i like this site because i always find many recipes from here to attracts peoples and to get praise by cooking them recipes.




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