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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Camargue, Provence

still free... white horses enjoying their freedom at the wetlands of camargue

later they are being captured, and then used for tourists for horse back riding or being sold

and buffalos for bull fighting held at the arena

the meditteraenean sea

happy! :) being on the beach again :)

lunch time, we had fresh sea foods :)

in the main city of Camargue

although there was not so many flamingos yet, we are happy to see some :)

tourists on tour on the wetlands

here you'll pay a fortune buying this weeds/flowers, but there they grow just everywhere

my first time to see ricefields here in EU :)

these flowers/weeds are all over Provence, they grow mostly near the swamps

Bonjour! everyone :) how's my fellow bloggers? i terribly miss blogging and of course my wonderful friends, my tss buddies :) I would like to thank my dear friends here in Salitype Society, guys, thank you so much for your Bon Voyage and prayers, i miss you all. I am so blessed to have you all as my friends...

To our dear fellow bloggers and followers, thank you so much for always being there for us, God Bless you all... please continue to support our group, so we would be able to make our Micah's dreams to come true...

Camargue - Les Stes - Maries- de la -Mer- is a paradise for wild white horses, buffalos, pink flamingos and other kinds of birds, also called " the land of Flamingos ".Camargue with it's colourful, beautiful flat landscapes had been the habitat for about 500 species of birds especially the pink flamingos. Camargue enclosed by the river Rhone, it is within the 850 - sq- km- Naturel Regional de Camargue. It became officially a Nature Park in 1970 to preserved it's fragile ecosystems while sustaining local agriculture.

Up to 20,000 of those pink flamingos stay in the nature park of Camargue to winter and build their nests in Spring. That's why they always come back there. They fly non - stop from Northern Africa and Spain lay at least one fragile egg.

The ricefields was also a big surprise at least for me, the northern part of Camargue is used for agricultural, like planting rice and other plants, but mostly rice. The southern part is preserved as nature park for the animals.

I can't explain how it feels seeing these beautiful creatures enjoying their freedom, running around in this nature park :) Our trip to Camargue is really unforgetable, simply a "wanderful" experience ;)


  1. beautiful pictures Car, your paella makes me so hungry now despite having dinner a while ago. can't choose a favorite pic since they are all awesome, am glad you have fun time at the beach. same here Car, I don't swim anymore at the beach.

  2. thanks for sharing your "wanderful" images Ica!

  3. Haha, such a "wanderful" trips and photos.

  4. lovely pictures..."wanderful" photos sis! God bless...

  5. Wow KC, I enjoy your photos ! Once again thank you for taking us to those places we might not have a chance to see.

    What a beautiful place. I love those white horses !

  6. mabuhay ka "wander woman"...oy, kainggit naman...buti nalang you take time to share the experience of your trips...parang andun naden ako...asa ilalim siguro ng mga bato...ahahha...natabunan?
    ang lola ko...napaka-lakwatchera...pero ayus!...go lang ng go maricar...show us the world you've seen and conquered...ayan ala alexander the great pa!
    love your posts and love you too...kisses!

  7. what more can i add to what has already been said before .....lovely pictures and i bet such a wonderful experience.

  8. wow, I love those white horses. Trinity loves horses- very much, she collects them and her mother helps her...haha. :-)

  9. Those fields of flowers and grasses are beautiful. Also the nature park with animals roaming free looks like a wonderful place. Thank you for sharing these interesting places :)

  10. thank you everyone! whew! sorry again for the super late reply.. but thank you all from heart...

    thank you Betchai, Cher, Rainfield, Beth, Chay, Eng, and Miss Dianne AZ :)

    @ kurdapya - hehe i love that "wander woman" ;) muah! love you Kurdapya!

    @ Self Sagacity - hahaha!!! i think you need a new eye glasses! haha! ;) there's no female or mother of those white horses! they are all "GAY HORSES"! hahaha!!!! just kidding! ;) i don't know either if it's a male or female horses Self Sagacity! ;)




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