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Friday, December 30, 2011

Canadian Pharmacy

My neighbor told me, "Your medication money issues are solved as easy as one, two, three."  I winced and said, "Yeah sure Maxine."  Maxine is a very good friend of mine and she keeps me on the right track when sometimes it is hard for me to stay focused.  Living on a fixed income is difficult when medication costs take a large portion away.  I tell Maxine every month, "How can you live when all your money goes for medication to keep you alive--it just sucks the life out of you."  She told me about Canadian Pharmacy and a way to buy Canada Drugs at a fraction of the cost I am paying now. Right before my eyes I saw the significant price difference saving hundreds of dollars on many medications.  The Canada Pharmacy prices showed me a way I could keep a larger part of my income.  I left her house with a smile on my face.

            Once in the privacy of my home I went online and reviewed how Canadian Pharmacy met high standards through constant monitoring and regulations to insure the products are safe.  When the Canada Pharmacy ships the drugs they insure them against loss or damage.  After reviewing the information on the web site my apprehensions disappeared about Canada drugs and I followed the one, two, three steps to changing my medication cost. 

            The first step for me was to look up each of my medications.  I compared the cost but focused on the savings.  The second step was to put the medications into my shopping cart, and the last step is the most fun as I call it checking out or cashing in on the savings.  Visit canadianpharmacymeds.com  and see your savings opportunity for each medication you use.  Now when I tell my friends about Canada Drugs I call it "The guaranteed smile web site" since every time they compare the cost savings they will not be able to keep the smile away.  After looking at step one the other two steps are 'no brainers' as my grandkids say.  Thank you Canadian Pharmacy for giving me a raise--and a smile.

Guest post by Jeff

Dog And Sea Lion Encounter

Dog: "Hello, how are you? Can we talk? Can we play?"
Sea Lion: "Aww...Aww....what play?"
 Dog: "Hey man, you shocked me absolutely, look at my standing ears, they were surely shocked! I won't hurt you! I am a curious dog who thinks if having fun with you is okay!"
 Sea Lion: "Really? awwwwwwwww...."
 Dog: "Yes, let's be gentle, okay? I'll softly bark...like a whisper"
Sea Lion: "Come!"
The dog inched closer again to the sea lion, but to his surprise, the sea lion barked again.
 Sea Lion(loud!) : "Aww...awww.....:
Dog: "Gee man, you are loud again, thanks goodness, I know how to cover!!"
Sea Lion: " Man, I am just simply greeting you, A VERY JOYFUL NEW YEAR!!!!"

Dog: "Oh, sorry, sea lion! I mistook your loudness for meanness!!! I forgot not everyone knows how to talk softly. HAPPY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU TOO!!"
Dog and Sea Lion Together Out Loud:" Aww...aww...happy new year everyone!!"

Photos by: Khai
Happy Thoughts by: Betchai
The sea lion is wild, the dog must be from one of the yacht owners in the San Diego Seaport Marina, and the encounter happened at one of the docks. 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Have a Joyful New Year, One and All!!!

Greetings from The San Diego Chapter of TSS Family
Hope everyone had a wonderful, joyful and meaningful Christmas. For this coming New Year, I am wishing you all.....

A Golden and Joyful New Year
Where the golden sun smiles brightly
On leaves that respond merrily
Where God's gift of warm rays glitter
In each of everyone's hearts!!!!!!

Have a Happy New Year, everyone!!!!!
May the year 2012 bring you wonderful blessings of love, peace, contentment, happiness, bliss and of your heart's deepest desires. 

Little Payday

Cris came home one night with a sad look on his face. He slumped down on the couch in the living room and turned on the television. His wife Tina knew there was something wrong with him so she led the two girls to their bedroom and gave them something to play with. Tina grabbed a can of soda and some chips and sat next to Cris to start a conversation. Cris turned and looked at her straight in the eye, and in broken voice he whispered “ My boss fired me because our department is implementing cost cutting measures to save the company. We will be okay, just trust me."

The following day Cris started checking online for job openings and called several friends for leads to employers who hire mechanics. By the end of the day he mailed a couple of job applications and made several phone calls to employers all over the town. The family stress was building since the rent was due at the end of the month and the severance pay that Cris received from his employer was not enough to cover the rent. Tina remembered a friend who went thru the same problem, so she called her right away for suggestions. Tina’s friend suggested to check online for a quick solution to their problem.

