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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday


There are words that only flowers can speak eloquently.


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Sunday, March 28, 2010

In fullness of time

I haven't written a poem for a while now. The last one was written September of last year, Take my hands. I am hoping that by reading those i made years ago will somehow give me a push i need to pen one. I do missed rhyming and i really, really wish i can bounce back to doing it again and end this long dry spell.

in fullness of time
dawn of understanding will come
why some things in life
never work the way we planned

in the height of happiness
pain will knock at your door
in the depth of sadness
God gives us reason to endure

we have summer to enjoy the sun
and winter to lay back and reflect upon
we have anguish to appreciate joy even more
and smile to replace where tears has fall

life, as death, treats everyone the same
it is constant and it perpetually change
its mysteries and secrets reveals
in fullness of its years


Friday, March 26, 2010


It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter W.


I wish I can watch again the golden sunset as it splashes golden hue in the horizon.

I wish... I will be able to conquer my fear of the deep sea and join Hubby scuba diving in Puerto Galera and be amazed at the beauty of the Philippine deep.

I wish I could scuba dive for "pearls" and make myself a necklace. And I wish I will be able to go back soon to the Philippines to be able to experience again the warmth of the people and be with my loved ones.

[All photos are taken by Mikey when he went to the Philippines to go diving for the rarest and the most beautiful Pearl of the Orient.... a.k.a. Ruthi! hahahahahaha]

~ Ruthi ~

I WISH the myth was true ... that there really was a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. If it were true, everyone would go treasure hunting every time they saw a colorful arch in the sky. I WISH people were less greedy ... and that, whenever a pot of gold was found, that pot would be passed around and everyone would take just a few gold coins each. That way, everyone would have some money to buy the things they needed. Then no one would be poor. And no one would be hungry. And maybe then there would be more peace on earth.

I WISH life was an endless summer ... and that we all could spend our days building sand castles at the beach, basking in the sun and sipping margaritas while the waves crashed at our feet. On another note, I WISH to lose 10 pounds between now and summer so I can wear a bikini again like I did in this pix shot in Summer 2008 at Virginia Beach.

I WISH to spend the rest of my days - however many or however few - with this amazing guy. He may not always remember to put his work boots in the proper place:) ... but he fills my heart with happiness like no other man has. I love him to death. I WISH him (Rog) an ADVANCE HAPPY BIRTHDAY for tomorrow!
~ MJ ~

Monday, March 22, 2010



I do not know what makes me look on my left side as i was opening the building's main door where our penthouse (wishful thinking..lol) is. I saw this lone gorgeous yellow weed surrounded by the white elegant ones - not a usual adjectives associated with weeds, nonetheless they are as beautiful as the other blooms. Well, you don't go around picking up weeds to place on your center piece but i had an idea.


Sunday, March 21, 2010

Monochrome Weekend Theme: The Butterfly


Who says black & white butterfly has no appeal? You can feature its true colours in black & white too & it can be as beautiful as other colourful butterflies. ~ Cher

Friday, March 19, 2010

Vacations @ Fun Friday

It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter V.

Place: Nova Scotia, Canada

Date: 7th July 2008

Occasion: 1st Wedding Anniversary and Long-over-due Honeymoon

My Sweetest and I did not spend our honeymoon right after our wedding in 07/07/07. He couldn't afford to take another week off from work because he already took a couple of weeks off from work when I arrived in the US in May of that year and another week during the wedding preparation. It was summer and for a carpenter like him... summer is when work is in full blast. So we waited until the next summer to spend our long-over-due honeymoon 1600 miles away from home. It was the most memorable trip I had because we drove across the Canadian boarder.
~ Ruthie ~

Monday, March 15, 2010

Macro Monday

tomatoes,red,red tomatoes,fruits,vegetables

What better way to see the world in detailed and clearer view than a macro shot.


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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Monochrome Weekend Theme

baby's hand

A baby's touch is like no other....pure, sweet and tender.


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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Up, Up and Away

It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter U. 

Under the Sea
Up, Up and Away

During wintertime Sabago Lake is turned into a huge snowmobile highway. And when I say snowmobile Highway... I meant just that. Traffic is crazy and pedestrians should be careful in crossing the lake on foot because fast and furious snowmobilers are going 100 miles [or more] per hour. But for this lone snowmobiler... who I guess wanted to take snowmobiling to the next level [quite literally[ decided to put some wings on his snowmobile and watch us 40 feet above sea level... quite literally too.

 Before my Sweetest fell in love with me...he first fell in love with the beauty of the warm tropical islands of the Philippines. He fell in love with the underwater landscapes of Puerto Galera and claimed that there is nothing more beautiful than this underwaterscene... except me [of course!]. I am so glad that Nemo is my only competition. wink***
   ~ Ruthie ~

Rog and I went parasailing at Virginia Beach in the summer of 2008. I remember I could barely sleep the night before because I had terrifying visions of us crashing into the ocean. I had never gone parasailing and didn't know what to expect. Still, I let the crew strap me in, listened quietly to their instructions, then screamed in fright as the boat accelerated and the wind whipped our chute way up into the sky. Surprisingly, the take off was the only scary part. It was so beautiful and peaceful up there, hundreds of feet above the blue waters. I remember feeling like a bird and wishing our flight would never end. I can't wait to go parasailing again. Next time, we will take Teyla!

