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Friday, June 11, 2010

Fire and Ice

Lassen Volcano Reflected from Manzanita Lake, Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA
Lassen Peak and Manzanita Lake....looks so peaceful....the lush green around the lake exhibits warmth, and the snowy peak reminds me of winter dream in summer, or a summer dream in winter. Behind this tranquility, there are two strong natural forces that continues to carve the landscapes of this land.
Lassen Volcanic National Park, in North Eastern California, is carved by fire and chiseled by ice. Fire and Ice, together they work in shaping this beautiful land, nature's masterpiece that no man can equal.
Mudpots and Hot Vent @ Sulphur Works, Lassen Volcanic National Park
Roaring and Steaming Fumarole @ Bumpass Hell in Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA
Lassen Peak Volcano as seen from frozen Lake Helen
( Lake Helen fills a cirque created by a glacier that once flowed down the side of Lassen Peak)
The Face of Lassen Peak from Devastated Area
Despite not having any glaciers currently, Lassen Peak has 14 permanent snowfields. Snowfall at Lassen Peak Chalet is around 430 inches, and up and around Lake Helen, snowfall is around 600-700 inches, making them the snowiest place in California. Precipitation in this park is very high due to a lack of rain shadow from the coast ranges.
In this place, fire and ice co-exist, and so is summer and winter.
Hot Steam Vents, Mudpots, Hissing Fumaroles and Ice at Bumpass Hell
In the midst of these steaming volcanic action, one will find tranquil turquoise and emeral pool, hot and steaming pool co-existing with ice cold pool...
Ice Cold Emerald Pool @ Bumpass Hell, Lassen Volcanic National Park, CA
Usually, the main road of the park opens early July and the trails later, however, last year, we were lucky! Because of warmer temperatures last year, we were lucky enough to explore this park late of June or early summer. The day we were there was the second day they opened the trail to Bumpass Hell, we were of course lucky!
Bumpass Hell Trailhead, early summer of 2009
Snow Covered and Icy Trail to Bumpass Hell, early summer 2009
our hike to Bumpass Hell, summer of 2009
Ahhh, fire and ice....happiness and sadness....they both co-exist and makes life a lot more meaningful and wonderful. Sometimes, we do look so tranquil and at peace outside, but within our hearts are the raging emotions of a volcano. But it is these challenges boiling us that shape and strengthen our character more, if we respond to them positively and come out strong and better person, we end up just as beautifully carved by fire and chiseled by ice.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. This sounds like an incredible place, Betchai! Fire and ice, hot and cold..Your wonderful photos show such mystery of the land.

    Gorgeous pictures!

  2. Fire and ice, hot and cold, hand in hand, side by side, incredible and unbelieavable.

  3. oohhhhh wooooowwwwwww fire and ice and wonderwoman!

  4. Beth, I am blown away by your photos, and of course thrilled by the places you have visited. You take very good photos, Beth. Thank you for taking us on yet another marvelous tour! I wish Doods and I can see those places someday. :)

  5. thanks a lot Icy, Rainfield, Zen and Tes. your kind words for sure inspire this amateur photographer and lover of the great outdoors :) @ Tes, wish we can photoshoot someday or take some hikes :)

  6. These are indeed the priceless benefits of hiking. These sceneries are priceless but you really need to make a lot of preparation and effort to achieve them because this is not a walk in the park... figuratively but literally... it is indeed a park... untouched by human and nurtured by Mother Nature. Simply Amazing.

  7. It must be something great to see such hot and cold conditions so close to each other in nature.

  8. beautiful photos as always, betchai.
    indeed fire and ice can chisel and mold a character.lovely words of wisdom girl! lovely words.


  9. Hi Betchai, beautiful photos as usual, but this time your thought-provoking words touched me more. I guess I can pretty much relate to looking so icy-cool outside while having a myriad of raging emotions within. Ahhh... such is life. But what really matters is to be at peace no matter what the circumstances are, knowing how to balance both the good and bad sides of life, because most of the time they're happening simultaneously. Nature is a great teacher and your photos tell us that we can live in peace despite going through "fire and ice" situations. Betchai, pasensya na... gawakal na lang ko diri. LOL. happy weekend friend, and thanks for always taking time to drop by my blog. muahhh...

  10. Beautiful post, Betchai! Thank you for sharing these marvels of nature. I enjoyed your stunning pictures, especially the hissing fumaroles and turquoise pool.

  11. Hi Bets, one of the best photo series of your trip!

    I love to be high on top to view the gorgeous landscapes!

  12. Ok Betchai, why is it that you're always going somewhere? How do you blog in between? Just joking. What a great adventure this would be. I can't wait...




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