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Friday, May 25, 2012

The Luberon ochre hills in Roussillon

" Welcome to the Ochre Foothpath! "your's truly :) enchanted by the ochres foothpath but still trying to be funny ;)

it was before 5 in the afternoon when it started to rain, so no choice but to go back to the parking lot

here you can see the color of the ochres, mixed of brown,red, yellowish

the middle part of the ochre foothpath

going down the stairs

here the colors are mixed of white brown and yellow

the lush green pinetrees makes the place enchanting!

red cliffs a view from the city

pottery shop

souvenir shops, restaurants along the small street

typical city gate with bell

i shot this up from the cliffs

going up to the other side of the village you will be fascinated by these beautiful houses

the view from the restaurant where we had lunch

Roussillon - or also known as French Catalonia, the land of Tramontane, since prehistoric times people lived here and here they found the oldest skull of Europe in a cave near Tautavel. Located in Luberon at the foot of the Mont de Vaucluse. It's worth the long drive going there and coming back from to Avignon.

Of Ochres and Colors - Roussillon is famous with it's fascinating red cliffs and ochre quarries, surrounded by beautiful country side, the red yellowish and brown shades color of the cliffs makes a magical scenery contrast to the green pinetrees around. As we enter the village, we can't help but to sigh, the place is simply magical! we also enjoyed driving along the city of Roussillon, there are even private houses with their own little red ochre cliffs. The grand landscape a few " terraces" are being used for workshops and activities organised according to the season.

It is also believe that from these red yellowish and brown colors from these ochres, is used in several countries for their wall painting from 4000 years ago or even more, like what we saw in the ruins of Pompei in Italy some years ago, when we visited the country.

Very interesting place i can say... and a very enchanting experience... and another "wanderful" travel adventure ;)


  1. Car, very magical place, I am sure I would love this since I really love the colored layers of the Earth such as this, very similar to Bryce Canyon here and other places in Utah and Arizona. thanks for sharing again Car your lovely travels, it is nice to be traveling through your pictures.

  2. such an interesting and enchanting place indeed KC. . .You are living my dream:) i wish that you could someday take me with you he he he, mwah!

  3. Incredible colors. Beautifully shot.

    Darryl and Ruth : )

  4. ahhhh! what a lovely sight!!! such vibrant colours and i so love the pottery shop and the narrow alleys. like kulasa said...you are living our dreams. go girl go. the world is your oyster sabi nga!

  5. Amazing colors on the ochre hills, a beautiful wonder of nature I didn't know existed. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous images.

  6. what can I say, Ica. the sistahs said it all, you are living OUR dream and we're glad to have you and Betchai touring us around magnificent places in the world. :)

  7. unbelievable that the hills are so colorful. The picture shows the tones very well. what a beautiful place to see. I hope to be able to visit one day.

  8. This is incredible. The colors are unbelieveable. Thanks for sharing this.

  9. oh KC ! you don't know how much I appreciate it every time you share pictures of places you visited. We might not have the chance to visit those places, but at least we get the chance to see those beautiful places through you -- thanks KC.

    More happy travel days for you and Michael !!!!

  10. Enchanting. I wish I could go too, but this is the next best thing! Thanks so much for the share.

  11. love the pictures sis...It's like I'm also traveling with you...thank you for taking us with you....

  12. sorry everyone this is so late... but still i want to thank you all for your wonderful comments! :) to my dear tss friends thank you :) love you all!!! :)

  13. and to all our guests commentors thank you all so much!

    Daryl and Ruth, Diane AZ, Gray and Miss Judy :) thank you everyone! :)

    @ Self Sagacity - i am learning now how to pronounce correctly you name LOL! ;) keep coming here please so i can practice more Lol! ;) i am pretty much sure you will someday visit this place... don't worry about the "pedicure" nobody will look on your feet there! ;)

  14. oopps! sorry i mean Gary! haha! ;)




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