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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blogging Happiness

When I started blogging, it was because I was inspired by my previous students as they openly express their thoughts, poems, photos to everywhere else in the world. Through their blogs, I was able to read many more blogs that were linked in their sites. Writing is not my forte, numbers is. I did a lot of writing then but for scientific research, not for creative writing. In creative and random talking, it takes me a great amount of effort to come up with words and coin them all together to write a piece. I then told myself, why not start a blog too so that I continue to polish the part of my brain that is seldom used?

When I first started my blog at Friendster, slowly, I met other Friendster bloggers who some of them are also members of this site. However, my students blogs that I was following before moved to blogs outside of Friendster. I was inspired by their move since I saw a lot of positive changes in their blogs. In my part, I wanted to share the joys of exploring our natural world to a wider audience outside of Friendster, thus, I put up a blog outside of Friendster. From there, I met a lot of other blogger friends, a lot of them has disappeared as their blogs also disappeared, but happily I am able to develop more blogging bonding to some. I am so thankful I decided to expand blogging outside of Friendster, for that allowed me to learn from the intelligent experiences of a lot more other bloggers as they walk through life.

Blogging also has opened up a new hobby for me, photography. It is through other bloggers that I probably have learned to develop the craft. Blogging has also allowed me to see many beautiful places around the world through someone's lenses and experiences. Through blogging, the task of making travel plans and itineraries becomes easier for me as well. Finding hotels in places I have never been before has become easier, such as a new hotel Dubai, to possibly visit the place and reconnect with some friends and family who now are working there.

Blogging also allows us to help each other. When one of my blogging friends before moved from Las Vegas to San Diego, she asked me to help her find information about HUD apartments for rent. I had no idea about HUD apartments before, however, I wanted my blogging friend to be safe as well in their choice of housing, so I helped her find information on the places she mentioned to me which have HUD apartments. I must say that I am glad for the opportunity to help her, for through her, I learned more about the realities in life that I may have failed to see before, and it also helped me to learn more about the city where I live.

Blogging for me has so many purposes now. It does not only serve to continue to polish the part of my brain that I seldom used before. Aside from learning from others, blogging also has brought me several friends who I know, despite not seeing each other, care. I learned I also can make my blogging journey earn, and I call that blogging happine$$. Well, it is not really a lot of money that will make me quit my job, but for me, it is better than idling my time away chatting online. This blog for example, The Salitype Society, which was originally formed from Friendster, the members of this blog joined together to blog for a cause, to make use of our chatting time in the internet more valuable than simply chatting away. In this blog, we are not doing revenue sharing, but instead, all the blogging income generated by this site will support a charity we chose. Right now, we are in our 2nd year of sponsoring a scholar from the Philippines.

However, somewhere along the way, I almost got lost in blogging. There was a point in my life where I thought of quitting blogging, for good, in favor of Facebook. There is a small ( or is it a big one? ) part of me who was selfishly hoping for affirmation from friends, and blogging has become a very lonely world when I saw most of my friends chatting happily at Facebook. However, just reading my friends posts and comments alone were hilarious. I tried reading one of my supposed to be extremely busy friends' very lengthy post and the tons of  comments that follows it, and I found out that just reading all their chats took me longer than to write a blog post. However, I did not mind the time it took me to read, leave a comment and join the thread. I was inspired to see the many comments from my friends' pages, it means to me "alive". Attracted, I started posting at Facebook as well . I was not actively posting at Facebook before, I used Facebook before to link my blog posts who only a very few in my Friends list would acknowledge. It would be very easy for me to say I have no more time to blog, I have no more energy to blog, because the motivation is in Facebook. Call me shallow, but in Facebook, I get recognition from the friends I knew, or so I thought I knew. But there is one thing I almost forgot, I have forgotten to treasure the friends I met and knew through blogging. I have forgotten to value their inspiring comments, those sympathetic push that kept me going. And I have forgotten to value the lessons I am learning from them each day. I have forgotten to take delight as I see a blogger slowly emerge and grow into a very inspiring instrument in this world we live in.

