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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Our Home Garden

All photos are taken at the Home Garden in Hort Park, Singapore where we celebrated The Salitype Society's 3rd Anniversary last weekend. Since this place represents our love for nature and photography, we call this Our Imaginary Home from now on...

Welcome to the Imaginary Home Garden of The Salitype Society!

It's our 3rd year anniversary so come in and let's celebrate the rare gift of amazing friendship!

Relax in our cozy family room where you can find our collection of photos over the years.

When you're hungry, we'll cook something for you in the kitchen...

And eat to your heart's content in our dining table.

Afterwhich, we can spend some time in the study room and let's talk about anything
and everything under the sun...

While our children can have a great time in their playroom doing arts and other stuff.

When we feel sleepy, let's take a nap in the bedroom.

And when we wake up, let's freshen up in the rest room...

And finally, let's go out and catch some fresh air outside.., drink some wine and read our favourite books.
Ahhhhh, life is magnificent with my salitype sisters around!!!


Standby for more photos dedicated to myTSS family in my Simply CHERrific blog which I will be posting very soon. :)


  1. i love your concept of our imaginary home garden Che, wonderful pictures, love the cozy family room, everything is so relaxing, everything feels warm and invite friendship, and yes, just like our concept before, we will have cooking made "easy", hopefully, though we fill our fallery with our so many photos but we will still have lots of cooking recipes to share as well, thanks for this beautiful post Che, and will look forward to your follow up post in your blog, i love that concept of following it up there, i'll copy :)

  2. Happy anniversary Salitype ladies! Nice concept tooth fairy and wonderful captures!

  3. What a wonderful post, and such a serenity place!

    Congrats on your 3rd years of Salitype blog! A great accomplishment and God bless you all..

  4. The Salitype Society has such a good home in its 3rd year anniversary.

    It must be much more beautiful in the next anniversary.

  5. hi toothfairy! we have really gone a long way...remember the times when we used to just imagine having a site of our own and the early months of our page when we used to have a veranda where we chatted non stop...i can no longer imagine life without all of you...i keep these wonderful images above of our home in mind and visit them whenever i am blue..thank you for making life on earth "cherrific" all the time...love yah, happy anniversary to all of us!

  6. Chepot, all those container gardening whetted my appetite for gardening! Such lovely concept, such beautiful photos. I would love to adopt some of the ideas here for container gardening -brilliant! BUT not as brilliant as this post. Kudos, girlfriend! Very reminiscent of our mansion days! Sisters, come out from the bedrooms, there's a lovely "feast" waiting for us all! Happy Anniversary, girlfriends!

    Engtot, please know that you are in our thoughts and prayers as you recuperate from your surgery! :)

    Much love to everyone! *hugs*

  7. oh my gosh !our virtual home is gorgeous ! My mind is wondering from every corner as I go through the pictures one by one, imagining how fun to get together in our place !

    Love it ! another lovely anniversary post !

  8. wow, cher, i'm blown away by the beauty and sophistication of our new imaginary home garden! i just enjoyed taking a "tour" through it:) my, my, TSS has definitely come a loooonnnng way from the humble bahay kubo we once occupied, hehe:) i only wish that everyone else - all the friends we made back in the old bahay kubo- would join us, too, at our new home:)

    the home garden is such a lovely place, cher! you guys are so lucky to have visited that place to celebrate salitype's 3rd anniv:) my favorite picks among your collection of pictures are:

    - the study room! i'm intrigued by that uniquely shaped chair! it seems to be calling my name, power ranger pal.. i would love to sit on it and slowly rock back and forth:) i also love the shiny hardwood floors.

    - the playroom with those colorful kiddy chairs! i can just imagine teyla sitting at one of those fun-looking chairs, around the cute little table, playing some games with your kyla and eng's ysa and zen's boys:) or maybe our own hobby queen tes could sit around the table with them and teach them some crafts!:) and the other big kids- chay's kids, KC's kids- could help teach crafts, too:) what an adorable playroom! i love how it seems to be looking out onto a garden. what a pretty, lush sight for our kids to enjoy while playing!

    - the porch with the sunbathing chair and all those green, healthy plants clinging to the wall. boy, the soil around this home garden must be very healthy, as all the plants seem so perky and green!! i can just imagine us gathered on this porch, sharing stories, giggling, drinking some wine, giggling some more:) it would be so wonderful!

    i believe in dreaming and imagining happy things, fun things whenever we can:) who knows but these dreams of ours could someday come true?!! thank you, cher, for introducing us to our new imaginary home on the event of our group's 3rd anniversary. may God bless The Salitype Society indeed! even though we are separated by many miles and even oceans, it is comforting to know that we are close at heart, and that we have a wonderful sisterhood we can count on through the years.

    Happy 3rd anniversary, Salitype Society!

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  12. i so love your idea Cher :) our home is much beautiful now ;) thanks for this wonderful post dimples, especially the kitchen *winks* :)

    Happy 2nd Anniversary to us all! :)

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