After checking it out as suggested Cris and Tina applied online at littlepayday.com, provided their personal information, employment and financial information and submitted their application on the same day. With a good credit background, Cris and Tina received their loan approval within 24 hours.   . With money in their hands, they paid the rent, purchased groceries and paid some bills. With this worry out of their heads, Cris was able to focus in a more relaxed mood on finding a job. A few weeks later, Cris received a call for an interview in a car dealership where he applied as a mechanic. He was very excited about the intervidew and arrived 30 minutes early. The interview went well and in the same week Cris received the most important phone call offering him the job. They wanted him to start right away.

Cris and Tina clearly know that in situations like this one needs presence of mind, a clear-cut goal, a definite plan to accomplish the goal and finding the right resources.

Submitted by Chay for TSS

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Slim Fast

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Slim-Fast. All opinions are 100% mine.


Waiting for my turn to be called for my annual physical checkup in the doctor's clinic seemed like forever. No wonder they have a lot of magazines on the rack to keep clients entertained while waiting.  I grabbed a magazine and started flipping pages to read gossip about Hollywood stars.  For a few minutes I was entertained reading gossip articles about various actors/actresses divorces,  new Hollywood babies,  Hollywood events, etc ... but something caught my attention while flipping thru this magazine.  A famous singer who was overweight lost a large amount of pounds and now looked like a different person--a good looking person. Every time I see these transitions I am amazed how they change lives.

I have struggled with a weight problem since I was a kid.   I am not very tall and when I carry extra weight I look extremely short.  My weight issue bothers me but  I remain optimistic that there are healthier methods to lose weight besides crash diets or diet pills.

I found Slim-Fast 3.2.1 when I was shopping  in Walmart seven months ago Slim-Fast. I purchased one package of their chocolate flavored product. One can is 180 calories.  I put the Slim Fast 3.2.1 cans in my refrigerator to chill overnight.  The following day I weighed myself and recorded my weight to start my weight loss program.  The first shake was for breakfast and it tasted so delicious.  I noticed as the morning progressed I didn't feel hungry.  This was a new sensation for me--not being hungry.  I reviewed the nutritional contents to make sure it was healthy and found it contained: 10 grams of protein, five grams of fiber, and 24 essential vitamins and minerals.  It has all the nutrition I need for each meal. I ate grilled chicken and steamed vegetables for lunch and ended my day with a can of Slim Fast 3.2.1 for dinner.

After a week on my new diet I was so happy that my weight loss exceeded my expectations.  Losing weight the "right way" can produce positive results.  Slim-Fast shakes are part of the Slim-Fast 3.2.1 plan. A variety of  flavor selections are available:  Creamy Milk Chocolate ,  French Vanilla,  Rich Chocolate Royale,  Cappuccino Delight , and Strawberries N’ Cream.  They are uniquely packaged to carry in a bottle you can put in a purse or gym bag. SF-123-RTD-CreamyMilkChocolate.jpgSF-123-MB-ChewyChocolateCrisp.jpg

Besides the multiple flavor selections Slim-Fast 3.2.1 Slim-Fast weight loss program if followed closely can produce quick results.  As part of the Slim-Fast 3.2.1 diet plan they offer three nourishing Slim-Fast 100-calorie snack bars SF-123-MB-ChewyChocolateCrisp.jpg to help with in between meals cravings: The Fruit bar, nuts or veggies. The 100-calories helps keep within the suggested number of calorie consumption per day and still provide a craving curbing benefit. With the Slim-Fast 3.2.1 plan, you are allowed to have one balanced 500-calorie meal per day.  I use this meal eat a lot of vegetables and fruits with broiled chicken or fish.

The new Slim-Fast shakes are available in the pharmacy sections of grocers and retailers nationwide, including Wal-Mart, Target, Safeway and Kroger and online at Amazon.com and the Slim-Fast 3-2-1 Store on Facebook.

I have lost a total of 20 lbs during the last six months just sticking to the Slim-Fast 3.2.1 plan plus running 3 to 4 miles three times a week.  I feel good and look good and the result has made me very happy.  Check their website for more information and see for yourself if this weight loss program would work for you - it worked for me and my results are life changing for me !  


