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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Blogging as a lifestyle

As a student, albeit my penmanship was not good enough to win a secretarial post during each classroom election, I love to write. I have written a lot of poems and essays during my early years in school. And I knew they were good stuff not because I have written them, but mainly because they were products of my innocence and unassuming juvenile imagination.

Now that I am an educator myself, I have taught students how to write. Oh how I long to read again, once and for all those old scripts that had once been the impression of my childhood. But much to my desire to read them again and to come up with a compilation of my earliest works... it is hopeless for I have lost most of them, regretfully.

It was an excerpt from the unpublished book I've ever written entitled - Sawasdee, The Amazing Experience.


Yes, when I was a little younger... writing was a way of life to me. I grew up writing my emotions. I write when I was happy. I write when I was sad. I write when I was angry. I write when I was bored. I write when I was hungry. I write when I felt loved. I write when I was in-loved. I write when I had nothing to do. I write when I was inspired and I write until my fingers were numbed and aching.

Fast forward to the 21st century. Blogging is my new writing. I blog when I am happy. I blog when I am sad. I blog... I blog... I blah-g! If there is something I need to say, I blog it. When there is something I feel, I love to blog it. When there is something I don't like, I would blogging whine it. When there is something I hate, I freakin' blog it too. And when I am financially challenged, I will take opportunities to blog it as well. [wink*] What else do you think I will do? Yeah right... blog it! Why not? It's the cheapest way to cure psychosis. It is the only thing that can keep my sanity intact. And yes, it helps me to go shopping too.

I eat, drink, breathe [and shop] blog... so here goes... whatever state of mind I am in.. I just blog it away. Happy blogging everyone.



  1. hehhehe,nice post...i blog when im sad,happy,inlove and blog anything just to cope with boredom here in taiwan....

  2. really nice post! i mostly blog when im elated and exhilarated and want to share! it's another way of saving paper!


  3. Ruthi, I'm in total agreement with you! I love to write, and I love to blog. Without internet or computer, I would feel like missing my heart..

  4. Blogging has been extremely helpful in many ways; to release the pent-up muse that seems to reside in each of us and express or thoughts and struggles! Of course, for me, spell check is essential!

  5. once again, welcome to TSS family Ruthi! thank you gracing our page with this super-inspiring post. now, i feel like blogging regularly but i just don't have the luxury to do so. LOL!

  6. haha, the word FOR was missing in there. soripot. ;)

  7. It was nice of you to join Salitype, Ruthi! Our warmest welcome, girlfriend!

    Like you, I love to blog too. My very first blog in friendster "TEStimony" was filled with ME! My joys, pains... aspirations. This new blog, Craftista is lighter. I agree with Icy, my heart belongs to the blogosphere too! :)

  8. It is my pleasure to be a part of a blogging family that inspire people. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be a part of a cause that helps uplift human dignity through education.

  9. It is therapy for many of us and I know for me, if I didn't write or take photos, I don't know what I would do.

  10. Ruthi thank you that you decided to join us :) like me i was also invited by Che to join TSS, and so happy and blessed to have Salitype as friends :)

    beautiful post Ruthi, i miss writing in my diary means in paper ;)




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