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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A thing of beauty

It has been a long while since i blog, couldn't even remember the last one i shared to the rest of the world. It's just that words eluded me - for months now - and i find myself at lost on what to write.Now, let me see where will my thoughts lead me this time.

I don't easily make friends - to be truthful- i don't have many, but the ones i have are for keeps. I don't have people's skill to begin with and i am not the kind that goes for small talks if i hardly know you. Having said that, i am quite a chatterbox in company of friends, of people i have known for years and years. I am not a good conversationalist neither a silver tongued speaker. I find it difficult sometimes to express myself verbally - which brings about my love for written words.

Blogging is a world of its own, a realm like no other. I can write whatever i want within the acceptable limits of social decorum. I find blogging a perfect venue for my love of poetry, an outlet whenever i find myself battling a deep and intense emotional conflict and above all, i met a lot of other bloggers whose passion for words is as great as mine. Blogging isn't restricted to just writing what one feels like scribbling about. It forms a bridge to connect people near and far, it breaks down cultural and racial barrier to enjoy a common interest and it gives one the opportunity to make friends.

I may not be visible as i once was in blogging as another calling beckons in the form of photography - which was ignited by friends i found in blogosphere, my Salitype sisters. I cannot thank them enough for the inspiration and support they freely extended when i ventured into this new hobby. I offer to them all accolades i received and - hopefully - will receive in the coming years.

Cheers!.... To friendship borne out of blogging and continuously grows into a thing of beauty.


  1. Hiya Eng,

    Cheers to you to!
    That rose, I can smell it from here. Is it Papa Meilland by any chance?

  2. Beautifully said, Eng, through words, and photos!

  3. I find your message so true. I consider my self outgoing, however with peoples busy lives and choices for their time, I find I have very little close ones. Love blogging for it fills the void.
    Your Rose photo is magnificent, Your capture of it's essence is great.
    My Ruby link for you

  4. a fantastic rose. It is so beautiful, with in all those layers of petals

  5. isn't it great to find another hobby Eng? we do not worry anymore what we will do when we retire since we found out there is so much to do :) instead, I dream now of an early retirement to be able to wander more and take photos :) haha.

    you may have been inspired by your Salitype sisters to take photography Eng, but your talent has always been there that was just awakened. Once you picked the camera, you just zoomed and exploded and had been giving us wonderful treat to your kind of photography. though we do not have the same inclination in photography, you are more into creative concepts while I am more into the by-products of hiking ( nature and landscape), but nevertheless, we share the same joy of clicking the camera!

    Cheers to your wonderful friendship Eng that grows into a thing of beauty. your words area always inspiring Eng, so glad it came and we were able to read your thoughts again.

  6. I focus on both words and images in my blogs. You can do that, too!

  7. so beautiful Esmeralda Odette!

  8. Lovely words, dear Eng. I have missed reading your blogs, and am thrilled to read one after a long while. Like you, I cannot remember when was the last time I've written a long soulful post (like the ones during our friendster days) Lately am more addicted to photo blogging.

    I agree with you, photography is very addicting. Your photos are really good. Your compositions are beautiful. You have a special talent -continue to nurture it.

    Your friendship is a blessing. I feel blessed for being part of our Salitype family. :)

    Continue to inspire us with your photography, girlfriend! :) *hugs*

  9. i admire you Eng even before for your poetry, now with your talent in photography i admire you even more...

    thank you Engtot for the "wonderful thing" your friendship...

  10. Beautiful rose and a gorgeous choice for Ruby Tuesday!

  11. Hello Eng, I have to say you are so much better off than I. I can't keep any friends that I ever so call friends. I think it is the lifestyle choices we make and sometimes we just drifted apart, but you are in good company with Betchai and Tes...and some others I might not know too well...so it is all good. Smiles.

  12. Hi Eng! Know that we are always here for you, at this particular moment we are praying for the success of your surgery...
    You are always Eng-credible to us in many ways! :)

  13. eng dear, i am sorry i am so late in leaving a comment under this amazing post and breathtaking picture of that red, red rose.. i agree with beth- once you picked up that camera, you just went and started clicking photo after amazing photo.. and, gurl, you have blown us all away!! you were always a photographer at heart.. it just took you some time to discover it. you were always a natural:) i, along with all your sisters here on TSS, rejoice with you, that you have found a hobby that brings you genuine happiness.. something you can enjoy doing for many, many years to come!!

    it was a joy to read your eloquent words again, eng! please know i join everyone in praying for the success of your surgery (or is it over?). if so, i pray for your quick recovery. may God continue to hold your hand and keep you strong as you go through this physical/medical hurdle. hugs to ya, dear!




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