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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life After Lasik

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Incendia Health. All opinions are 100% mine.

~by Chay~

Poor vision runs in my family, my mom, dad, grandparents, and siblings wear eyeglasses. I started wearing mine when I was twelve years old. Then and even now contact lenses are expensive and require daily care. Because I was unable to comfortably wear contacts I was forced to wear thick eye glasses which made me look 10 years older. When I graduated college and started working, my vision started going from bad to worse resulting in frequent headaches and an increased tired feeling at work. Another concern was my inability to read street signs while driving. Overall my increased unhappiness with eyeglasses, the discomfort of wearing contacts and the difficulties of not being able to see very well made me consider other options.
The first time I heard about vision correction through Lasik eye surgery, I was excited. I signed up right away for a screening exam to see if qualified for the procedure. This screening was very efficient, very quick, and provided me with more information about the Lasik procedure. I was deemed a good candidate. Without hesitation I scheduled myself for the first available appointment. The process is very simple. On the day of the appointment I spoke with the doctor about what he was going to do. They had me walk into a clean room, lay down; the doctor positioned the laser over one eye. He then put some drops in my eye so it would not move and placed a retainer to keep it open. Once everything was in place-it was over. They repeated it for the other eye. The actual surgery usually takes less than five minutes, and you're awake the entire time. This is painless. Although it is a quick procedure, it is also a very delicate one, so research and pick a very skilled surgeon with the proper equipment. Although you are not in pain someone has to accompany you to the surgery to drive you home after the procedure. The clinic I went to provided their patients with one night hotel accommodation, with free shuttle service from the clinic to the hotel the day after the surgery and back the following day for a follow up check-up. It was an added treat for their patients.

Few words to describe this experience, "Life changing event - A dream come true". The day after the surgery was the best feeling I ever had, I had 20/20 vision, I could read signs that were far away, colors were sharp and crisp, and when I looked in the mirror my face was free from thick glasses. The feeling was overwhelming, to able to drive and read the street signs while driving. My husband and I went to the park right away and enjoyed the beauty of the flowers, trees, mountains, butterflies and animals for hours. It's been eight years since my procedure and I still enjoy 20/20 vision.

Now, how I wish I had known before about iLASIK Video Contest; sponsored by Abbott Medical Optics Inc. (AMO). The winners of this contest already have been announced, where the entrants shared their videos on how the improved vision had improved the quality of their lives, just like mine. I could have shared my story and tried my luck for a $5000 grand prize.

However, the winners of the video contest have a way of telling their stories in a very unique and interesting way, I wonder if I may even have won if I joined. Alex, the Grand Prize winner for $5000 told his story through music, he definitely deserved the prize. Congratulations to the winners, and if you want to know more, you can visit the iLASIK Video Contest site, where you can view all the winners and all their entries. You can also register at this site to receive valuable eye care products.
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1 comment:

  1. Chay, many many thanks for sharing your life after lasik story, Khai also had Lasik before, and he said, it is one of the best things he did for his life! He really is very thankful for it.




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