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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Shopping made easy

Do you have time to go shopping these days? I wish I do, but with work, nursing school and family, I barely have enough time to spend with my family. Because my schedule has changed, my husband all of a sudden loves to go grocery shopping. Believe me when I say it is not for the love of shopping, but it is his opportunity to sneak in a gallon of his favorite ice cream or a 6-pack of his favorite beer to our grocery list. LOL

A friend of mine with two little girls introduced me to online shopping. With two children in tow shopping was more parenting than shopping. Sometimes, the kids would become expert kids---get the point??? While in the middle of trying on an outfit we learn to multitask during a once relaxing adventure. Moms of the world can you relate to this experience? Just writing about it opens up memories of tension, love, and just wanting to not do it again-EVER. I can understand her frustration. Then, she found Shopwiki.com. Let me explain in a few words what this meant to her and to me-A NEW LIFE! I hate it when I am on the fence about a subject. One day she called me and told me about Shopwiki.com. Not only have I found good deals on clothes, shoes and home decorations, but I have the option to buy directly from the major manufacturers. I can compare prices and find the best deal. It is like shopping in a big mall where you can find the same item under different brand names for less money. Check out their store directory, product directory, gift suggestions and buying guides. Those added features are helpful in finding the things you are looking for. They have just introduced their spring 2010 style guide and WOW-there are a lot of choices. Today on my lunch break at work I toured the purse department, I checked out matching shoes, and their spring outfits. Since my husband will read this so I must add this line “It was only window shopping dear”. I then went into the bathing suit department-I think after winter feasting I should save this department tour for a much later date. Lunch was delightful for me today.

Not only can I shop without parking hassles, time constraints, and without adorable distractions, this opportunity is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I can even shop late at night in my pajama. Try finding a mall that offers these amenities. Since time is very important to me, my shopping time is cut in half with this website. I now have time to cook, study, spend time with the family and enjoy movies and popcorn with my husband .

Shopwiki is expanding overseas and I can’t wait to share this news with my friend
Eng who lives in the UK , and my friend Car, who lives in Germany and my cousin Joy who lives in Australia . But most importantly, I am sharing it with you today. If only they sell ice cream on-line then maybe my husband would like it as much as I do. Where is the suggestion box when you need it?

by Chay


  1. I love shopping. Who doesn't? And I love online shopping due to convenience... no need to get dressed... look for a parking space... deal with other shoppers especially on "sale days"... going overboard of my budget... and whatnots. It's more than therapeutic to me.

    Honestly, Hubby is the one who introduced me to online shopping because He hates shopping. And so, I am a number one fan of online shopping now be it accessories, beauty products or lingeries.

  2. our big guys love ice cream eh? LOL!
    i'll go & check out the site, Chay. thanks for the tip. ;)

  3. thank you Chay, this is good infos for shopping lovers like me ;) but i shop wisely ;) this is good because you can compare the prices, thanks for this post Chay

  4. I can totally relate to your shopping experiences. My name "mom, mom, mom" was call every few second all over the store..I like shopping online too!

  5. Ohhh I used to love shopping when I was in the Philippines. It was my form of relaxation and time away from kids.

    Things changed with me, I couldn't stay longer than an hour now inside a store, I go in and out as quickly as I can - is that sign of aging ? hahahaha




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