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Saturday, February 12, 2011

You've Got Mail(boxes)!

Photo of Teyla staring sadly at the trike she could not ride because it was covered with snow, courtesy of MJ

A couple weeks back, the country's most famous groundhog - whose first name I cannot spell, for the life of me - "predicted" an early spring. I hope to God he's right 'coz I am so sick of winter.

I am so tired of freezing to death anytime I step outside, even for a few moments. Of having to constantly bundle up like a snowman. So tired of my hands aching from the extreme cold whenever I help Rog brush snow off the Jeep. Or being stuck indoors most of the time with Teyla when the roads are a solid sheet of ice and the white stuff keeps falling, falling ... coating the trees, the yard, the pond and just about everything else out there.
Photo of Teyla pointing to the snowy landscape outside our house, courtesy of MJ

I cannot emphasize enough how much I long for spring - that magical time of the year when green comes marching back to town! Close your eyes one night and next thing you know, it's morning. You wake up, throw the curtains wide and marvel at the joyous sight of tiny green leaves sprouting back up on the branches of the stubby apple tree out in the yard. Or the amusing spectacle of chubby robins hopping about beneath the weather-beaten hickory tree down the hill, noisily jostling for juicy worms.

In my little corner of the world, spring (as well as other seasons that don't feature snow and cold) is when Teyla and I hang around outdoors during that special time of the day when the mailman comes rumbling down our dirt road in his little white USPS ride.

On warm, sunny days, it is a joy to watch our bouncy toddler sprint across the vast lawn on those little legs of hers, or giggle as she frolics in the grass, while I sit patiently by the old mailbox next to the cactus garden, waiting for the day's mail to arrive.
Photo of Teyla having fun outdoors in warmer weather, courtesy of MJ

I was just thinking the other day, after I bundled up and walked outside to retrieve the mail, that it's about time to get us a new mailbox. We own one of those decorative mailboxes that I'm pretty sure looked spiffy and gorgeous when it was new. But after sitting out in the elements for years, time has taken its toll on it.

Rog thinks we should replace it with a locking mailbox. One of those heavy built, steel and aluminum mailboxes that will keep the vandals out. I think every little town or city has a few of those troublemakers, regretfully. Our neighbor up the hill complained a few months ago of checks and some other important documents being stolen from her mailbox. We surely wouldn't want the same thing to happen to us, so we have been looking into picking out a sturdy mailbox from the Mailboxixchange, an online company that sells a huge selection of residential and commercial mailboxes.

We browsed through their site last night and were blown away by the thousands of mailbox products they offer. I urge anyone else who is thinking of getting a new mailbox to visit http://www.mailboxixchange.com/. I'm pretty sure you will find the mailbox of your dreams 'coz they have so many on sale!
Photo of Teyla sprinting down the sloping lawn, courtesy of MJ

Yep, I'm counting the days before spring makes its long awaited arrival around here. It will be a delight to see Teyla once again laughing happily as she runs around the yard. And maybe then I'll be sitting by a brand new mailbox while watching her play.

Come on, spring! Hurry up and get here!

- by MJ


  1. thanks so much for this wonderful post MJ, and sharing your wonderful world with Teyla and Rog. Your backyard is very lovely, lots of field for Teyla to play and run around, soon, she will enjoy sledding in the snow and you have to keep up with her boundless energy running up the hill and sledding down :)

    hope you have a good weekend MJ.

  2. i am always fascinated with decorative mailboxes! it brings back happy memories, Mond and I used to be penpals you see. imagine my excitement whenever I open the mailbox! ;)

    thanks for this wonderful post, MJ. you know i always enjoy reading your articles and looking at your adorable photos esp. that of Teyla's. enjoy your vday date with Rog! :)

  3. I Think Teyla is having a grand time no matter the weather, although it is hard to stay out for long in the freezing cold. hope spring comes quickly also and since phil says it will- it better!

  4. Your backyard is very lovely, lots of field for Teyla to play and run around, soon, she will enjoy sledding in the snow

  5. how i'd love to go running with Teyla there PRP!

  6. You are blessed to have a lovely yard, MJ! With hardly any effort it is all yours for the taking -imagine that! The photos of Teyla are all so cute! She is blessed with a happy childhood! Kudos to you and Rog!




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