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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Girl By the Window

I thought I had it all, a beautiful family, a wonderful job a lot of good friends and so much more, I never thought that one day I'd feel so alone, scared and lonely. That day came...and I forgot all about how I'd excitedly wake up each day and say "hello" to every God's masterpiece that may come my way. Instead of enthusiastically reaching out to a brand new day I'd say hello to the cold and shivery mornings instead. I'd dreadfully sigh and looked outside my window hoping that somehow I can bring back the hands of time...

One day as I was writing one of my sad stories online I've noticed that an old friend left me a comment on my previous entry. I was delighted. One full sentence and it changed every bit of my sad little world...I was then inspired to write more instead of staring blankly at an empty window...and she'd leave another message or two...and right there she opened the gates of The Salitype Mansion for me. Ate Zen as I call her made me realize that somehow when the Lord closes a door a tiny window is always open for me to somehow reach out to the world outside my tiny room.

The Salitype Society has opened so many doors for me. I've met wonderful friends along the way that made me appreciate life more...I've learned that my little window isn't that tiny for me not to see that the world is such a beautiful canvass to be captured and cherished. The Salitype Society made me realize that if you have something wonderful to say share it...There's a lot of beautiful soul out there that never failed to listen. I thank my Salitype sisters for welcoming me always with open arms...These amazing ladies gave me a reason to look forward to another day...They taught me that each day is a new day, a new story, and a new picture to share...It's a new song with a lovely lyrics accompanied with a superb melody and an enchanting tune...

I guess all I wanted to say is...Happy Anniversary to my Wonderful Salitype sisters....Thank you so much for touching my life....


  1. when a stranger says hello...you greeted her back...you're no longer strangers...when she shares the load of your days and nights...you are friends instantly...when you move to one direction...you've found yourself a family...

    i am one of the girls sitting by the lonely window...and salitype touched me...it made me grew wings so i can fly...allowing a panoramic view of the kaleidoscopic lives around me...so i can humbly appreciate more...the beauty as it comes in all shapes and forms...

    A toast to a milestone of wonderful encounters salitypers...

    happy anniversary!

    thanks to this nice piece beth.

  2. Hi Beth, like Carmen, I thank you for this beautiful piece so wonderfully written. I love the flow of your thoughts revealed by your words. Indeed, our friendship at TSS creates a new song with new lovely lyrics and melody each day. I too am glad I found a home of friendship from all of you.

  3. hi lil' Beth! i think i lost you in my fb. my daughter plays around with mommy's account and boom, some of my friends in my list are gone....

    you and Zen are in the same boat, your thoughts just flow naturally into words of wisdom.

    cheers! :)

  4. You all are wonderful people who are giving hope and future to an unfortunate being. You should be proud of yourselves..

  5. thank you so much for letting me into your wonderful lives...words are not enough for me to express the joy of being able to say that finally I'm no longer alone and that somehow I am a part of a beautiful place that I can call home...thank you Kurdapya...thank you to my big sis Betchai for believing in me...Cher I'll add you in my fb love your FS photos...thank you so much Icy...

  6. I love you little Beth!...more than words could ever say....

  7. This is truly inspiring. Life is full of goodness and wonder but the little things that hurt or annoy us distract us from the beauty. Your words are great for bringing us back.

    Take care & G♥d bless!!

  8. love you so much ate Zen...

    thank you Judy...Take care always...God bless you and your family...

  9. This is beautiful, Beth. Like you, I feel blessed for being part of the Salitype Sisterhood! It has greatly enriched my life!
    BTW, the photo mosaic is also a piece of art! Lovely!

  10. How sweet! That is such a beautiful story. I can imagine how having a friend could be very comforting. I am happy for you. Glad you found "Ate Zen"

  11. Oh, I am very sorry that I missed this post. I have been away so long and out of the blue this post popped up in front of my screen. I am so glad it did ! Thank you lil' Beth for a beautiful message.

    I was exactly like you when I first met Tes and Eng. The rest of the ladies came in shortly and the rest was history. The birth of Salitype gave me a whole new meaning in life. Suddenly, I get excited again with every single day.

    I call you guys my family... cause each one of you welcome me into your lives.




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