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Friday, August 6, 2010

Luxor Temple

the old Luxor temple and the Mosque

illuminated Luxor temple at night, we can see the temple from the restaurant while having dinner

breathtaking sun set, along the River Nile

the entrance of Luxor Temple, as the sun sets..

me, your's truly ;) posing with those amazing gigantic hypostyle halls and columns

main entrace of the Luxor temple, at my back is a pink granite Obelisk

I wrote about our trip to Luxor, Egypt some years ago in my old blog in friendster. In that time i was just a newbies in blogging, visiting my old blog and reading it i found out i am not really concentrating in one subject, they are all mixed up in one entry, whew! lessons learned ;) and in friendster they limit the bloggers on uploading photos, so i decided to delete all my entries about our trip to Egypt in my old blog in friendster and post it here instead.

Come with me... let's travel again in Luxor, Egypt....

After visiting Edfu Temple, on the same day we went straight to Luxor. We are lucky to meet the Egyptian driver with his mini - bus going to Luxor. His bus is chartered by tourists who knows where they all came from, all backpackers like us. After bargaining with the price, our journey to Luxor started.

It took only two hours and we are in Luxor, we don't know yet where to stay, the Egyptian driver drove us into a 3 star hotel, Michael my husband look and checked the room and he said it's ok, so we checked in and it was ok, the room is clean with own balcony and with the view of the River Nile.

Luxor - the Greeks called the city... " Thebes of the hundred gate " the city was almost completely destroyed by the Ptolomies in 84 B.C. By the Roman times the city is only a sea of ruins, but when the Christian era came the city rose again into a formations of new villages, churches and more.

Luxor Temple - First we saw the alley of the Sphinxes which lead from Luxor temple to Karnak temple, about 8 kilometers to Karnak. Parts are excavated, others are under the modern day city. In front of the big entrance gate stands an obelisk. The obelisk is made from pink granite from Assuan, you can find them here in Egypt, and ( stolen) in Rome, Paris and London and who knows where else. Before entering the temple complex you pass the huge statues of Pharaoh Ramses II, one of the most important pharaohs that constructed a lot of temples in his time.

Inside the temple, we entered the main column hall, the shapes are like buds of Papyrus about 16 meter high and there are about 32 columns. In this part of the temple, the Muslims more than a thousand years ago, built a mosque it's old but not ancient and looks bit " strange" inside this magnificent building. Further inside we found a small chapel with Christian paintings on the wall, about a thousand and seven hundred years old. Luxor temple served for ancient Egyptian Gods, the Christians and also the Muslims today. After dark, Luxor temple is illuminated and really looks beautiful.

We found another nice garden restaurant, with the view of the illuminated temple and had a good dinner, we finished the day. Back to our hotel, we are so kaputt ( tired) and fall asleep the moment we lay our back in the bed.


  1. oh wow, thanks a lot for bringing Egypt to us, so wonderful, in our lifetime we may not be able to see all places but through each other travelogues and photos it feels like being there. love your pictures Car, so wonderful.

  2. Some really amzing photos there. Wonderful.

  3. Beautiful and intense. What a sequence. Thanks.




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