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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Hiking and The Ocean

Life is More Than Just a Beach  @ Torrey Pines State Reserve
Hiking and the ocean.....perhaps, for a lot of people, beach would always mean just the sand and the surf, however, for me, beach is a lot better if hiking is combined with it.
Trail on Top of the Bluffs Overlooking the Sea @ Torrey Pines State Reserve
Now, let me share with you my favorite place here in San Diego, where I combine two of my favorite activities to do, those are: hiking and be one with the waves. There are 8 miles of easy and well maintained trails here.
Hiking Trails @ Torrey Pines State Reserve
I say easy since there is not a lot of climbing here, the maximum change in elevation one can get is only 450 ft. To compensate for the lack of elevation, I combine several hiking trails that would make me go up and down several times making the total climb more than 450 ft. Though an easy hike, but this is my favorite place in San Diego, because after hiking, I can take a dip in the water and enjoy riding the waves with my boogie board. 
Simple Joy in a Simple Life, Hiking and Boogie Boarding
Or even if I do not jump into the water, just listening to the sound of the waves is magical enough for me. Watching the tall big waves makes a splash on the land takes my stress away, however, sometimes, just watching the tall waves is not enough, I need to feel it and be with it. Up in the bluffs, however, it feels a different world. Passing through the tunnel of low lying chaparrals, 
Trail to Red Butte
and grove of Torrey Pines,
@ Guy Fleming Trail
you may forget about the beach below. The Torrey Pine Trees are found in their natural habitat only in two places, here at Torrey Pines State Reserve, San Diego and in Santa Rosa Island, one of the islands of the Channel Islands National Park off the Santa Barbara Coast. The Torrey Pines were all over coastal California hundred of years ago, but human intervention and development led them to become the rarest native pine in the US. 
@ Yucca Point Trail
Hiking here is not only an exercise for me but also educational. Torrey Pines State Reserve is after-all a natural geological and ecological museum. 
Colored Sandstone Cliffs @ Torrey Pines
Sandstone formation, rocks, wind caves, sand dunes, erosion, faults, I think would be very interesting to see and observe even for those who are not into geology. The different formations of these well sculpted canyons due to erosion amazes me as to how nature wonderfully works, in so many ways! 
Eroded Cliffs
One, there is the natural acidity of the rain because of the dissolved Carbon Dioxide, this acidity dissolves cementing minerals from rocks forming wonderful sculptures that only nature can create. Also, the presence of lichens contributes to the natural sculpting by releasing chemicals that dissolve some rocks. 
Broken Hill
Some animals also burrow deep into the soft rock allowing water to go through and cause erosion, forming another yet beautiful creation. 
There are many other forces that contribute to the shaping of this beautiful landscape, and what beautiful way to study and learn about the forces of nature but in person, up close? And what is the best way to end the hike at Torrey Pines? Either you do it up in the air,
Paragliding at Torrey Pines
or down in the water.
Come, enjoy both worlds of hiking and the ocean here at Torrey Pines State Reserve. Not just a place for the locals, but also for the exploring tourists who wants to experience one of San Diego's best. 


  1. yey! finally i can see the word verification!
    wonderful post as usual, thanks Beth! enjoy your break and bring us lots of your awe-inspiring nature photos! you and Khai have a great time!

  2. you always bring me to most beautiful and wonderful places of San Diego through your photos Betchai, love them all specially the one in the broken hill sitting, i wish you and khai safe and wonderful hiking together :)

  3. Betchai, amazing hike I've just had with you. Thanks for taking me along. Your photos are stunning. Have a wonderful time.

  4. I was so captivated by your photos and information that for a while I forgot I was reading a blog. It felt like I was experiencing the wonders of nature at Torrey Pines. Awesome post, Betchai!

  5. Beautiful scenes! I love the beach shots and the hiking trails. Wonderful photos!

  6. Liz! danced with happiness here viewing the photos! my favorite of course is that of you expressing pure joy! love yah wonderwoman, continue hiking and sharing the happiness with us....

  7. Hi Bets, you picked the right weather (did you pray for it?) to be outdoors! Incredible photos! I specially love the colored sandstones and the reflection created on the waters.

    Boogie boarding, looks fun but I have not tried it! But I can swim.

    Enjoyed to see the hiking trails overlooking the ocean!

    See you in more fun and adventures!

  8. Can I also hike with you? Everything is so amazing...God bless...




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