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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Up, Up and Away

It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter U. 

Under the Sea
Up, Up and Away

During wintertime Sabago Lake is turned into a huge snowmobile highway. And when I say snowmobile Highway... I meant just that. Traffic is crazy and pedestrians should be careful in crossing the lake on foot because fast and furious snowmobilers are going 100 miles [or more] per hour. But for this lone snowmobiler... who I guess wanted to take snowmobiling to the next level [quite literally[ decided to put some wings on his snowmobile and watch us 40 feet above sea level... quite literally too.

 Before my Sweetest fell in love with me...he first fell in love with the beauty of the warm tropical islands of the Philippines. He fell in love with the underwater landscapes of Puerto Galera and claimed that there is nothing more beautiful than this underwaterscene... except me [of course!]. I am so glad that Nemo is my only competition. wink***
   ~ Ruthie ~

Rog and I went parasailing at Virginia Beach in the summer of 2008. I remember I could barely sleep the night before because I had terrifying visions of us crashing into the ocean. I had never gone parasailing and didn't know what to expect. Still, I let the crew strap me in, listened quietly to their instructions, then screamed in fright as the boat accelerated and the wind whipped our chute way up into the sky. Surprisingly, the take off was the only scary part. It was so beautiful and peaceful up there, hundreds of feet above the blue waters. I remember feeling like a bird and wishing our flight would never end. I can't wait to go parasailing again. Next time, we will take Teyla!

Here's a pix of the hot air balloon Rog and I were married in drifting lazily above the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The sun was just rising on June 8, 2007. Minutes later, we ascended thousands of feet into the sky where we exchanged vows. I honestly am afraid of heights and nearly bailed at the last minute. But Rog held my hand and assured me everything would be all right. Our wedding was beautiful. And Rog was right. Everything went on without a hitch ... except for an extremely rough landing that could have turned fatal. But that is another story:)
~ MJ ~

a photo of a kite being flown by my son, i told my kids that "dreams are like kites, if you don't let loose of your string you will never soar high but the moment you break your ties to the people who helped you fly you find yourself wearily falling but if you remain in harmony w/ the wind and you hold on to your string life becomes a series of happy up up and aways,
~ Zen ~


  1. Gorgeous photos..I feel like "Up, up and away" too.

  2. MJ-You got married in a hot air balloon; how romantic!

  3. I have never been up in a balloon, and I must admit I probably qualify as a chicken.

  4. I keep looking for Superman, but in vain. Up, up, and really away.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. very interesting out door activity.. and came up with great colorful and energetic pictures.. I like your comment also, especially on the "nemo" part.. this is a great post indeed..

  7. Love all the photos....very colorful. as colorful of the posts of Salitype ladies. Love the nemo part , the hot air balloon and the tranquility depicted on the last photo.

    Have a great weekend ladies.

  8. I am just imagining.., what would birds think of us, when they see that big balloon with people in it. ~ bangchik

  9. I have always wanted to get on an air balloon. After seeing all these photos, I want to do it soon !

    Up..up and away ! Nice photos ladies !

  10. How romantic and unique getting married in a hot air balloon! I have never done parasailing before, but I imagine it would be quiet up there. Good for you to conquer you fears.

  11. Great adventures! I see the great smile after all it wasnt scary!

    Getting married up in the air is very romantic.

    Great photos, guys!

  12. I heard a sudden cry in the night and turned around to see what it was. My eyes adjusted to the darkness around me. I heard the cry again, but this time I could hear it clearly.




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