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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Just another day at home


One can never tell the kind of parents we are until we see our child growing and showing her own personality and character as a reflection of how we brought them up. Sure, half of what one becomes is greatly influenced by external factors, but it is always good to have a head start at home.
It was a week ago when my 7 year-old daughter’s friend commented about her shoes - or the lack of it - upon her visit to the house " i have more shoes than you.” I waited for my daughter’s response but none came and she just get on with what she was doing then. Months before that she asked me if she can have a cellphone of her own because her friend at school has one - to which the hubby and i said no. We explained to her if she needs to speak to her friends she can use the landline phone. We never heard her say anything about it again.
We are glad that she isn’t concern about how many pairs of shoes she has so long as she has a pair to wear in school, when she attends a party and when we go for a walk. She is not familiar with the idea of signature items either. In all honesty, we even buy some clothes from charity shops and we donate our used ones back to them as well. She’s happy so long she has something new to wear. Her idea of new is something she hasn’t had before. Sure, we gave in to her whims of Hello kitty items, Barbie and the Hanna Montana accessories and dresses, and yes make-up - hey! we all were kids once. I am not going to deprived her of having those stuff which will be the pillar of her joyful childhood memories later in life. I want to instill in her that she doesn’t have to have more than what she needs. And boy are we glad that she isn’t asking for much.
I do not want to put too much emphasis on material stuff at her age. She can have those when she can afford to buy it for herself someday. I want her to know the difference between wants and needs, on what is important and what is just a passing fancy. I know she’s way to young to comprehend some things in life but she’s learning. She listens when i tell her she cannot have another teddy as she has way too many already. I learned to choose a good battle with her - i would like to believe so - as she is pretty darn convincing when she wants to . Well, just this morning she asked me to put on her socks…i said, ” there are thing you have to do by yourself” , to which she replied, “Ok mum, I’ll put on one if you will put on the other, i promise to make you proud of me” . How on earth can i refused such a deal, its no brainer. The child knows how to barter and barter well…or is she taking the mickey out of me?


  1. We are so lucky and be proud that our kids live a simple life.

  2. nice one, Ysa! continue to be a good girl and surely Mommy Eng and Daddy Dave will always be proud of you. :)

  3. This is a nice post, Eng.

    I think we have the same pattern in bringing up kids.

    When our kids want something, my wife and I ask them, "do you need it? or do you want it?"

    It's a good way of making them realize the value of money and of not making them materialistic.

  4. Eng, you made me teary eyed, what a wonderful mom and dad you and Dave are to Ysa, teaching her responsibility and wisdom at such a young age. See? now you have such a witty and charming girl.

  5. "i promise to make you proud of me"...that surely could melt any mother's heart....haaaaay such a sweet girl....so like mommy...

  6. Nice one Eng. You are raising a very responsible, caring and happy child who will someday not only make you and Dave proud parents. Keep it up. We need kids like Ysa.

  7. Engtot Ysa is so cute in this photo, you and Dave must be proud of her, she's a good child Eng, and lucky to have you and Dave,

  8. "I want her to know the difference between wants and needs, on what is important and what is just a passing fancy." If only more parents taught these values to their children. :)

  9. love this piece...wish I'd be as wise as you when I'll have a child of my own...( sigh! still crossing our fingers for one)...God bless sis and Merry Christmas!




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