Submitted by Chay for TSS

Visit Sponsor's Site

Merry Christmas to all ... from the Gregoires.

Monday, December 26, 2011

More Lockers

My daughter invited me to watch her give a presentation at her high school of which she is an alumni. The principal asked her to talk about college and some of the adjustments needed to be successful during the first year in college. I always enjoy spending time with her so I went. The school was completing a major remodel and I noticed all of the lockers being removed with new lockers being installed. After the presentation, in which my daughter did a wonderful job, I spoke to the principal about where the school purchased the lockers. He took me to his office and handed me a paper with the web site . He said, "The company MoreLockers.com sells: metal lockers, small lockers, and steel lockers. We walked to the gym room where he showed me their athletic lockers. He explained MoreLockers.com also sold the school their aluminum bleachers. In the gym locker room he pointed out the benches also came from More Lockers. I was really impressed not only with the quality but the different styles. I thanked him for the tour and his information.

My daughter and I arrived home and I went to the web site  since I wanted to purchase a steel locker to hang in my garage and a metal locker for my utility room storage. They have specialty lockers  and I purchased a wall mount box 4 compartment locker with a coat rack for the utility room and I purchased a self close flammable locker  for the garage. They advertise the lowest prices and the school principal confirmed they had the lowest prices when the school made their purchase.

Everyone needs storage and I am no exception. I am very pleased I found this web site. Check it out to solve your storage needs too.

Submitted by Jeff

Christmas greetings

Michael and me are thankful to God for all the blessings He had given to us,and to our family... we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! From us here in Wolfenb├╝ttel, DE.

Maricar and Michael Budde

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Our little family in Coal City, West Virginia, would like to wish you all the pleasures of the season - peace, joy and an abundance of delicious food and Christmas cheer in the company of family and friends. We pray each of you receives everything you need – and some of what you want - on Christmas morn, and may the new year bring us all peace, happiness and prosperity!


MJ, Rog and Teyla

Saturday, December 24, 2011

" Have a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year to all! "

From:  Dave, Eng and Ysabelle 

Friday, December 23, 2011

God has blessed our family and during this season we remember the real reason for the season. 

With all our love,

Jeff, Elizabeth and the kids

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Fast Forward

I have been a tax preparer for 10 years this year. My wife has helped me during the heavy tax season for most of my career. However, my business has grown to a point now where I keep busy all year long. I wanted to add a new service to my tax practice I was going to study to become an enrolled agent. This would allow me to accept business I was now referring to my rich CPA friend. I looked for a good study program to pass all 3 exams. I found the Fast Forward Academy at fastforwardacademy.com/index-page-about.htm. They offered an enrolled agent continuing education where they advertised an 81% rate on all 3 exams. They offered everything I needed to prepare in one bundled package. I signed up immediately and now I am part of the 81% who passed. enrolled agent

Once I passed the final exam I needed someone to take over a large portion of my tax preparation business so I could spend the necessary time to grow this new section of my business. My wife agreed to become a Registered Tax Return Preparer so she could assist me this year. We used the same services I found effective fastforwardacademy.com/index-page-about.htm. The Fast Forward Academy had the complete program in a bundle for her plus a Pass Guarantee. I would recommend you check the enrolled agent continuing education requirements.  We purchased the complete program and she found the study to be very comprehensive. Once she completed the course she used their Free Online Test Bank and Online Practice Exams to prepare for the exam. Free Online Test Bank and Online Practice Exams to prepare for the exams. She passed and now our new and improved business is complete. Everyone needs to complete their taxes every year so why not be the person who assist them. Look at this company Fast Forward Academy first and save yourself time from going anywhere else.

Guest post by Jeff

ImTOO video converter

Tim's love for wrestling started when he was a very young boy. He enjoyed wrestling with his dad and his little sister Tara. Although it was fun watching them, although I thought it was a rough game for kids especially when someone got hurt ending up crying in the corner. Wrestling is what Tim loved to do and we supported him. We took him to after-school practices and attended home and away competitions supporting him. My husband took a lot of photos and video of Tim's wrestling matches from high school through college. It was fun watching Tim as he progressed from wrestling as a skinny little boy to growing up and wrestling with his big round shoulders. My husband saved all of our videos in YouTube and it was a great job for saving those precious moments in Tim's life.

