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Friday, April 22, 2011

The Joy of Blue

Lord's Candle (Yucca) In Bloom, Mission Bay, San Diego
“If the sight of the blue skies fills you with joy, if a blade of grass springing up in the fields has power to move you, if the simple things in nature have a message you understand, Rejoice, for your soul is alive.”
TVatne Eleanora Duse quotes (Italian Actress. 1858-1924)

I must admit I have not really looked into the depth of blue color before. Though I appreciated blue because it meant beautiful sky and most probably nice weather, but I haven't really taken a deeper look at the joy and the peacefulness that sets in the heart the blue color brings.
Sea Dahlias, Torrey Pines State Reserve, San Diego
 However, since meeting the TSS sisters, we found out almost each one of us have different color of happiness, and it is then I started looking at other colors, color other than, well, pink :( I must admit it added a lot of joy seeing the different colors of friendship each time I explore outdoors. This post is dedicated to Zen, of The Letters In November, who opened my eyes and heart to the excitement of BLUE!!
Blue Morpho
( I had to patiently wait for this butterfly to spread its wings, otherwise its wings are always folded which shows the color of the other side, which is brown. It is just as beautiful when it is blue as it is brown.)
Birds of Paradise - Premium birds of paradise have mandela's gold yellow petals and a blue tongue. 
( when my hubby saw this flower, he asked me, "is it real?" And I told him, "Yeah, we had so much of that in the Philippines!" Then, I saw that the color is blue, so I had to stop and snap this shot because of blue, when before I would probably not take a second look because of the thought that this is very common back home. ) 
Blue Dragonfly
( when I saw this dragonfly, though how tiny it is, I just had to stop and snap this photo for I know someone will be so delighted with blue, though I too, now, see the delight in blue.)
Mix of Colors, with Blue in Front ( I still had to find the name of this blue flower)
Now, whenever I see blue, I see someone's face beaming with happiness, just as I too am enveloped with happiness because of blue! Thanks again to Zen for making me feel the happy color in blue. 


  1. Betchai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!gee did your heart hear mine screaming with joy? OMG....those are beyond "beautiful"....they look heavenly!!!! blue in all its royalty! the first photo of the yucca in bloom looks like a praying candle indeed! and the blue butterfly whose wings you had to wait for to open is superb! prettier than any i have ever seen! the dragonfly looks so amazing too and the birds of paradise...and the flowers whose name you still have to find out....they are all so wonderful like your friendship which taught me to love all the colors God painted in nature...love yah sis, life will never be as happy without you around!...and pssst i am so happy to be the first to walk by here today....love yah!

  2. I did hear you loud and clear Sissy Kulasa. Just reading the title I already knew that you will be the first to comment here. Go figure hahaha. I love blue too but I think I love all colors that is why it doesn't stand out much like Kulasa. I so love those photos all of them. Have a wonderful day Betchai.

  3. What a fantastic photo series of blue. The butterfly is gorgeous so are the flowers!

  4. same here Beth, i always beam in happiness when i see something blue too coz i know some bluetiful soul will be delighted. ;)

  5. Betchai, your photos are so beautiful. I don't know how else to describe them. Beautiful seems the best word to put it.

  6. You got the fantastic shot. Very nice especially the first one.

  7. I had never seen a yucca flower against the blue ocean before - so beautiful! And the blue dragonfly - amazing!

  8. Betchik, all those photos are glorious...but I am blown away by the blue flowers! Those are awesome and I do not remember having seen any around here! Buzz me if you find out the name of those beauties!

    Like Ruthi girl, I can hear a lot of screamin' in here! Hahaha...such a joyous place! :) Waving at everyone!

  9. wow! what a breathtaking collection of beautiful BLUE nature photographs, beth!! i knew as soon as i read the title that our power ranger pal would be beaming from ear to ear upon reading this post:) then i read down to the comments, and she was not only beaming happily; she was screaming in delight!!:) AMAZING WORK, beth! my favorite picks were the Blue Morpho and the Bird of Paradise. wow! i didn't even notice before that that flower had a blue tongue!! you are right ... BLUE is a color that invokes peace and tranquility:) when i think of blue, i think of BLUE skies, BLUE ocean, BLUE mountains (well, they look kinda blue from afar). i also think BLUE is a good color to send out a message of order, discipline .. perhaps that's why a lot of school uniforms (well, the ones i noticed in the Philippines) are composed of blue? the school i went to all my life had a uniform of blue skirt/slacks and white blouse/shirt. i couldn't imagine having a uniform with the main color of red or pink or yellow:) i love red and like all other bright colors, but BLUE has a calming look to it, i think:) but anyway, that's just my theory on uniforms, haha! i totally enjoyed viewing your BLUE collection of nature photos, beth! you are a gifted photographer indeed, as i have told you many times before. your pictures never cease to amaze me. these ones are spectacular, and i know you could easily blow us away by posting other colors of nature:) but thank you for sharing these blue ones with us. i loved them all!!! - MJ

  10. I have learned to love blue flowers and anything blue after knowing our dear friend here who loves "blue" hahahhaha

    So beautiful.. all of them. Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures Beth !

  11. i know kulasa will be so thrilled with all the shades of blue..

    beautiful capture girl!more...we want moew!!!

  12. Its a nice capture and blue is most fascinating color so i like this post and the pics which are really attractive.




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