As I look into my blogging vs my Facebooking, slowly, I am seeing the purpose again of why I blogged in the first place. Especially after I have learned that one of my brothers also is sponsoring a scholar because he learned of the Foundation through our blog. It was a slap in my face that awakened me, our blogging earnings may be too little, but how many people can we touch to possibly follow some of our noble intentions because we expressed it so? Once again, I am finding joys in sharing the wonders of exploring our natural world and I continue to find joy in learning from other bloggers' experiences as they walk in the journey of life.

So yes, my blogging will stay since I continue to want to polish the side of my brain which otherwise I would not probably tap at all since my job is all about numbers and academic writing. My blogging will stay since it has many purposes. I would want to think I am slowly extinguishing the flame I started lately at Facebook. I would still be at Facebook of course, but not to the point where I will leave blogging for the social network chatting Facebook offers. Facebook is also very much time consuming for me, just reading one of my friends FB posts with tons of comments already fried my brain, I can not keep up with that kind of social networking or chatting away. I will go back to using FB the way I used to before, that is to link my posts. I will still spend time in there, but only after I have spend time blogging too. I will go back to using it the way I enjoyed using it before. So, for now, I continue to blog, and enjoy the many simple things and leisures in life. Thankfully, I am finding where my priority should be for the free time I can be online.


  1. bethchai, i am sooo glad you have changed your mind about quitting to blog.i can relate to the feeling of being lonely when most friends are into facebooking, i feel the same way.i go there to see how you guys are.

    you are one of those few who inspires me to take photography with your breathtaking takes of the great outdoors. i may not be the great outdoor kinda person but we created a special bond thru photography( though mine is of different discipline). and for that i owe you, my friend, a big thanks!

    i miss blogging and writing poems, too. it has taken a back seat for months now as i find myself emerge deeply into photography.i am trying to write something of value every now and again ( even if its just to share a recipe or two)to remind me that's why i started blogging in the first place...to share my thoughts and everyday sentiments.

    again, thank you....not just for the inspiration but for friendship!


  2. I can relate to this. I know exactly what you are going through. Been there done that. Just remember... blogging is the cheapest therapy there is to keep you sanity intact. It works for me. wink*

  3. Betchai, I have loved your blogs and followed you since the Today.com era and have always marveled at your photography. You've taken me to places that I may never go and allow me to learn about different spots and view your gorgeous photos.

    I find that Facebook, for me is a distraction. I sometimes spend more time on there than I want but I have found that integrating FB with your blog is just another great way to advertise and share your blog with others.

    You are an inspiration and always will be. Blogging comes from the heart and that is what is so special about it. I look forward to your words and photos my friend.

  4. thanks a lot, Eng, Ruthi and Jo for all your kind words.

    @ Eng, I know, for a while, we kept you almost alone here in Salitype while some of us were happily chatting away in FB :( your photography has grown so much, i call you the queen of "concept art photography", must be your poetic mind that works each time you take pictures. thanks always for keeping our site alive and for putting valuable posts here.

    @ Ruthi, thanks, am glad you are past my stage now :) so glad to see you blogging crazily at times, actually it is very inspiring for me.

    @ Jo, yes, I will go back to being disciplined in using FB just like before :) I am actually so glad to have met you, Icy and Melissa through our blogging days at Today.com era. Even we moved out of Today, I am glad we still continue to support each other. You have been one of my inspirations to continue being here in the blogosphere.

  5. Wonderful thoughtful post, I am glad you keep writing and taking photos!


  6. beth, i'm sorry your experience with FB has turned sour. i still recall how excited you were about this social network site months and months ago, and how you even tried to convince me to join it when i was still a Friendster loyalist, telling me how much fun it was, and how much better it was compared to FS:) i do understand what you're saying. everyone sees things differently, and you know how i feel about FB:) you know that it is my lifeline to the outside world on days when i'm on the verge of pulling my hair out due to the rigors of mommyhood:) but i'm not here to argue today:) i just want to say that i do love your blogs that are always rich with quality nature photos ... blogs that never fail to reflect your enthusiasm with the beautiful world of nature and the variety of activities one can enjoy outdoors, if only they choose to turn their TV off, get up off that Lazy Boy, lace up their hiking boots and hit those lovely, winding trails. you and your hubby, khai, are so blessed to have the same interest in nature and the outdoors. what a charmed life you guys live! know that i always will be a fan of your amazing nature photos, and whenever i get the chance, your nature blogs will continue to touch my heart. thanks for sharing your feelings about blogging with us, beth!! ok, off to FB i go, hahahah!! peace, beth:)

  7. thanks MJ, just clarification please, no, my relationship with FB did not turn sour, I will just go back to using and enjoying it the way I did before, the same reasons why I encouraged you and everyone to move to FB before. I believe I mentioned before that I love Facebook because my blog is directly linked to my profile, unlike Friendster.