I was in the store the other day and found a converter to transfer YouTube videos to iPod, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, PSP, PS3, Zune, Xbox, mobile phones. With ImTOO YouTube Video Converter, you can view, download AND convert multiple YouTube videos to different formats (incl. AVI, MPEG, MP4, 3GP, PSP MPEG-4, DivX, XviD, FLV) in ONE SIMPLE STEP. We are not very comfortable with new gadgets but ImTOO is easy to use. We simply downloaded it in an instant and drag and drop. Now we can show Tim's videos to family and friends from our iPhone and iPad.

With ImTOO YouTube Video Converter, downloading and converting YouTube videos has never been easier! Try it out for FREE!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Is It Only A Hobby?

This summer my kids (both are adults) received a Paintball coupon in the mail. They thought it would be a cheap way to spend a day playing outside and with friends. On the day of the event they packed a cooler with sandwiches for lunch, plenty of bottled water, and some chips—all to save on lunch and dinner expenses. They left early in the morning and returned late at night exhausted, dirty, hot, sore, and smiling from ear to ear.
They loved the sport. It took both of them a few hours of watching and learning to get a feel for the game and they each had to be shot a few times before their fear disappeared, but by the end of the day they were hooked. Both wanted to return and play again soon and they “surprise” invited me to play too.

 My son was able to go back the next day but my daughter had plans and could not return until the following week. I was able to make it a family outing on the weekend.

Saturday morning came early and with the cooler packed, coupons in hand, and some equipment my son had purchased loaded in the car we were off to “be paintball warriors.” After signing in, watching a safety tape, getting equipment etc. it was finally time to enter the battlefield. While hanging back during the first games three very important things caught my attention: I was with my kids playing together which is very important to me, I observed many dads and moms with their kids-both girls and boys of all ages playing together, and the club where we played stressed good language, even temper, good sportsmanship, family values, and safety before every game. By the end of the day I was sold on the excitement of the sport, the exercise it provided, and the three things I observed.

During the summer I went with the kids several times and now I have joined the club as a member playing every Thursday night with some other business men on a team. I use it as a relaxation tool, exercise outlet, and a chance to talk to new people about family values, sportsmanship, even temper, and good language. I am finding this hobby to be very beneficial to me for more reasons than I ever thought possible in a sport. Besides, I am getting good at it and I can keep up too. Sometimes a hobby can change the lives of those around you—and it has made my relaxation time better too.

By: Jeff Johnson

Sunday, December 18, 2011


 A Dog's Life, Guest Post By Jeff
 It is for everyone . I have used the phrase, "It's a dogs life," in both a humorous way and in a derogatory context. Our family has a dog named Cottonball. With a cell phone in my hand almost 24/7 I have access to my cell camera in a touch of a screen. One afternoon I caught one of those “Kodak” moments (I think I have just aged myself; oops) with the dog looking so cute. I was lucky enough to snap it without him moving and altering the shot I desired. Several months later I was on vacation and being a picture taking person I noticed something very similar between the subjects in my pictures and that cute “Dog’s Life” moment with my cell phone camera picture. Both showed stretched out objects enjoying a relaxing day in the sun.
Being able to rest and relax, enjoy the sun, and just take a timeout is not only good for your physical well being but it provides for a renewing of our mental health too. Stress in life appears as a daily factor with little harm once we adjust to certain levels of it. The fact is stress in even moderate amounts can have long lasting effects over time. While watching the masses soak up the sun on beach towels and small lounge chairs I could not help but wonder what it would sound like if the stress being relieved made escaping sounds. It also brought my mind back to our dog that seems to have the “Dogs Life” rest and relaxation habit down pat. It appears when the sun is out many people seemed to find a way to relax.
Perhaps we would all live longer following a “Dog’s Life” behavior pattern. Or at the very least utilizing more time in a relaxing mode rather than feeling like the stress we face is manageable. I wonder if dogs would like us to join them more or would it stress them out? LOL Finding the balance between normal stress and getting some relax and unwind time on a daily basis is a routine we need to learn from our pets.

