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Saturday, January 29, 2011

home sweet home

sunset #4 - bonding

whenever i am lonely and feeling all alone
i think of your sunrise which warms my heart and soul
across the golden meadow and lush of evergreen
i dreamt of your mountain high and cool cascade of spring

i've been away from you for far too long
missed lots of summer, its laughter and joy
among the countless beauty i always yearn to see
is your sunset by the bay that bestow fond memories

i longed for that moment to meet friends again
brother, sisters and a mother so dear
to see their faces lit up with a smile
whenever i come to visit once in a while

one day i shall retrace my way to you again
against thousand miles, amidst countless faces
in your bosom i shall rest and embrace you anew
i will be back to be with you, home sweet home again


p.s. my daughter, ysabelle, was beside me while i was doing some editing on this poem. she read it and choose the picture - from the hubby's works - that will go along with the poem. it was the photograph of me and her taken by the hubby against the backdrop of an enchanting sunset.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Standing Proud and Tall

When words escape, flowers speak. ~ Bruce W. Currie

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Not too Long Ago...

Not too long ago... I met beautiful people online with the same passion for blogging... photography... food... and the good time.
TSS Families... the Johnsons, the Bernals and the Lucs.

Not too long ago... we became friends and enjoyed blogging... photography... food... and the good time.
And not too long ago... I met some of them in person and together we enjoyed photography...
and the good time.

... that is why I am blogging about it!

Because... not too long ago... 4 of your Salitype Sistahs finally met in California and had a grand Mini-Reunion in San Diego.

Four of the Salitype Sistahs [L-R: Chay, Ruthi, Tes and Betchai]

And yes, this is only the start of the many REUNIONS that we will going to have in the near future.

Hopefully... next time, we will enjoy photography, food and the good time with the rest of our Sistahs... Car, Cher, Eng, MJ and Zen.

Special Notes and Photo Credits: Tes of Craftista and Betchai of The Joys of Simple Life. Thanks girlash for the photographs [I stole them from your FB account, My Bad!], for the food [Love the Binagoongang Baboy and the Calamares that I shared with Tes and of course the chocolate cake of Chay], and the good time we shared at Torey Pines and La Jolla [Betchai - those places didn't disappoint me... thanks Sistah!]

Monday, January 10, 2011


"Thank you Lord for another day.

May we learn to use it to love one another in more than a million ways."

...to bring a smile on every animal....

to spread the cheer with each flower that blooms,

to wipe away the tears of each child that cries

and offer our prayers way up high

so that when our last day comes,

and see thy light for one last time

we will be called a GIFT by all mankind
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