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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nerium Oleander

Oleander is a versatile plant. It can be a huge shrub or a small tree depending on how you want to design it in your yard. It can grow to 2-6 meters tall. It comes in lots of shades -red, purple, orange, white pink (dark and light) and peach.   The variety of pinks are the most common.

Oleander thrives well in warmer climates, and is frequently used as an ornamental plant in parks and along the road.  Despite loving the warm subtropical regions, oleander has proven hardy and can tolerate mild frost down to -10C. It is a favorite among landscape artists and gardeners because oleander flowers are showy and fragrant. The flowers also serve well as cuttings because with clean water in a vase, the blooms stay fresh  for a long period of time. Also it is easy to care for and grow oleander because it is a low-maintenance plant. It can tolerate almost any type of soil and it is drought tolerant too. In cooler climates, oleander can be trained  to thrive and bloom indoors. With  proper care, your oleander will grace any type of yard for a long time.

Here are some photos of our pale pink oleanders.

Wake up, little flower. . . a new day is here!

perfectly IMperfect!

wake up and join your sisters

Thank you, oleander for gracing our yard all these years!

I cut some to put in a vase. Our oleander keeps me company -outdoors and in.

Flowers seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity ~ John Ruskin


  1. i can imagine how beautiful your garden is, Tes. it is something we miss here in Sg. almost everyone lives in buildings and we don't have the luxury to have a garden. we always have to go somewhere and marvel in the beauty of nature. you are blessed to do it right at the heart of your home sweet home. :)

  2. oh wow, so beautiful Tes, I can just imagine how they add joy to your garden. I love them too, since I do not have to take care of them and yet, they seem to just bloom all year round. And so easy to grow as well, you just cut the stem, and can be planted anywhere. I so love your window Tes, that looks out to your beautiful and lush yard, so peaceful! and love the shots, the perfectly imperfect is really so beautifully composed, and all of them!!!!

  3. Tesya!!!!!!!! imishu imishu imishu imishu!!! those petals are so beautiful! and you are such an angel for being able to nurture such pretty flowers:) i would love to visit your garden someday..for now the sweetness of your friendship is enough to make me say that life is great! hugs...mmmmmmm lotsa hugs and kisses from me mwahhhhhuggggg!

  4. Oleanders are one of my favorite plants. I love the delicate scent of the flowers. They look so pretty in your vase!

  5. Wow..these oleander flowers are beautiful Tes..You're so lucky to have it in your yard.

  6. wow sisterette... green thumb ka talaga. love those blooms. how about the cacti? can't wait to see them on your garden.

  7. Tesya, am really interested on this plant. I will look for it in the nursery, I have a place to put it in my garden.

    I know you been working on your garden, I can't wait to see more pictures..

    .... oh I finally find my way back here at our place... it's been a very long time ! Sure feels like home !

  8. i'm a big fan of anything versatile, so this oleander plant really intrigues me, girlash! i like how you say it thrives in warm climates but can also tolerate mild frost and freezing temps! sounds like a plant i would like to grow around here. and it's not only versatile! it is absolutely gorgeous! i found this post very educational, gurl, as i have never heard of an oleander before. thanks for sharing. may your oleander plant bring you much happiness for many years to come!

  9. i thought Oleander is a spice?...ahaha (iba ata yun?)...Tesya your flowers are as gorgeous as you...a star for all seasons! Wow!

    I've no doubt you are a a good "gardener" dear friend...just look at the colorful blooms you helped nurtured here in salitype, and of which, though one of the laziest (ouch!), i am enormously thankful! hugs and kisses craftista!

  10. i had taken a Nerium oleander branch grown from the side of a well grown tree of the same.It has been a month since and there has been no new growth of leaves or branches.The branch which i had planted is still green but now the leaves are beginning to fade in color and they hav also started browning.The cutting is planted in my garden and its the rainy season going on. Please help..............

  11. let me try this again...lol!

    i wish to see your garden one day and spend more than an afternoon of cuppa with you. i want to sit lazily besides you and talks of good days and bad, share a laughter and tears with you and simply enjoy a quiet moment together!

    someday, girl...someday!

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  13. This is one of the best posts that I’ve ever seen; you may include some more ideas in the same theme. I’m still waiting for some interesting thoughts from your side in your next post.

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