Looking At The Numbers

It was a very lucky year in a tight economy but the company I work for made enough money to pay a bonus. I looked for investments at our local bank but the interest was very low so I decided to invest it in another opportunity. After exploring many options I looked at Blue Global Media. After reading the web site I knew I wanted to become part of their affiliate network. Blue Global Media started as an affiliate, just like I desired to do and they understood my needs from wearing my shoes. This was an important feature to me since I felt their programs would take my interests into consideration. They provide innovative technology and dedicated customer service that allowed me to work efficiently.

Blue Global Media has a payday affiliate network which is the. It is worth a moment to look at  to see the best affiliate network and how it is making money. The Payday Loan Affiliate Program is where I chose to invest my money. I followed their link where the program was described to me very clearly. The efficiency of keeping records and offering attractive payment options it was an easy decision to start watching my bonus money grow. Making an investment decision is very hard and careful considerations were part of my search process. This appeared clear to me, supported by research, and supported by careful record keeping with attractive payment options. Take a few minutes to check it out and I am sure your conclusions will parallel mine.

Let's Travel North

 I was finally able to treat myself to a photo walk on the Northern side of the Philippines last summer and been meaning to share with you the one-day trip but somehow the idea just skipped my mind altogether the past weeks. I would love to someday tour all of you in one of the most historic cities of this country...
It is around eight-hour ride from Manila but around one and a half hour drive from the nearby city which is Laoag which could be reached by plane daily.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Web Hosting

Guest Post by Jeff

My wife and I started a small business. It was our first small business together and we wanted to use a web site as our center piece for marketing. But when we started looking into how to develop a web site, learning all of the technical names, and how the processes worked, it appeared as if we made a complicated decision. A friend of ours told us to look at the web hosting  web site.

Our first lesson was "Web hosting refers to the process of publishing a web site so that it is available to the world on the Web." This was exactly what we wanted to do with our marketing plan. They provided us with a large searchable database of web hosting plans with all their features, over 4000 user reviews, uptime monitoring of hundreds of web hosts, and educational web hosting guides. Plus they had a section of frequently asked questions. We read each question as if they were our questions. The answers were clear and precise so it made our pathway more clear. This was a great step in the right direction for us. We were starting to feel better about this process.

The next section we visited on this site was the web hosting guide. My wife and I followed the steps suggested, checked out the ratings and we are moving forward. Yes, we did make a complicated decision, but Web Hosting Ratings has turned this into a nice exercise which now appears very step-by-step simple. Check out the web site for yourself and follow the links that lead you to the answers so you can experience the efficiency of this site like us.

Meet me at the St. Augustine Church Bell Tower

There are so many bell towers in the world but there is this one bell tower that will forever be painted in my heart...the Bell Tower of St. Augustine Church in Bantay, Ilocos Sur Philippines which i also got to visit in my one summer day trip to the North.

The St. Augustine Church is one of the oldest in the country having been built in the 16th century
Its bell tower stands majestically to its right atop a hill.
and is surrounded by time tested iron fence...
adorned by flowers from centuries past...
as i went nearer i felt a rush of excitement inside me together with the wind that was really blowing on my cheeks..the old staircase and the gate seemed to tell me a thousand and one tales from long ago..
and as i reached the highest peak and watched the birds go flying by up in the sky i was totally mesmerized that i still can not find the words 'til now to describe the happiness inside...because i was with someone from my past, whose heart i've hurt, crushed and torn but forgave me once and for all up there by the bell tower where a friendship that shall live on forever was sworn...

