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Friday, March 5, 2010

Trees @ Fun Friday

It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter T. 

Proudly standing in front of our yard... watching me everyday as I struggle with my daily life... waving goodbye as I leave for work and patiently waiting as I come home from work. Silently standing in front of our house... watching me everyday as I learn a culture not my own… comforting me as I cried many times when I missed home or as I cracked in loud giggles when I was on the phone talking to a loved one from home. Magnificently standing by the road side… keeping me protected from my personal frustrations or daily confusions… giving assurance that life is temporary as the changing seasons and like the changing season life is a permanent cycle that will continuously evolve.
~ Ruthie ~

We can learn a lot from trees:  they're always grounded but never stop reaching heavenward.  -Everett Mámorr

The old hickory in the front yard is one of my favorite autumn trees around here. When the days begin to get shorter and the nights chillier, I watch fall cast its spell on this tree and marvel as its leaves change colors. Some years, it turns from green to a pale yellow. Other years, it morphs into pure gold. Always, I am thrilled by its splendor.

These colorful giants are one of the reasons I love going to Crossroads Mall - our little mall in town - in the fall. One only has to stand behind the mall, lift his or her eyes upward, and behold, up on the hill, this glorious spectacle. I love trees in the fall!

~ MJ ~

California is home to three of the most important and historical tree species in the world, the coast redwoods ( Sequoia sempervirens) of the California coastal fog belt,  the giant sequoias (Sequoiandendron giganteum) of the Sierra Navada, and Methusela, an ancient bristlecone pine in the Mojave Desert of California.

How Little Are we Compared with the Sequoias?, Sequoia National Park, CA
In volume of total wood, the sequoia stands alone as the largest living tree on Earth. In all the world, sequoias grow naturally only on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada. The world's biggest living tree, General Sherman, is between 2,300 and 2,700 years old. Its largest branch is almost seven feet in diameter.

Sequoais sprout from seeds so small and light, yet the mature trees may produce each year, 2,000 chicken's egg-sized cones. Sequoias are amazing trees, from tiny seeds like oat flakes, they become giant and almost immortal. Almost nothing can hurt them except their weight, it is inherently resistant to insects, disease and fungi, and to fire. The main cause of their death is toppling from its weight.  
Coast Redwoods, Redwood National and State Parks, CA
If the sequoias are known as the largest living tree on Earth, the coast redwoods is the tallest know plant species in the world. Coast Redwoods, just like the sequoias, are among the oldest living things on Earth. From a seed no bigger than a tomato, the coast redwood grows to a height of 360+ feet, imagine a 35 storey skyscraper.

Aside from these two amazing trees, another amazing tree bearing importance in natural history is Methusela, the oldest living tree, living in the Ancient bristle cone pine forest in the desert mountain, in Inyo County, CA.
~ Betchai ~


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  2. Lovely..lovely trees ! You will never get enough pictures of them, they are so much fun to pose with or use as background or simply by itself.

    Really nice !!!

  3. very awesome trees the last one is Eucalyptus?


  4. They are not silent out there.

    They talk, but you have not listen, but don't run away if you hear something.

  5. Beautiful trees! "We can learn a lot from trees", I agree.

  6. I enjoyed looking at each photograph of trees.

    Ruthie - I especially liked your mosaic of your favorite trees in the different seasons. I like photographing the same scene, too, in all four seasons.

    Tes - Isn't it sad that people can't always be grounded and always reaching for heaven? Also, I would love to see the giant sequoias one day!

    MJ - Autumn is my favorite season; I love the changing colors.

    Your post reminds me of a tree I saw this past summer along a nearby lake shore. I call this tree "Guardian of the Lake".

  7. You guys always amaze me with your beautiful pictures, and beautiful words. I love trees so very much.

  8. been a while since my last visit love those big redwoods.

  9. Those sequoias are gorgeous and you are right we can learn so much from tress, they stand tall through storms, they shade us from unbearable heat and they protect us. I loved this post.

  10. Great theme and beautiful photos! I love to see trees change with the seasons and they often have birds in them that are fun to watch too.

  11. I have a fascination for trees also and your pictures and words pay such a beautiful tribute.

    In A Tree Full of Angels (1988) Macrina Wiederkehr said "Every time I meet a tree, If I am truly awake, I stand in awe before it. I listen to its voice, a silent sermon moving me to the depths, touching my heart, and stirring up within my soul a yearning to give my all."

  12. Wonderful photos and wise words about threes. I love the portrait in front of folliage leaves, so beautiful!

    ...Boat Reflections

  13. Trees for all Season! My favorite season is Autumn!

  14. wonderful pictures of trees! indeed we can learn many things from them... they tell so many stories....

  15. Beautiful, beautiful yellow tree!!!! :) I want to take many photos of myself, under that yellow tree!!!! :)




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