Here's a pix of the hot air balloon Rog and I were married in drifting lazily above the Rio Grande River in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The sun was just rising on June 8, 2007. Minutes later, we ascended thousands of feet into the sky where we exchanged vows. I honestly am afraid of heights and nearly bailed at the last minute. But Rog held my hand and assured me everything would be all right. Our wedding was beautiful. And Rog was right. Everything went on without a hitch ... except for an extremely rough landing that could have turned fatal. But that is another story:)
~ MJ ~

a photo of a kite being flown by my son, i told my kids that "dreams are like kites, if you don't let loose of your string you will never soar high but the moment you break your ties to the people who helped you fly you find yourself wearily falling but if you remain in harmony w/ the wind and you hold on to your string life becomes a series of happy up up and aways,
~ Zen ~

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Insurance Equals Peace of Mind

Protection is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about our home, car and business. a safety net knowing that if something falls out of the ordinary like accident, fire, and theft, there is a company that we can trust to take care of the problem. It is a small price we pay in exchange for peace of mind. We have discovered a couple of ways to save when buying insurance. Our agent gave us discount when we placed both our homeowners and car insurance with them. We also get a discount for having an alarm system in our home. Some insurance companies give discounts for having deadbolt exterior locks on all exterior doors. Increasing your deductible can also lower your car insurance premium.

One of my friends is looking for insurance in Franklin, MA, and we found out about Berry Insurance.
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Monday, March 8, 2010

Variety in a bowl

assorted in a bowl

Ahhhhh! They surely does looks gorgeous. What will life, of gastronomical proportion, be like without them.......... bland and unappetizing.

If you know what's good for you, you'll pick me up and take me home with you.


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Group Benefits

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Color Blind

We were born in a society where color plays an important role in identifying or classifying people[yellow race]... things[chocolate brown]... places[Blue Danube]... weather[purple rain]... music[Maroon 5]... situations [red alert]... feelings[green with envy]... and even economic crisis[pink slip].

[Roses are blue and so are you... ZEN? wink***]

We grew up in a society where we classify gender into two colors... pink for girls and blue for boys.

[cotton candy covered winter]

We live in a society where knowing one's favorite color signify closeness. For as simple as it may seemed to be... if you do not know the favorite color of your bestfriend or loved ones... you don't care about them.

[Grape flavored pond]

We exist in a society where people have the tendencies to reverse or mix color to suit one's fantasies... or to ease the pain of reality... or to fill the emptiness of broken dreams.

[grapefruit sky and tangerine lighthouse]

And we co-exist in a world where some people still believe that there is a pot of gold... at the end of the rainbow.

[plowing with hue]

Color possesses me. I don't have to pursue it.
It will possess me always, I know it.
That is the meaning of this happy hour: Color and I are one.
I am a painter.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Monochrome Maniac: Let's Sit and Talk


"Who speaks, sows; Who listens, reaps." - Argentine Proverb

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Thank you Aileni

Friday, March 5, 2010

Trees @ Fun Friday

It's time for Fun Friday in our group, Blogging For Fun. We are doing an A to Z challenge. This week, we are working on the letter T. 

Proudly standing in front of our yard... watching me everyday as I struggle with my daily life... waving goodbye as I leave for work and patiently waiting as I come home from work. Silently standing in front of our house... watching me everyday as I learn a culture not my own… comforting me as I cried many times when I missed home or as I cracked in loud giggles when I was on the phone talking to a loved one from home. Magnificently standing by the road side… keeping me protected from my personal frustrations or daily confusions… giving assurance that life is temporary as the changing seasons and like the changing season life is a permanent cycle that will continuously evolve.
~ Ruthie ~

We can learn a lot from trees:  they're always grounded but never stop reaching heavenward.  -Everett M├ímorr

The old hickory in the front yard is one of my favorite autumn trees around here. When the days begin to get shorter and the nights chillier, I watch fall cast its spell on this tree and marvel as its leaves change colors. Some years, it turns from green to a pale yellow. Other years, it morphs into pure gold. Always, I am thrilled by its splendor.

These colorful giants are one of the reasons I love going to Crossroads Mall - our little mall in town - in the fall. One only has to stand behind the mall, lift his or her eyes upward, and behold, up on the hill, this glorious spectacle. I love trees in the fall!

~ MJ ~

California is home to three of the most important and historical tree species in the world, the coast redwoods ( Sequoia sempervirens) of the California coastal fog belt,  the giant sequoias (Sequoiandendron giganteum) of the Sierra Navada, and Methusela, an ancient bristlecone pine in the Mojave Desert of California.