Friday, December 16, 2011

MENTAL HYGIENE: Getting away

~post by Chay~

          In my youth work and making ends meet was the most important thing in my life.  Vacation time and periods to just relax was not something I had a lot of knowledge or experience doing.  If a vacation cost a lot of money then it quickly became a fantasy for a future time in my life.  One thing that remained constant was my annual physical exam with my primary care doctor.  I never missed showing up, in clean underwear LOL with my lab results and exam.  As the years passed by bills of health seemed to indicate I was not harming myself by not working out, not eating right, and skipping down time.  Until a few years ago when it all caught up with me and consequences were due and payable.
            For the first time in my life my lab results started showing abnormal results.  My doctor asked a simple question, "What do you do to relax?"  My answer, "I work long hours and that relaxes me knowing I am providing for my family."  He wrote on a prescription pad, "Lose weight, exercise three times a week x 30 minutes each session, learn to eat healthy foods, return in 6 months loving live after a 1 week vacation." I made my appointment with his nurse for 6 months later and took the rest of the day off calling in sick.  When my wife came home from work we had a serious discussion about some lifestyle changes.
            During the afternoon I just picked a web site out of the blue about losing weight and it happened to be Dieta Atkins.  I read it word for word and could not get enough of the material.  I wanted to get started as quickly as possible.  When my wife and I discussed diet, fitness, and a vacation, well it was almost a marathon session looking at web sites to see what our new life needed to look like.  We reviewed two other links that were really very good choices dieta Fricker, and another link dieta mediterranea.  We selected the Mediterranean healthy living lifestyle (we do not use the word diet in our family) fit our needs the best.  The next day we purchased the book with over 400 recipes and selected our first week of healthy living foods.  After two weeks of living our new life with healthy living and walking three times a week for 30 minutes each session I came home with a travel brochure.  Together we picked a site for our first vacation since we were married.
            It has been one year now and we are still living our healthy lifestyle in the kitchen, we now walk daily for an hour, and yes we are taking our second vacation for one week but we have experienced three weekend get-a ways too.  On my one year physical exam my labs were back within the normal range, my down time has increased, my work hours are in balance, and my doctor has a nice thank you card from each vacation spot.  Think about your health and consider one of the healthy lifestyle changes on the web sites here.  It has made a difference in our life, I feel better, I now have more balance in my life, and it is really a better way to live at the meal table too.  Today, I am really living, several years ago before our change I was really not living but getting by.  This year we will try to take a two week vacation and we have a long weekend trip planned to a lake near our home.  Relaxation, healthy eating, and taking care of our body is very routine now.  Find your own way to health.

Copper Internet Services

Guest Post By Jeff

My wife and I spent an afternoon looking at our budget trying to figure out a way to make ends meet. It was a grueling afternoon full of discussions about cut backs, sacrifices again, and making decisions about priorities for every family member. Our biggest issue is we have three family members in college who depend on internet, e-mail, Instant Messaging, and they depend on fast reliable service. As a family my wife and I also depend on the internet to stay in touch with friends, all of the social networks, and business transactions like bill paying.

When we put it all on paper we needed to keep our internet but we could not afford it anymore. Our internet service demands were: speed, reliability, security, great customer service and a new one--affordability. We went online and found www.copper.net. It actually saved our financial lives. Copper.net offers dial up internet services of: Broadband internet with high speed internet connectivity, Copper net dsl service throughout the country, a free E-Mail account, privacy, free virus and spam protection, AOL, Google, and Yahoo compatible, great customer service all with a fast dial up. We appreciated the telemarketer zapper and back up services, but the most important part for our family today was the price. Copper net starts at $9.95 - $19.95 per month. Our family trimmed the cost enough to not only balance our budget but it trimmed over $100 a month from our internet service bill without compromising our family needs. Check out the web site www.coper.net like we did and change your life too.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security 2012

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Norton Small Business by Symantec for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
    We really do not know what is out in cyber space when we login to our computers.  Malware, viruses, spam, cookies, and Trojans can steal your identity or wipe out your information.  As a small business owner I recently had a scare where a virus stole my identity and wiped out several important files.  After this incident I learned I could have avoided not only the lost information but the repair cost if I had invested a small amount of money in a Norton product.  I am a Norton customer now with both my family and business computers for life.
            Norton introduced two new products in September of this year, the Norton 360
Version 5.0 and the Norton Internet Security 2012.  I went to their web site to shop for the protection that I needed at  Norton Small Business by Symantec.  Both the Norton 360
Version 5.0 and the Norton Internet Security 2012 provide basic protection by letting me email, chat, and surf the web worry free because it warns me if a website or a download is unsafe before I get into trouble.  The Norton 360 automatically blocks unsafe websites in my search results and analyzes newly downloaded files and applications for threats before I install or run them on my computer..  This type of protection now keeps my confidential business information safe especially while browsing or doing online banking transactions.  The Norton 360 version 5.0 has a few more features than the Norton Internet Security 2012.  The Norton 360 frees up disk space by searching out problems that will slow my computer like cookies, temporary internet files, and other things that slows it down.  The software finds and removes these things and once they are removed the computer runs faster and starts up quicker. Norton 360 automatically backs up files to disc, USB device or secured online storage available by Norton.  Once stored I can retrieve and restore my backed up files online anytime, anywhere, from virtually any computer with Internet access.
            Both the Norton 360 Version 5.0 and the Norton Internet Security 2010 will not slow the computer down or use a lot of system resources.  A feature I really like about Norton is not only have they provided a product to keep my small business safe but their family protection keeps our home computer and information safe too.  My wife and I love the family program feature whereby we can monitor our children's internet activities.  As a small business owner I was able to take advantage of a 30% discount get 30% off Norton Small Business Products now.  Peace of mind and savings at the same time.  Visit their customer friendly web site Norton Small Business by Symantec   It will be worth your time to find the best protection you need.

