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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taxi Driver in Cairo

On our last evening in Cairo, we went to the theater to watch Sufi dancing just near Khan al Khalili. Excellent show! Had a traditional „ Shai“ (tea) in our favorite „Sheesha“ (water pipe) and tea shop., bought some souvenirs and then went back to the main road to go back to our hotel in Talaat Harb.

We just waved and got a taxi and now our story begins....

The Egyptian taxi driver speaks good English. Amazing enough. We told him where we want to go. Mostly standing in the middle of the traffic jams, we had time to talk to him. He asked where we are from, he asked Michael first, maybe because it's their tradition or custom to ask the man first and then the woman. So, Michael said: „I'm from Germany“, that's already ok for him. Then he asked me, because I don't look like a German. I answered, „I'm from Philippines, and Michael is my husband“ waving my left hand with our wedding ring, then he looked at Michael and my husband did the same.

I thought he wouldn't even ask me anymore after he heard that I'm from Philippines, but the opposite happened. He said almost shouting and so excited! „Oh! Your from Philippines“! „Kamusta ka“? I was the one who was surprised now. So i asked him,
why he speaks Tagalog.

Then he told us with mix of English and Tagalog his story way back 10 years ago, when he worked in the Emirates as a businessman. He also told us that Filipinos are very friendly, clean and happy and honest people. I was proud to hear this from a stranger in Egypt. He had a Filipina girlfriend a long time, and she thought him a song in Tagalog, „a Kundiman“( love song) song entitled „Dahil Sayo“.

Then he started singing it, and his Tagalog is good, then i joined him singing. While singing, suddenly ha had tears in his eyes, remembering his Filipina girlfriend... so the atmosphere inside the taxi became so emotional for everybody. Michael is also almost teary, he had to remind the taxi driver to watch out the traffic. I told him that i am so sorry that i reminded him about his girlfriend.

He said to me... „ I am so happy that I had passengers like you, it feels good to remember her and those wonderful memories with her“...
He took us safely to our hotel, and we gave him a good tip, and thank him and he also said thank you to us in Tagalog... „Salamat“....

We are almost sure that how we remember this, he will also do. Christina Hernandez... a Filipina, whoever you are, wherever you are, you are so lucky... there's somebody in Egypt... who will always remember and LOVE YOU....

that's the love story of the taxi driver in Cairo, our own experience in life and in travelling.



  1. My gosh, Car, this is such a touching story! Thank you for sharing it with us. I am deeply moved by the guy's story. I hope he finds his true love someday. Christina is really lucky to be loved that way. Off topic: the black and white photo is very artsy! You are fortunate to have such wonderful adventures in traveling! :)

  2. Wow Car, he must really LOVE her. I wonder if Christina thinks of him too.

  3. I echo Tes, Car. You are so fortunate to have such meaningful encounter in your travels, I hope the guy finds another love someday that he can share the happiness and feelings together.

  4. Awwwww... how romantic and very touching. I wonder where Christina Hernandez is now. I will search her in Facebook later. wink*

  5. When I first saw your post title I though yo were going to tell a crazy taxi ride story but what a wonderful surprise to read this post. how lovely that you had this experience. I think sometime we are in the right place at the right time. This was meant to be.

  6. Hi very difficult post telling about Taxi Driver in Cairo.

  7. halu Kangcarrot! such an inspiring post sis...take me take me to Cairo he he he...

  8. huh, what happened to all our comments here? gone? huhuhu!

  9. betchai- yah,most of the previous comments are missing...

  10. Thanks Car for sharing the story of the cab driver and one of your many experiences travelling !

    And for that lady, I wished she knew that someone is still waiting for her. What a cute story !




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