Friends who had known me for the last 10 years can certainly attest i can not cook. I love eating but cooking is an entirely different ballgame. It is something that requires time and attention…both, i am not good at.
It is only later in life that i developed an interest in cooking….when ysabelle hits 2 1/2 years old. I knew then that i had to do something to feed her young body and mind with a warm home-made meals whenever i can. Not an easy task, cooking. It was trial and error (and still is), mostly error, for every single dish i do. Having a salty and sour inclination in everything i taste doesn’t help either. I am still learning. On good days, i got raving reviews from the the hubby and the little one which gives me an adrenaline rush to concoct something to top that up. Some days were not just my days, hence i got two thumbs down. Very frustrating!
When my little one gives me two thumbs up, i am thrilled!! This week i got few thumbs up and that gets me going.
We had this for dinner today. I got two thumbs up, two big toes up and a protruding tummy from Ysabelle. The hubby, he prefers last night’s dinner, fish in black beans sauce. Yes, its all fish this week. If there’s something we all agreed on when it comes to main dish….fish tops the list!!!