Guest Post by Jeff
Visit Sponsor's Site

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Three Dogs

Thanks to Wm Rowe

I’ve got three dogs and they’re the love of our life. I say our because I’m married but at the end of the day they’re really my babies, not my husband’s. He’s not nearly as interested in taking care of them as I am but you know, when you train your dogs for shows you’ve got to go the extra mile. I got HughesNet at home so I could order their dog food online since it’s special and I also hired a trainer to help them get better at being obedient. They’re great animals but Lord are they strong headed and you know, there’s nothing I can do about it but be patient with them as they adjust to the new house. I can’t remember a time when everything I owned wasn’t covered in dog hair and when I didn’t have to get up 3 times a night to let a dog out but you know, I guess it’s part of the bargain. They’re little love bugs as well and that’s enough for me!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

to Baguio Oncemore...

There is this one place in the Philippines that I never get tired of visiting. Well, it happens to be just an hour and a half drive from our home...the city of Baguio considered as the "summer capital" of the country because of its subtropical highland climate.
It is a city located at the Northern part of the country, some 1,500 meters above sea level and could be reached either by land or air. It is around six hours drive from Manila.
The last time I took a trip to the city of Pines was six months ago with my two kids and the hubby. I also happily shared our summer Baguio memories here.
One could get a bit dizzy with the winding road but the view of mountains, trees, sunflowers and clouds may easily wipe away one's wobbly sensations.
Pine trees with their evergreen characteristic, found almost everywhere in the city are such a soothing spectacle anytime of the day.

Join me as I walk and relish in the splendor of  some of the flowers found at the Botanical Garden.
I'm poor at naming flowers but I'm sure the first one is a Dahlia and the last one is an orchid...Would you be so kind as to name the other four? There is one more thing I am sure of..."that nothing in all the world could compare to the beauty of God's creation".
My one fervent wish is for all of these not to cease to flourish.

Now here is one pony that looked so pretty. I didn't ride one this time but simply admired its garb and colored mane.

The metropolis is replete with works of art to marvel at. It is a place where most artists would find inspiration. This one makes me think of liberty and peace...two things that make this life beautiful.
and then there's Burnham Park where boating is the main attraction...simply watching the decorated vessels floating and the flowers on the alley calms one's spirit..
People, from all walks of life love hanging out in this park. I see myself one day sitting on a bench there under the shade of a tree perusing one of your published books by then my dear blogging friends...I hope though it won't take that long a wait...

Now who wouldn't fall in love in such a romantic cold place? I myself once upon a time spent hours on practically the same bench talking to someone I now call the hubby. Funny how places could spell the future.
Meet my mom, my travel companion for the day standing on the patio of the biggest shopping mall in the city overlooking the rest of the place and the cathedral which I failed to explore then. Mom taught me humility and kindness, things that money can never buy.I personally think that moments spent with one's mom as an adult are so precious because not everyone gets that chance in this busy life. And I thank God everyday for keeping her healthy and as cheerful as she is and each night the kids and I pray for all the mothers in the world.
Now..souvenirs in all shapes and color abound such that if you are willing to spend just a little bit, you most certainly will go home not only with Baguio memories but SHARED HAPPINESS....when you give them away...
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