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Monday, February 15, 2010

Is method of giving birth your choice?

I opted to have a normal delivery( vaginal delivery) when I had my first and only child. In fact, I even made a birth plan months in advance on what I want to be done and not. I would advice any expectant mother to have one.

Few of those are:
  • I want an epidural the earliest possible time- it is an anesthetic block which desensitized the lower part of your body. The anesthetic agent blocked the nerve root in the epidural space near your spinal cord.
  • My husband to be present during birth, normal or otherwise
  • My newborn child to be given Vitamin k- to prevent Vitamin k deficiency bleeding in newborn. However, there was a researched/study done about vitamin k and its possible linked to an increased in Leukemia(blood cancer). Do an exhaustive research before you decide on it.
  • I want an episiotomy - surgical cut in the perineum . I want my baby to be born as quickly as possible. This procedure was normally performed in the past but not anymore. It can take time to heal and a there's a possibility of urinary incontinence.

After nearly 45 hours of relentless labor pains , I demanded for an epidural. I was about 5-6 cm dilated then, still in the first stage of labor - cervical effacement( the cervix being stretched thin) and dilatation (to open), I don't think i have energy left for second stage- birth, not to mention the 3rd stage -expulsion of the placenta. I personally believed at that stage the labor isn't progressing at all...

There are situations wherein a c-section is necessary:
  • The placenta lies so low in the uterus that it covers the exit to the birth canal , better known as placenta previa.
  • The umbilical cord falls forwards which may cut off oxygen and blood supply to the baby ( cord prolapse).
  • Fetal distress
  • If the mother is affected by high blood pressure
  • If the baby is on breech presentation - can still be delivered vaginally but with difficulty.
  • cephalo-pelvic disproportion
Since, i was hooked to a cardiotocogram-to monitor the baby's heartbeat in co-relation with labor contraction-i can see for myself what was going on. The heartbeat was shooting off to the roof and decelerate to such slow beats. I called the midwife and told her it may be a sign of fetal distress. I want a c-section or they will have someone on the verge of panic in their hands. Can you blamed me, my labor pain started at 2:oo am of monday and I delivered my baby 7:59 am Wednesday - through Ceasarian Section.

Well, after 54 hours from onset of true labor contraction until the c-section, I finally see my long awaited princess. She is worth all that and more....

***** she will be 7 years old on july 2. time flies so fast *****


  1. I went through 48 hours of labor with my first child, and ended up with a C section too. Like you, I had my plan, but at the last moment, it was not up to me..

  2. I didn't feel that I had much choice, but I guess I was lucky that my C sections were all scheduled and I never had to endure labor.

  3. Good information Eng and thanks for sharing your picture when you were pregnant and Ysa's baby picture.

    I was very young and poor when I had my first baby. I was lucky to have normal delivery, but it took two days from the time I had my contraction to the time I delivered my baby. They never gave me epidural, so I was in pain for two days.

    Like you, I will say the same thing, time flies - can't even imagine that I had my baby 25 years ago. Amazing ...

  4. thanks for sharing this to us Eng. Great post.

    I was watching TLC about babies being born and one mom-to-be planned everything similar to yours. One of her list to make sure that she MUST get her epidural right away. Well, when she got to the hospital, all anesthesiologist were in ER. Long story-short, she ended up not getting it and endured a painful push. I guess you can't plan anything :-)

    I can't believe Ysa will be 7 soon. Time really flies...fast

  5. You were so generous in sharing this. She is absolutely gorgeous. Bless her and you.

    My first labor was long, but I refused pain medication each time as I did not want drugs going to my babies. They are so precious and we are their protectors. All four of my children were delivered vaginally but I seem to have a problem retaining placenta and hemorrhaging. Thank God they were healthy. My husband refused to be there. Hospitals scared him.

  6. That was an interesting post! I went through labor and end up C-section too. In my case it's not my choice, but it's what the doctors recommend. :-)

  7. I had it vaginal delivery the first time... but the second and third were all 8 pounder so i have to shift method ... LOL!

    Hi dear ... dropping by!




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