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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Weekend With 100 Friends!!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hampton Hotels. All opinions are 100% mine.
Coral Dunes State Park, Utah
Who does not like vacation? Now that vacation is over for me, I can't help but dream about another vacation. Somewhere in the desert, to seek peacefulness and be amazed with the magnificent artistry of nature.
Death Valley National Park, CA
Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Page, Arizona
I dream of wandering in these places again with my TSS friends, celebrating friendship through the years.  It would be nice to feel like being a child again when we would see all the hoodoos and natural rock formations in the desert,
Toadstool Hoodoo @ Toadstool Trail, Escalante National Monument, Utah
and it would even be more wonderful if we experience it together, and let our childlike imaginations run excitedly as we hug, run around or simply gaze at these enchanting hoodoos. And which hotel do I dream to spend the days in the desert with my friends? Well, what about right in the middle of Monument Valley, and witness the amazing stars dance at night with these amazing buttes?
Monument Valley, Utah/Arizona Border
It is my dream to go back here again and photograph the landscape at sunrise, sunset and at night with the stars! And in order not to miss the sunrise, sunset, and the stars, it means we would have to sleep right here! Thankfully, there is a Hampton Hotel at the Monument Valley Kayenta, right in this desert wilderness!
And it would even be great if I win the grand prize of Hampton Chain of Friends Sweepstakes, the whole Hampton Hotel all to ourselves. My TSS sisters and our family can join in the fun of learning, exploring and photographing these amazing desert landscapes and sceneries. Hampton is giving away a free weekend stay to any of their hotels and 100 first prizes everyday. I have nothing to lose if I join, but so much to gain if I win!

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  1. another great shots Betchai. The 2 first photos are my favorite. The color is spectacular. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cool. I love all your shots. All photos are breathtaking. The different rock formations are amazing.

  3. weeeeeeeeeee, how good would it be if we can all have free weekend stay at Hampton Hotel and marvel in the beauty of nature?

  4. Gosh...wishful, big time! Would love to spend FREE weekend with you gals! Yipee!

  5. hey, thanks Ruthi, Gary, Che and Tes.

    @ Ruthi and Gary, I am so touched na magkasunod pa kayong magkapatid, Ruthi, thanks for bringing your brother to our site.

    @ Che and Tes, yes, wishful thinking big time, hope we win so we can have a TSS reunion, sort of :)

  6. oh Bethchai! you made me miss more the desert ;) i am dreaming too Beth... i join you and Tesya of whisful thinking... someday... TSS gurls in the desert! sosyal! ;)

    love all your shots Betchai, like always :)

  7. Gorgeous photos, Betchai, and you are right, who wouldn't like to have a vacation at places like these!

  8. Wow! Talk about a dream vacation, Beth!! What you just described would definitely be it! I have never been to a desert, but am definitely hoping to take a trip to one within my lifetime, specially after viewing these magnificent photos from your vacation to Coral Dunes State Park.

    My favorite picks among the desert photos in this post are:
    - the first pix showing what i believe are wind tracks (or is there a better term?) on the desert floor. Amazing! It totally blows my mind to realize that those graceful ripples in the sand are created by the wind whistling to and fro across the desert! They look very much like waves of the sea, only that they are "sand waves," which i think is so cool! I would so love to see this sight someday, Beth!
    - the beautiful marks on the sides of those rocks in Antelope Canyon made by water passing through over many centuries. wow.
    - and, of course, the toadstool hoodoo!! even rog loved this one coz it resembles so much a giant mushroom! who would have thought that out there somewhere, there is a giant rock that looks just like a mushroom?:) i would sure love to see this also someday.

    lastly, i think it is so awesome that a Hampton Hotel exists right in the midst of this desert wonderland! i will definitely keep this in mind when we plan a family trip up there someday. thank you, beth, for sharing all the lovely desert photos and telling us about the presence of Hampton amid this desert grandeur.

  9. gosh breathtaking as always wonderwoman!




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