How Little Are we Compared with the Sequoias?, Sequoia National Park, CA
In volume of total wood, the sequoia stands alone as the largest living tree on Earth. In all the world, sequoias grow naturally only on the west slope of the Sierra Nevada. The world's biggest living tree, General Sherman, is between 2,300 and 2,700 years old. Its largest branch is almost seven feet in diameter.

Sequoais sprout from seeds so small and light, yet the mature trees may produce each year, 2,000 chicken's egg-sized cones. Sequoias are amazing trees, from tiny seeds like oat flakes, they become giant and almost immortal. Almost nothing can hurt them except their weight, it is inherently resistant to insects, disease and fungi, and to fire. The main cause of their death is toppling from its weight.  
Coast Redwoods, Redwood National and State Parks, CA
If the sequoias are known as the largest living tree on Earth, the coast redwoods is the tallest know plant species in the world. Coast Redwoods, just like the sequoias, are among the oldest living things on Earth. From a seed no bigger than a tomato, the coast redwood grows to a height of 360+ feet, imagine a 35 storey skyscraper.

Aside from these two amazing trees, another amazing tree bearing importance in natural history is Methusela, the oldest living tree, living in the Ancient bristle cone pine forest in the desert mountain, in Inyo County, CA.
~ Betchai ~

Thursday, March 4, 2010

One eye shut

I am by nature a little bit of a neat freak.

I cannot stand clutter. Unmade beds make me cringe. I consider it a near-crime to leave dirty dishes in the sink for more than half an hour. And I've been known to systematically arrange spices in alphabetical order in their little nook near the stove.

So when I got up one morning a week ago and nearly tripped over Rog's work boots carelessly splayed on the floor by the front door, I was not too happy.

How hard could it be to put them up? I wondered out loud. Seriously, how long would it take to put the boots in their proper place? Does he think the darn things are gonna grow wings and fly over to the shoe rack? Or perhaps he expects me to pick them up and put them away for him every single day? More importantly, how many times must I kindly ask him not to leave his boots on the floor, but to place them neatly in the shoe rack where they belong? Arghhh! Men!!!

My mind was going a hundred miles an hour and I felt the irritation rising. Like I said, I cannot stand clutter. Rog was still asleep, but in my mind, I began to rehearse what I would tell him when he got up. I would let him know I had had it. I was tired and sick of work boots being hastily kicked off and left wherever they landed. I had enough toys to pick up and put away at the end of the day; could he puh-leez help me out and take care of his own stuff? The longer I stared at his shoes lying helter-skelter on the floor (and this wasn't the first time), the crabbier I got. (I am not always crabby, but it was one of those days when the tiniest thing seemed super annoying to me. We all have such days, I'm sure).

Just when I was on the verge of waking Rog and pronouncing the five words men dread to hear, "Honey, we need to talk," (which would probably have started a fight, because who wants to be awakened early in the morning to discuss shoes on the floor?), two things happened.

First, my gaze fell on a bouquet of pink daisies Rog had given me a day before for no particular reason, but just because, in his own words, "I thought of you when I saw them. I thought you would like them."

Second, I remembered a conversation I had with a dear friend who lost her husband not long ago. His health had steadily deteriorated due to years of alcohol abuse. My friend used to tell me she would yell at her husband in moments of frustration (over his alcoholism). She was understandably fed up and told me she felt extremely unlucky to be married to such a man. However, the day he passed away, she sobbed on the phone and told me, "MJ, what I would give to have him alive and back with me again!" She went on to say that if she could go back in time, she wouldn't have talked to him rudely despite her frustration. She would have been kinder. She would have been more supportive of his efforts to change. She would have done this. She would have done that. Oh, so many would-haves.

I looked at the pink daisies. And I thought about the words of my mourning friend. I tiptoed into the bedroom and silently stared at Rog sleeping soundly, snoring loudly. Despite his little imperfections, he was very much alive and well and still with Teyla and I. Then I made a beeline for the "scene of the crime," where his work boots still lay on the floor near the door.

Quietly, I picked them up and placed them neatly in the shoe rack. There would be no talk about putting shoes in their proper place that day, I told myself. Maybe later, much later, when we were both relaxed and happy. Perhaps on the weekend. I would mention it sweetly, not in a nagging or rude manner. Then, after that, if he put his boots up, I would thank him for remembering. If he forgot, I would pick them up and put them away without bitching. Again. And again. And again.

That day, I vowed to embrace an old Jamaican proverb I once heard:

"Before you get married, keep both eyes open, and after you marry, keep one eye shut."

May God grant each of us a heart full of love and mountains of patience to focus on the positives our mate has to offer, and to keep one eye shut as much as we possibly can.

My hubby, Rog, and our 8-month-old baby daughter Teyla sleeping soundly recently

- by MJ Browning

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Splash @ Watery Wednesday

Splish, splash!
What is causing the splash?

 a bath!

Hmm.. how refreshing!

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Your five a day


These are just 3 of Ysabelle's - my daughter - favorite veggies. She loves beansprout but i don't have it at the time. I took a snap of these while the hubby and the little one were sound asleep. So, instead of watching the telly to past the time, i grabbed my camera and snapped the night away!

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