    I just do not have the time and energy to really be as active as you and others in Facebook, if I follow, I can not blog, maybe, can not even hike, so whatever little time I left, I blog first before going to FB. And please know, not just because I am not often at your page does not mean you and your family are not in my thoughts and prayers.

    and I totally understand you why you chose to be socially active in FB, I was and if I am not so busy, I could too, maybe in the summer. But whatever little time I left to spend online, I rather go back to blogging which I call purposeful chatting :)


  8. Blogging and photography are wonderful ways of expressing ourselves. I always like to visit your posts and photos.

  9. seems like were heading the opposite directions, Beth. this is the best example of - to each her own. hehehe! i was stressed blogging coz i find blog hopping (to return comments) time consuming. it's the reason behind why i've kept my comment box hidden for now. i decided to continue blogging though, for TSS (mission) and for my simplycherrific site (mainly to to keep my photos organized).

    somehow, i developed phobia from blogs that i considered safe but when i open, they multiply in my screen to my horror. it came to a point when our pc completely shut down & can't be re-started anymore. Mond has to re-configure everything to make it work again. :(

    on the otherhand, facebooking has become part of my everyday routine. i will be bored at work if i don't facebook in between. i call it breaking the monotony. ;)
    i am trying not to facebook at home to spend more time with Mond & Kyla. i do log in sometimes to upload photos & catch up with latest comments, when Kyla is already sleeping & Mond is busy with his things. :)

    but i must say, blogging was my first love. it opened great doors of opportunities for me & i gained friends like you who eventually became my "sisters" in every sense of the word. i will definitely blog in full swing again someday.., perhaps,when i have all the time in the world to do so. :)

    will always be your great fan, Beth! kudos for your determination to continue blogging! can't thank you enough for your "great push" in photography. you will always be my one huge inspiration!

  10. Hi, your post was so interesting, maybe because I also find myself spending a lot of time with blogs and facebook. I think those are great ways to keep in touch with friends and family who live far away and to make new friends, so I don't want to give them up. I just need to set limits. I'm glad you're still blogging. I've learned so much about nature and always enjoy your photos. :)

  11. Oh Betchai, I'm at the opposite of you with FB. I go on it once in a while just to check in, or when I receive an email to tell me who added me. I don't like receiving heart request, farmville request, or game request. I just don't have time to sit there.

    Like Jo, I have followed you since Today era, and I love your photography, and learn so much information about the places you've traveled!

    I hope you'll find balance for both, and always looking forward to your new blog posts.

  12. betchai dear, this post is very interesting and true..

    some years ago i don't know anything about computer or internet and blogging, but then when i "met" you and our friends here in Salitype Society, through friendster and now facebook, it was you who really inspired me to write about my travel experiences, i've learned so much from you in blogging, and from our friends too... our travels will be not that worthy if not shared to wonderful friends like you :) and to our fellow bloggers :)

    now i am enjoying both facebooking and blogging because of my family and friends like you in TSS :) in blogging there are also people i learned and it was interesting and it bring so much joy and fun reading their comments :)

    Betchai, like all the others, i am so thankful you decided to continue blogging :) i know you are happy everytime you finished to write and tell about your journey :) love you Betchai :) *muahhugpit*!

  13. thanks for your thoughts, Judy, Che, Diane, Icy and Car.

    @ Judy, I agree, blogging and photography goes very well together in expressing ourselves. Actually, without my photos, I don't think I would be able to say a lot since I am not that good in words.

    @ Diane, yes, that is what I really need so I can keep both, need to set limit, in my case, since FB can take away so much of my time without me noticing it, I need to set my limits there. Whereas, I always have been a disciplined blogger :)

    @ Icy, I told myself I should follow you, Jo, Ebie, Eng and others who do more blog than FB and use FB more for family and important communication, not so much for idling time. You are one of my role models.

    @ Car, thanks so much for sharing my blogging happiness :)




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